Selena: The Series season 1, episode 9 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 4, 2020 (Last updated: February 9, 2024)
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Netflix Selena: The Series season 1, episode 9- Que Creias


“Que Creias” is a dramatic ending for the story, which gives the chapter some juice.

This recap of Netflix’s Selena: The Series season 1, episode 9, “Que Creias” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Que Creias” begins with Selena singing for a show, but then a fight breaks out in the crowd. Abraham signals that Selena and the band have to leave. Selena has to hit someone as she moves away from the crowd. AB is furious about crowd control. Chris checks up on Selena because she’s a little hurt. Suzette then realizes that her sister is sneaking around with Chris — she is furious at her but then Selena tells Suzette that she loves him. Suzette is offended that AB “kind of” knew and she didn’t and walks off.

And then, Suzette confronts him about Selena and Chris. She’s fuming that he let this happen. AB reminds Suzette that they are adults, but she warns him that it’s going to blow up. Later on, Chris asks Selena if there’s something wrong. The ending of Selena: The Series season 1 finally confronts the scenario where Selena and Chris no longer want to be a secret all the time.

A band member has an opportunity

One of the band members, Pete, needs to leave the band after securing a record deal with the label. Abraham gives Pete his approval and tells him that “everybody wins”. Abraham seems to understand the meaning of success and acts unselfishly.

A date for Suzette

Bill calls Abraham and asks permission to take his daughter Suzette out. Abraham gives permission, and he appreciates the call. He thinks he’s a good man. Selena is so excited for her sister, but you can tell it is impacting her because she isn’t allowed to pursue her romance with Chris openly.


Marcella asks Abraham about the fight at the performance, and she’s worried about Selena’s safety. Abraham plays it down to a fan being starstruck, but Marcella reminds him that their daughter is becoming very famous, and she wants her to be safe. Later on, due to the increase of fans, the family need to recruit a person to manage the fan base and network.

Are we breaking up?

During a performance, Selena brings a man on stage, and it’s a raunchy act. Chris is clearly jealous despite it only being part of the show. Later, Chris asks her if she is breaking up with him. Selena tells him that he’s the only thing she thinks about. Chris tells her he doesn’t need protection. After another performance, Chris tells Selena that he loves her. As “Que Creias” draws closer to the end, it’s evident that Chris and Selena are struggling with their feelings.

Frustration and a new song

Pete tells AB that he’s leaving the band but AB storms out. He’s furious. As he walks out, AB sees Chris holding Selena’s hand, and in the heat of the moment, he confronts her. He starts shouting and purposefully upsets her. The next day, AB finds inspiration for a new song about a flower — it’s been stuck inside his head for five years.

The ending

Selena and Chris get foolish on the coach, and Abraham sees. Abraham stops the coach and fires Chris. Selena tries telling her father that they are in love, but he is so angry and tells her to get on the coach — this is a moment of heat from Abraham who believes they are about to jeopardize everything they have worked for. On the coach, AB is angry as he has to find a replacement. Selena tells her father that he never liked Chris, and he tells her he knows Chris is “a type”. As the coach leaves Chris behind, Selena is heartbroken.

Selena: The Series season 1, episode 9 is a dramatic ending for the story, which gives the chapter some juice. While Season 2 is on the horizon, there’s little hope that this Netflix series will improve due to the tone and writing the creators have chosen.

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