Grimcutty ending explained – Can Asha stop the creature?

October 10, 2022
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Our article discusses the ending of the Hulu horror film Grimcutty and will contain spoilers.

Written and directed by John RossGrimcutty is a Hulu horror movie where a scary internet meme comes to life and attacks children. However, the monster is just a manifestation of the parent’s paranoia and worry about their kid’s online activities. The film centers on teen girl Asha (Sara Wolfkind) and her little brother Kamran (Callan Farris) trying to make sense of their parents’ (Usman Ally and Shannyn Sossamon) increasingly irrational and controlling behavior. Asha’s family is not the only one affected as every parent in their neighborhood is acting paranoid about something called “the Grimcutty challenge,” an alleged social media challenge making teens hurt themselves. To make matters worse, the Grimcutty is real, yet no one believes Asha when trying to explain her injuries are of supernatural origin. 

Grimcutty ending explained

Towards the end of the film, Asha and her school friend trace the Grimcutty hysteria to a mommy blogger who conveniently lives nearby, so she visits her. This blogger is the woman stabbed in the first scene and it turns out she started the craze but doesn’t know where she heard about the Grimcutty in the first place. She’s just content with keeping her son locked in a closet for his own safety. The poor kid keeps getting attacked by the apparition because of how much his mother worries about him, so he decides to kill her in a desperate attempt at self-preservation. 

Luckily, Asha’s mom followed her to the mommy-blogger’s house and saw the supernatural entity attack herself, and realized her daughter was telling the truth this whole time. She fails, however, to convince her husband that the kids are not crazy, so Amir continues doing what he does best – he worries. A lot. 

Poor Kamran ended up unconscious in the hospital after the last Grimcutty attack, and doctors feared he might not wake up. Yet, his father has different priorities. Upon discovering his youngest’s secret laptop, Amir goes through the search history and learns Kamran searched for Grimcutty (shocking!) and he went on the Dark Web. Those discoveries invoked such a level of parental outrage, it brought forth the Grimcutty who pursues the child as he’s running from both his dad and the mysterious entity. 

Asha finds her little brother and tells him about her plan to direct dad’s attention to her, so she can stab the entity with a pair of scissors. The first part of the plan works, however, the Grimcutty is unkillable. As she’s fighting the creature, Amir appears and she stabs him to stop the monster. It doesn’t quite work as Amir, with a stab wound, chases her outside. Asha lets the creature grab her and pull her above ground, so while her dad can’t see the Grimcutty, he can see his daughter levitate while she’s attacked by an invisible creature. Amir realizes that it was his anxiety feeding the Grimcutty all along so he injects himself with a sedative. After the creature disappears, the father and daughter forgive each other and Amir even admits he deserved to be stabbed. 

The film ends with another ASMR video where Asha whisper-explains that her dad survived his injuries and the entire community is now healing from Grimcutty’s attack. 

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