Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 7 recap – “Truth and Reconciliation”

February 13, 2020
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Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 7, “Truth and Reconciliation” shows many major decisions made and greatly written twists to platform the ending chapters.

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Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 7, “Truth and Reconciliation” shows many major decisions made and greatly written twists to platform the ending chapters.

This recap of Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 7, “Truth and Reconciliation” contains significant spoilers.

Everything is coming together in many different ways in Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 7, “Truth and Reconciliation”. There are many moving parts, making you wonder how Season 2 is going to close.

Episode 7 opens up with Palma telling Acosta that Cochi deserved better and he blames Félix for the whole ordeal. Acosta explains that the old days are gone. Palma states that it is time for a new plan to protect each other and break from the Federation. Acosta senses that Félix is desperate. Both gentlemen did not realize their phones were tapped.

As for Breslin, he seems to have struck gold in Episode 7. He is told that he could have high-level intel — a woman in Ojinaga wants to meet him. He’s skeptical at first but agrees to go. The intel is Mimi and the two meet, Breslin is surprised by who she is and explains he was not expecting her. At first, Breslin and Mimi play games with each other until Mimi reveals her boyfriend is Acosta and that he wants to talk to Breslin. Breslin gets on her brown truck and they ride out.

As for Félix, he is told that if Cárdenas wins the election, he will be sent to jail. Félix visits the election national center. He learns that Cárdenas has major support in major cities and towns. Félix rings the unnamed brother of the prophecized next president and tells him that Cárdenas has his brother beat in the election. Félix reads out the numbers and swings in the early polls.

Afterward, Félix is told he still has an internal problem. The tapes have been heard between Acosta and Palma. Félix delivers the order to kill Palma.

At this point, Félix is just putting out fires.

Breslin arrives at Acosta’s house and he’s told to leave his gun behind. He grabs a toolbox and joins Acosta on the roof. Acosta tells Breslin that Mimi has been hearing him complaining for some time, and when he used to fix roofs, he never used to grumble. Acosta asks Breslin why Félix means a lot to him. Acosta is not sure where he fits anymore. Breslin tells the truth to why he is after Félix — he reveals the truth about his brother and that he believes the world is a bad place but he wants to try to make it better.

Acosta asks what it would mean if he was to work with Breslin. Breslin offers protection, immunity and everything he wants and that Mimi can stay out of the entire ordeal. Acosta reveals that his brother was a junkie and he died with a needle in his arm. Both men raise their beers at each other.

This scene meant a lot — it shows two characters tied to the same issue on both sides of the wall with commonalities. It was a powerful conversation and revealed a lot about both characters.

Félix meets the brother’s representatives to discuss election information. He tells her that on the 6th of July, the PRI won’t win. The rep says the projections are not a sure thing and she questions where Félix got his data from. Félix makes her aware that the projections will be published, and he suggests making a new program that suggests the opposite so Cárdenas voters stay at home. In return, Félix wants a direct relationship with the administration and his interests protected. The PRI representative says she is impressed considering that Félix is trash and shakes his hand.

Félix continues to try to find solutions while his empire is close to collapse.

Mimi asks Breslin if Acosta will take the deal and that she loves him. Mimi also reveals that she is pregnant and that it’s got to be now — “I think if he wants this, it’s gotta be for him”.

Meanwhile, Félix’s men arrive at Palma’s house and the wife and children are hiding. Félix’s driver had warned them. With the wife and children escaping, Palma shoots at the men and a shoot-out ensues.

As we reach the end of “Truth and Reconciliation”, Cardeloni wants an update from Breslin and wonder why he’s been out in Ojinaga. Cardeloni wants reassurances that he’s got updates. Meanwhile, Adamo meets Acosta to talk; Acosta knows that a hit has been put on Palma. Adamo tells Acosta that he’s given himself an early grave but that it doesn’t have to be this way. Acosta ignores Adamo and tells him to leave before stating that one day Acosta will have to stab Félix in the back.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 7, “Truth and Reconciliation” ends with the reveal that Calderoni is a double spy — he is genuinely still working for Félix. It has looked like Félix was naive all this time, but he’s reforming from the “outside-in”, using Breslin to get rid of the disease from within his organization.

Cartel Diaries

  • Palma’s wife is having an affair with Felix’s driver.
  • Mariá catches Félix at a cafe and asks why he is here. She raises the subject of Cochi and says he has chosen the wrong side by walking away from everyone who cares about him.

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