Who pushed Cassie Shore off the rooftop in Tiny Pretty Things season 1?

December 14, 2020
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This article “Who pushed Cassie Shore off the rooftop in Tiny Pretty Things season 1” contains major spoilers. 

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We all like “whodunnit” storylines, but sometimes series like to drag out the answer for as long as possible. 13 Reasons Why had a knack for doing the same thing. It keeps audiences engaged and makes them binge every single episode. This series does the same, and I guess if you had read the source material, it’s likely you already knew the answer, however, for the innocent viewers, it was a head-scratcher — so who pushed Cassie Shore off the rooftop in Tiny Pretty Things season 1?

Who is Cassie?

She’s a ballet dancer who was primed to be the solo lead for a prestigious ballet school named Archers. One evening, at a private party, Cassie innocently dances on the rooftop. Suddenly, a person in a grey and red hoodie pushed her off the rooftop. For the entirety of season 1, the question is thrown around constantly — who pushed her and why? The Netflix series constantly changes the prime suspect to throw viewers off.

So who did it? (Major spoiler)

Despite Cassie telling the world that Bette pushed her, it was actually Bette’s sister Delia Whitlaw that pushed Cassie Shore off the rooftop. This was only revealed in the last episode. However, there were a few hints before this moment that audiences could have picked up on.

Why did Delia push Cassie?

It’s a complex, emotional reason that involves a rather toxic educational establishment. In a nutshell, Delia was the soloist at the school, and she was in a physical relationship with Ramon, the lead choreographer. When she learned that Ramon and Cassie had a fling in Paris, Delia became enraged with jealousy and vengeance. To add insult to injury, Cassie was younger and was prepped to be the next “big thing” in ballet. Delia was incredibly insecure about her own career, believing she needed to hurt Cassie to pave the way for her career path, while also keeping Ramon.

Delia bought herself an alibi by being with her very drunk sister that night who conveniently did not remember anything until later on in season 1.

Why did Cassie say that Bette Whitlaw did it?

It’s never 100% clear, but if you look at the school, it’s a rather toxic place, and it is heavily competitive — the ballet dancers spend most of season 1 trying to beat each other, whether that be stabbing each other in the back or asking for favors from their seniors. Also, Ramon has a history of sexual relationships with students, and with his reputation at risk in the industry, he threatens Cassie when she wakes up from her coma. Ramon’s threat is likely the key reason that Cassie decided not to tell the truth.

After this threat, Cassie decided to purposefully break Nabil’s heart as well.

Is there a chance for Bette to be proven innocent? (another major spoiler)

Yes, and the reason why is because Ramon is presumed dead at the end of Season 1. With the threat of Ramon gone and Monique under intense scrutiny, this could pave the way for Bette’s freedom.

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