Grimcutty 2 – will there be a sequel to Grimcutty?

October 11, 2022
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We discuss whether there will be a Grimcutty 2, a sequel to the Hulu horror film Grimcutty, and will contain spoilers. 

Spooky Season is in full swing, and all streaming platforms are launching their best scary offerings. Grimcutty is a horror movie just released on Hulu about an internet meme brought to life with the power of parental paranoia. Directed by John Ross, the movie stars Sara Wolfkind, Shannyn Sossamon, Usman Ally, and Callan Farris. The feature’s IMDb score doesn’t look promising, and it wasn’t received too warmly here on RSC either. 

However, the story about an internet-based monster fed by adult hysteria can just as well be turned into a horror franchise. The end does include a scene with Asha discussing the possibility of Grimcutty’s return, leaving the door wide open for a sequel, so it would be surprising if the film didn’t get at least one follow-up. The real question is, will Hulu sign off on more ASMR and bad CGI monsters?

Grimcutty sequel potential release date

As of the time of writing, there’s been no official talk about a potential sequel. However, given that Grimcutty came out just in time for this year’s Spooky Season, we’d be expecting John Ross to have the next installment ready in time for October. However, coming up with a new story about this monster may take some time, so October 2024 sounds like a more likely premiere date. 

Grimcutty sequel cast – who might be in it?

While it would be fun to see the original cast members Sara Wolfkind, Shannyn Sossamon, Usman Ally, and Callan Farris reprise their roles as the Chaudhry family, they’d likely be better off in cameo roles. Considering the four mains know how to stop the Grimcutty, they might appear as mentors, helping new characters cope with the monster. The CGI Grimcutty is also fully expected to make an appearance as itself. 

Grimcutty sequel plot: what could Grimcutty 2 be about?

Grimcutty 2 could set its focus on a new set of characters in a new town. The movie could start by introducing new characters as they’re reading up about Grimcutty and the damage it caused in the first film. By this point, the events from Grimcutty made national news, and people are aware the monster yields no power without parental hysteria to feed on. We could have a new set of parents promising their kids they’d never let paranoia take over their minds. 

One day, out of the blue, any mention of the Grimcutty gets deleted off the internet, and parents seem to forget ever discussing it with their kids. Instead, they become convinced, just like in the first film, that their offspring need Detox Boxes to stay safe. All the teens in this town know what the Grimcutty really is, but parents refuse to believe them, leading to an increase in monster attacks with deadly consequences. Is the Grimcutty controlling minds? Why have all the posts and news articles about it disappeared from the internet? The levels of paranoia reach such a height, that one desperate teen tries to get help from someone who has faced it all before and was even ready to stab her own father to defeat the monster – Asha. 

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