No Man’s Land season 1, episode 2 recap – defending a town

November 18, 2020
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Episode 2 is a tense 40-minutes bringing the reality of the conflicts in Syria, a place where it can be peaceful one minute and disastrous the next.

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Episode 2 is a tense 40-minutes bringing the reality of the conflicts in Syria, a place where it can be peaceful one minute and disastrous the next.

This recap of Hulu’s No Man’s Land season 1, episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The YPJ continue with their operations to take over ISIS towns. Kurdish YPJ soldier, Sarya, is told about an ambulance approaching the village, and she’s asked if they should let it pass. The ambulance has three men inside — Iyad, Paul, and Nasser; the YPJ are trying to decide if it’s a real ambulance or not. Suddenly, the YPJ reacts as the ambulance enters the ISIS zone — they open fire. The ambulance makes it into the town.


Episode 2 shows the cost of this war and how it can quickly escalate between towns and strongholds. The YPJ have suffered injuries as they were attacked while they focused on the ambulance. The three men unite with ISIS soldiers and celebrate the supplies they’ve managed to bring. Meanwhile, Antoine is not able to convince the YPJ that he’s looking for his sister.

Reliving when his sister “died”

A flashback shows Antoine collecting his sister’s items that were found in the explosion she presumably died in. Antoine wants to see the body, but he’s told it’s not a good idea. He sees the body anyway.

Meeting Lorraine

Episode 2 shows the first time Antoine meets Lorraine. He is downbeat and explains how he has lost his sister. Lorraine joins his table so he has someone to talk to. She’s a co-pilot doing the Paris-Cairo route for 6 months. Early scenes are demonstrating that Antoine was never able to get over his sister’s death, and it nagged away at him with guilt and denial.

More attacks

Back to the present, Sarya is beating herself up for the casualties due to the ambulance attack. The YPJ then suffers from another attack — there’s no rest for this unit as missiles bombard them. Antoine leaves his cell that has been ripped apart by an explosion, and he helps a soldier nearby who has been badly injured.

A town lost

YPJ keeps trying to defend themselves, but Sarya and the unit are overwhelmed. They have lost, and ISIS has regained the town. There’s an internal argument as Sarya’s superior tells her to pick three sisters and blow up the bridge. Sarya gets emotional, believing she is being punished, but her superior tells her that this is a good opportunity to stop ISIS and nothing personal. Episode 2 brings a proud woman in Sarya, who will defend her people at all costs.

A soldier recognizes Anna

Antoine is placed on a truck. He tells a soldier with an American accent that he’s looking for his sister. The soldier tells him he’s in the wrong place, but he recognizes the photo of Anna in the article which claims she is dead — apparently, she’s now brunette. Antoine tells Sarya that he must join them so he can see her, but she declines his request to join them and gives him a phone so he can tell his family that everything is okay.

Antoine rings Lorraine to let her know he’s okay. She is shocked to hear that he’s in Syria. Lorraine demands that he gets a flight home immediately. A flashback reveals Antoine telling Lorraine that he hadn’t spoken to his sister for a few years. He tells his parents that it’s suspicious that his sister left behind a letter and a laptop with no password. He reads out Anna’s letter that they received after four years of silence. Antoine raises the prospect that his sister is alive. His father tells him to accept that she’s dead. Antoine blames himself for her leaving. And here’s the answer: guilt — that’s what has made Antoine obsessed with finding his sibling.

The ending

In the present day, Antoine tells Sarya that he’s a construction engineer and offers to help blow up the bridge. Sarya points her rifle at Antoine and tells him to get back in the truck, but he persists and explains he is their best chance of blowing up that bridge.

No Man’s Land season 1, episode 2 is a tense 40-minutes bringing the reality of the conflicts in Syria, a place where it can be peaceful one minute and disastrous the next.

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