Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 8 recap – “Se Cayó El Sistema”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 13, 2020 (Last updated: November 15, 2023)
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Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 8 - Se Cayó El Sistema


Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 8, “Se Cayó El Sistema” brings several plot points together to offer a phenomenal turning point leading up to the final two chapters.

This recap of Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 8, “Se Cayó El Sistema” contains significant spoilers.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 gets stronger with each chapter. It’s so heavily woven with care and “the end in mind” that some chapters you have to sit there and just take it all in. Episode 8, “Se Cayó El Sistema” is one of those chapters.

It opens up with Acosta shockingly delivering an interview with a journalist. He talks about Félix and Colombia and makes some serious accusations to the media. He claims that Félix and his friends are desperate. Félix sees the newspaper interview and wants it sorting straight away.

Félix then heads to the PRI office in time for the election and meets the candidate’s representatives. They produce the false version of the projected election results named Anti-Snipe. At the same time, Pacho gives Félix a call and says his heavy load of product is ready; an underpressure Félix agrees to shift all the coke. In a moment I was not expecting, he rings Mariá and tells her about the Colombians — if the PIR wins the election he will be okay; if he doesn’t, he and his family will be in serious danger. Mariá tells Félix that he cannot lose. Félix then rings Amado and tells him to ensure the product is shifted, despite knowing it is almost impossible.

Episode 8 shows Félix in the most pressure we’ve seen him.

Meanwhile, Breslin tries to find Mimi but he gets knocked out by the FBI — they want to know why he’s looking for Mimi. The FBI wants Acosta. Mimi rings Breslin and asks if he still has that deal for Acosta and gives away his location.

The fake results are released by the PRI and journalists start feeding the projections to the media outlets. It’s called voter suppression — opposition voters will see the polls and not bother going out to vote and it is starting to work. But in a twist, a journalist sees a different set of results on the screen and accuses the election center of corruption. The election analyst is asking to explain but the damage is done.

Breslin turns up at Acosta’s location and tells Mimi they need to leave as the FBI are looking for Acosta. The FBI starts firing on the community and puts boots on the ground. Mimi is determined to save Acosta, but Breslin stops her, assuring Mimi that he will do all he can to save Acosta. Breslin tries to persuade the FBI not to kill Acosta but with Calderoni showing up, all hope seems to have been lost. Calderoni explains that Acosta is going to die.

The entire situation shows how opposing authorities can have conflicts of interest that involve the lives of people.

Back to the election and the news has spread of the irregularities in the election system. The PRI rep tells Félix he is done. A desperate Félix rings Chapo and explains the situation and asks for help despite knowing he is not well-respected at the moment. Chapo explains that if Palma can come back, he will help with the election — Félix agrees. Félix also rings Benjamin and asks for help.

As we near the end, we are treated to highly tense and dramatic scenes. The FBI has Acosta surrounded. Breslin gets in the line of fire and enters the hideout where Acosta is, knowing full well the FBI won’t shoot with Breslin inside. Breslin offers Acosta a deal with full immunity and protections — all he has to do is sign the papers and cross the river with Breslin out of Mexico so he can be out of the FBI’s jurisdiction. Acosta is hesitant, so Breslin plays one more card and reveals he has a baby on the way. Breslin slowly walks outside with Acosta and Calderoni and his team all point their guns. As Breslin edges closer to the river, Acosta gives up, apologizes and walks out of sync with Breslin and the FBI instantly shoots him dead — Mimi is absolutely distraught.

Breslin accuses Calderoni of protecting his friends in Mexico City.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 8, “Se Cayó El Sistema” closes with Felix’s men threatening election officials at the poll stations, forcing them to change the results — the PRI win in fraudulent circumstances. Mariá visits Félix at a restaurant and they have a coffee together — they seem to have an understanding now. Breslin looks at the plane tracker and sees no progress; he puts his head into his hands.

Yeah, Breslin ain’t having much luck so far.

Cartel Diaries

  • Félix finds out Clavel was feeding information to Palma and was sleeping with Palma’s wife.
  • FBI tells Breslin they have dogs that can do his job at the airport now.
  • Palma tells Chapo that they need to wait it out and then he’s going to put a bullet in Félix’s head.
  • Mini finds Acosta in his “safe place”. She’s worried that he’s taken it too far. He left her because he was scared for her life. He didn’t take the deal with the DEA. He believes the American press will be better.
  • Adamo finds out there’s a tracking device in the plane
  • Adamo is upset at the news of Acosta’s death. He had thousands of people at his funerals.
  • Mimi is told she’s going to have a boy.

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