Anything for Jackson review – a terrifying spin on the Satanic cult movie

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 30, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
Anything for Jackson review – a terrifying spin on the Satanic cult movie


Anything for Jackson is a terrifying spin on the Satanic cult movie.

Anything for Jackson is from Christmas movie director Justin G Dyck, starring Die Hard 2 star Sheila McCarthy, Man of Steel star Julian Richings, and Konstantina Mantelos.

Anything for Jackson follows a couple, Audrey (McCarthy) and Henry (Richings), that have abducted a pregnant woman, Shannon Becker (Mantelos), to keep her baby as their own deceased grandson Jackson. The couple has been trying many different ideas and is willing to wait for the full term of the pregnancy to get what they need. The couple is part of a Satanist cult, which is where they have got the idea to try and bring back Jackson, even selecting the perfect candidate from Henry’s work to be the mother offering them the vessel. Once they perform the ceremony the three people in the house start to see horrific ghostly visits, mixed with unexplainable events, learning they have let more evil into the world.

Anything for Jackson brings us a new approach to the overly used Satanist storyline, where instead of showing everything from the victim’s point of view, with the slowly increased presence of the cult members, we are actually following the fringe cult members that are looking to get something from the devil. Audrey and Henry are both inexperienced in what they are doing, with them having their own plan to make something happen, which is filled with their inexperienced nature. We do fall into the more realistic concept of dealing with the unknown evil, with people needing to work together for what they want within the community, instead of being a full-blown extreme look at a Satanist group.

Anything for Jackson does give us strong performances from the actors, with Sheila McCarthy and Julian Richings coming off as a nice couple who are filled with grief, but emotionally blank to getting turned on their decision. Konstantina Mantelos does do her best to show us just how desperate trying to escape this situation truly is.

Anything for Jackson brings us a film that is filled with plenty of horror, from the original idea of what the couple wants, right up to the first few events that start happening around the home. They all play off slow, but they don’t hold back on the horrific nature that is filled with the terrifying behavior of the ghosts involved. There are some amazing creations with the suffocating ghost being the highlight of the creations, never relenting when they appear on-screen. When you mix in the concept of what you are used to seeing in Satanic cult behavior, this does tone everything back to feel like it is a normal couple, which will only leave us shocked by what we end up seeing.

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