Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 6 recap – “El Dedazo”

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 13, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 6 - El Dedazo


Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 6, “El Dedazo” explores the internal war amongst the plazas and Félix’s only personal conflicts.

This recap of Netflix Series Narcos: Mexico season 2, episode 6, “El Dedazo” contains significant spoilers.

At this point, you have to wonder if it will get better for Félix. Being at the top does not mean you live the best life.

Episode 6, “El Dedazo” opens up with two children pretending to be generals. As part of their role play, they kill their maid who believed it was just fun. It turns out this is a flashback of the brothers leading the political race in Mexico. Félix looks at photos of the brothers before meeting the brother of the pre-empted next President of Mexico. Félix tells the brother about his business and invites him to his hotel to play tennis. Félix expresses how he wants to help this man and his brother once the presidency is sealed; a direct relationship but also a friendship. The brother mentions Guerra’s loyalty, and that they are not interested in other partnerships at this time.

It goes from bad to worse for Félix after his failed meeting with the political leader; he’s made aware of the violence between Sinaloa and Tijuana.

Meanwhile, Breslin meets his superior and they discuss the new informant Calderoni. The intel they’ve received is that Félix went to Panama and met Pacho and agreed to take on more weight. Breslin also discusses the construction of a new runway in Juárez. Breslin’s focus is on the planes now. Breslin and his team attend a plane auction and they notice Amado buying plenty of planes — they note the model numbers of each plane.

Félix learns from El Azul that the political brothers are not interested in money; they are making their rich friends richer. The new leader is perfect for the Americans — they plan to rid the unions and sell off assets and services.

Félix appears to be out of his depth, again.

Breslin and his men check out the planes at night. They insert trackers into a plane and then the next day, they are in luck — they can begin tracking a plane immediately. Breslin and his men track a plane and they find the new runway — they start surveillance immediately.

Félix’s problems continue to mount but this time it’s more internal — Benjamin calls him to talk about the Sinaloans. He explains how they have stolen from him and that he’s not ready for peace. When Félix tries to calm Benjamin down, Benjamin explains that he knows Félix’s car was attacked and at the moment, the plazas look weak. Félix asks Benjamin what he would like him to do and then heads out to speak to Héctor Palma.

When Félix speaks to Palma, he promises to pay and explains he has sent Cochi over to Tijuana with money. Félix softly makes him aware that Cochi will not be coming back, implying he will be killed. Palma gets emotional, claiming Cochi is one of the top guys. Félix shows his leadership, explaining to Palma that he cannot control his plaza. Palma accepts he has lost control but asks Félix to call Benjamin and stop them from killing Cochi. Meanwhile, Cochi is killed with multiple bullets.

Afterward, Félix turns up at Mariá’s house and he watches his children. Mariá asks Félix why he is outside the gates. She explains that she doesn’t need him and calls him a disease. Félix does not react and leaves.

Episode 6, “El Dedazo” confirms that Félix is not only losing the grip on his power, but he’s internalizing his past.

Breslin and his men have realized that Félix has over-extended and he’s trying to do all the shipment at once after scoping the runway. Breslin believes it would be wise to destroy the shipment which would disable Félix’s operations and the Colombians will put a bullet in his head.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2, Episode 6, “El Dedazo” ends with Félix attending a local political rally for “the people”. I interpret this moment to confirm that Félix is struggling to let go of his past while he is struggling to keep his power. It looks like he misses his old life with his people, his community. Meanwhile, Héctor Palma refuses to eat at dinner with his family; he is really upset at Félix’s decision.

Cartel Diaries

  • Félix watches Marià pick up the children from school.
  • Henao meets Isabella and Enedina. The women want 700 kilos this time and he can give it to them in 2 weeks. Henao talks about how things have changed in Mexico with Guerra’s new arrangement. They agree to a new exclusive relationship.

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