Chicago Fire season 9, episode 1 recap – “Rattle Second City”

November 28, 2020
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Chicago Fire season 9, episode 1 recap - "Rattle Second City"


“Rattle Second City” throws a new recruit in at the deep end as spark fly elsewhere — in more ways than one.

This recap of Chicago Fire season 9, episode 1, “Rattle Second City”, contains spoilers.

Now hardly seems like the best time to embark on a new career, but a lot of the Chicago Fire season 9 premiere, “Rattle Second City”, was devoted to paramedic recruit Gianna, who grew up on the same block as Cruz – he gives Gallo a stern talking-to for smiling at her a bit too long – and is thoroughly tested on the job in this episode.

Paired up with Brett – more on her shortly – Gianna’s first call-out is to a victim of an OD whose brother holds them at gunpoint, assuring them they’ll die if his brother does. The women are pretty cool under pressure, but as it turns out his brother dies anyway, so he later rams Gianna and Brett’s ambulance off a bridge. Doesn’t seem like a particularly well-adjusted family.

Anyway, Brett. Casey was pretty interested in how she was after the first incident, and when she later went home and found her door ajar, she called Casey to come check the place out, which he did pretty eagerly. He also declared he was staying the night, albeit on the couch, and there is little argument against the matter. Awkward pauses, fun, and games – it’s all classic stuff in Chicago Fire season 9, episode 1.

“Rattle Second City” also spares time for Stella, who is frustrated at the pandemic having stalled her Girls on Fire program. She’s eventually allowed to resume it outdoors with a small group, which impresses Boden, who also later suggests she takes the lieutenant’s test in a few months so there can be more women of color in leadership roles. Topical on multiple levels!

And that’s the point, isn’t it? Chicago Fire here finds a nice balance between reflecting real-world issues through the lens of a dramatic narrative, not getting so mired in real-world politics as to feel preachy but not forgetting about the cultural context it exists within. The mix works well enough for me.

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