Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 2 recap – “Range of Motion”

December 14, 2020
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Dreams are shattered, and dreams are made in “Range of Motion” as the characters find themselves desperate for any opportunity that comes their way.

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Dreams are shattered, and dreams are made in “Range of Motion” as the characters find themselves desperate for any opportunity that comes their way.

This recap of Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 2, “Range of Motion” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Range of Motion” opens up with Topher raising his concerns about doing a Jack the Ripper ballet, but Ramon keeps his foot down. Monique tries to be diplomatic but Topher storms off to teach a class. Tiny Pretty Things Episode 2 continues the politics and governance that bestows this school of ballet; there’s more to this place than dancing.

Doctor’s note

Neveah tells Oren that they should be partners. She believes they will make it far together, but Oren raises how all the boys at this school can perform at the same level. Meanwhile, Shane apologises to Bette about the fall. The physician checks out Bette’s feet, and he has concerns, but she brushes it off; “Range of Motion” shows desperation — Bette knows she’s not in good shape yet will still risk her health for a part.

June is suspicious

Neveah speaks to June; she has been given a white rose by Ramon and June freaks out, claiming Cassie received a white rose the night she fell. Neveah is not concerned at all and does not respond to June’s anxiety. Meanwhile, Officer Cruz is told to back off the investigation of Cassie’s fall at the station. But we know as an audience that she will not be letting this go at all.

Dinner with mother

Bette visits her mother Katrina at dinner and asks for some drugs so she can perform through the pain. Delia then turns up at the dinner date which compounds Bette’s insecurity. It’s easy to feel sorry for Bette the most so far. She appears to have the whole world on her shoulders, and her vow to be the best is her undoing so far.

The shortlist

In class, Ramon breaks down the audition process and how the soloist will be chosen. Neveah and June are shortlisted; Bette is disgusted that she was picked over June and thinks she’s terrible. Afterwards, Bette tries to apologise for lashing out and gives June a muffin. Bette blames the situation on Neveah as the newcomer — she feels if she carries on spending time with Neveah, then she will end up like Cassie — alone.

Bette tries to speak to her mother about being cut, but her mother is bitterly disappointed — this is a toxic mother-daughter relationship. Also, Bette is at the peak of her manipulative behaviour after not getting what she wants — Tiny Pretty Things is showing how quickly the plotting and planning can escalate. Bette is a character that will allow her thirst for success make her into a worse person.

Sex and plans

Neveah has lost her ballerina figurine and looks everywhere for it. It helps her focus, and she asks June if she’s hidden it. Afterwards, Neveah apologises to Oren for choking in auditions. He tells her that they need to learn to relax; they end up at a nightclub to blow off steam. Bette shows up at the club and sees Oren and Neveah dancing together. Moments later, Oren and Bette are having sex; while having sex, Bette talks about dancing — she’s always working.

Cruz speaks to Neveah

Outside the nightclub, the male ballet dancers end up in a fight with another group. Officer Cruz shows up and speaks to Neveah about Cassie; she wants to know about the rose. Neveah is annoyed that June told Cruz about the rose and storms off. It’s almost like Neveah is in denial; she must know something fishy is going on, but she’s consumed by the desire to make a name for herself.

An immediate impact

Neveah returns to the dorm and grabs June by the neck. She then finds the ballerina figurine that helps her focus and makes a scene. Monique tells Neveah that she’s ruined her chance at a solo, but then information is revealed; Neveah is on the front page of the paper as “The Future of Ballet”. It hasn’t taken long for Neveah to make an impact. Later on, Neveah has another nightmare and sees Cassie fall off the building; she’s feeling tortured by this place, even if she does have confidence.

Cruz keeps on pressing

In rehearsals, June and Nabil are chosen to do the excerpt for the school’s board of directors. Afterwards, Neveah visits Cassie in the hospital. Cruz turns up and tries to small talk with Neveah again. Neveah is frustrated with the conversation, but Cruz asks her if she’s seen anyone with grey joggers and a red hoodie; in the last episode, Neveah mentioned she had seen someone with similar attire. “Range of Motion” sees Cassie’s fall overhang the characters like a dark fog; it isn’t going away.

A lost opportunity

Nabil and June end up stuck on the rooftop; the door will not open. At the board of directors meeting. Ramon has to delay the dance on the agenda. Bette and Shane intervene and dance the meeting. As June and Nabil arrive, it’s too late; the dance has already begun. June’s eyes fill with tears; this opportunity was stolen from her. So much emphasis is put on “parts” and “opportunities”. It’s one of the strengths of the series — how desire can encourage people to plot and cheat to get what they want.

The ending

After the performance, Bette’s mother congratulates Bette. She finally has her approval. However, she’s in pain — it’s etched on her face. June tells Bette that she believes that Neveah is the one that locked the door on the roof — it’s clear that Bette’s manipulation has worked; June has a new enemy. It was Bette that jammed the door — she paid a man to do it for her.

The next day, June finds her mother packing her things and tells her she is coming home — “this is over”. June is shell shocked; her entire dream has been shattered in seconds.

Dreams are shattered, and dreams are made in Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 2 as the characters find themselves desperate for any opportunity that comes their way. The Netflix series so far manages to achieve a good combination of teenage drama, mystery and dance.

Additional points
  • Nabil is a Muslim, but his roommate doesn’t like him praying in their dorm.
  • Topher tells Neveah that no-one walks into this school and gets a spot just because they want one. Neveah is sure she will.
  • After Caleb tells Nabil to stop praying in the dorm, he prays on the rooftop instead.
  • Oren tells Shane that their hookups need to stop, but Shane refuses to listen, and they end up having sex again.

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