Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 3 recap – “Los Juniors”

November 5, 2021
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Oh, boy. “Los Juniors” is an ambitious episode that establishes El Chapo as a force to be reckoned with

This recap of Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 3, “Los Juniors,” contains spoilers.

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Narcos: Mexico season 3, episode 3 recap

Los Juniors

We start with Kitty (rapper Bad Bunny) being picked up by some rich girls in a convertible. They drive him over to see Romeo. The girls stay in the car, and Kitty walks towards a storefront. Romeo approaches him, hands him a gun, and whispers in his ear. The camera follows Romeo, who then jumps in the back of the girl’s car. A split second later, shots ring out. Kitty sprints from the storefront and jumps in the front seat as the girls scream. Romeo then reminds them to drive, and these Juniors drive away feeling fearless as ever as no one will stand in their way.

Even more fearless is Ramon (Manuel Masalva). He wakes up and breakfasts in a speedo in front of his sister, Enedina (Mayra Hermosillo), and her new husband.


Meanwhile, Andrea lays it all out for La Voz’s owner, Roman. Socialites and rich kids socialize with these “narco juniors” because the Arellano family bankrolled the Tijuana public projects with drug money. It’s speculative, he says. Not so fast as Andrea pulls out a stack of freshly developed pictures showing TJ’s most significant land developers meeting with Benjamin Arellano Felix (Alfonso Dosal). Yet, Roman isn’t convinced. Why risk it when these citizens are already wealthy? What is the motive for the Arellano clan?

She said that the rich want to be more prosperous, buying the Arellano family’s influence and power.

Walt & Victor

And then we have the border’s favorite new BFFs. Walt visits Victor because he knows he was behind the robbery of one of the cartel’s stash houses — he left one of his fellow brothers in ski masks blue to die, remember? Walt can bring all sorts of problems for Victor. That’s, of course, unless he helps pass him information she hears about Amado. Victor, playing it cool while Walt is bringing the intensity of loss after loss, tells him Amadi will do anything to get the job done. Just like Walt, he points out.

There isn’t much difference between them—just a badge.


This all comes back to Amado. He wants to pull a Stringer Bell and create three different cells. They would all work under him, but the three networks would not know they worked for the same man. This way, their competition drives profits. He meets with Pacho (Alberto Ammann), the head of the Cali cartel in Columbia, and part-time negotiator, peacemaker between rival Mexican cartels.

Pacho gives him the bad news— Amado is out. He needs someone to move the Cali product, and the Arellano family promises to buy more. Over my dead body is Amado’s response. As long as it doesn’t mess up his carpet is his response.

El Chapo and Friends

El Chapo (Alejandro Edda, looking more and more like Bruno Kirby in each episode), Juan, and Guero meet with Benjamin to ask for the Imperial Valley. A large patch of impasse desert so they can have their border to spike their profits.

However, Benjamin won’t give them the land for free or even sell it to them outright because he’s a greedy bastard. What he will do is lease it to them for three million a year for two years. Hector is visibly disappointed. Juan, always the pragmatist, knows the obstacles in their way. El Chapo, however, is fuming — you can practically see the smoke coming out of his ears and even his eyes.

What follows next is one of the great shootouts in the history of the series. El Chapo turned those fumes into an effective plan. He finds ten of his men and dresses them up in police uniforms. Benjamin, Ramon, and Edina’s husband (always the politician) party at the club for the eldest Arellano male birthday. Thank goodness for Arellano muscle, Barron (The Tax Collector’s Bobby Soto). This man doesn’t get paid enough.

The stoic sicario recognizes the plan immediately. A man of action, he doesn’t need to investigate further. Barron immediately shoots two of them in the head, holds off Chapo’s machine-gun spray while the boys try to sneak out the back. He continuously runs from the group to attack murderous intruders from behind or hell, right in front of them. He helps all of them escape… Except for Edina’s husband. He is left lying in a pool of his blood, caught in a crossfire.

As the family evacuated, Enedina sat in the SUV with her brothers, clutching her husband’s briefcase. Surprisingly, she doesn’t have a tear in her eyes because they are filled with rage. She turns to Benjamin, and then tears begin to stream from her eyes.

“I want their heads.” Her voice never cracks.

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