Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 4 recap – “Dance Dance Revolution”

December 14, 2020
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The mysteries still remain, but it’s clear that this is a series about each character’s darkness rather than the downfall of Cassie.

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The mysteries still remain, but it’s clear that this is a series about each character’s darkness rather than the downfall of Cassie.

This recap of Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 4, “Dance Dance Revolution” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

So after kissing, Nabil and Neveah continue their romance, albeit briefly. Neveah tells Nabil about the red/grey hoodie which perks his interest. In the next scene, Nabil and Neveah rush into the hospital; Cassie is having a fit. While Nabil is emotionally distressed, Neveah comforts him — suddenly, Nabil feels he is betraying Cassie. The story has swerved a little; it needs a new suspect, and it gives the audience one but within a theme that involves systematic abuse.

Emancipation shock

Monique is dismayed that June has put an emancipation against her mother. Alan tells Monique that they need to protect June’s dreams. There seems to be an intrinsic link between the characters’ personal lives and the school; they never feel separate — there’s no professionalism between superiors and the students.

Costume issues

Neveah is annoyed at the costumes planned for Ripper. She believes the message is that the “women asked for it”. Shane tells Neveah she’s wasting her time if she wants to go up against Ramon. In practice, Nabil avoids Neveah. There’s a negative article circling the web about Ramon, so the students try and keep it hush-hush. Ramon practices with Bette in the middle of the room to demonstrate how the performance should be done and then throws Bette at Oren. Ramon appears to be erratic and out of control and ignores their safety.

Ramon’s anger

Neveah asks Ramon if Jack the Ripper is the right story right now after what happened to Cassie; she then mentions the negative review about his latest performance. Ramon gets angry and smashes a mirror. Neveah seems to be the only character willing to stand up to Ramon, while the other students fear him. Neveah speaks to Monique about Ramon and feels the school has a “put up or shut up” attitude. “Dance Dance Revolution” thematically discusses systematic abuse; with the power lying with the man who can treat his students however he wants. Neveah represents the voice of the students.

The school has lost control

Neveah is trying to make changes to the school and hands out a survey to all the students. She wants a code of conduct at the school. Neveah’s point about the school seems to be proven in the next scene as it’s revealed that Caleb and Monique are enjoying a secret sexual relationship. “Dance Dance Revolution” shows how this school is festered with secrets, abuse, sex, and intoxicating behavior.

Finding more drugs

Bette decides to watch Matteo perform at a bar. She asks him if he can provide her with drugs. She’s growing desperate to mask her injuries. Matteo takes her to a truck to get her some drugs, but he really gives her breath mints. Matteo is angry that she thought he was a drug dealer because he’s poorer than her. There’s a theme running with Bette; she emotionally uses people to get what she wants.

My last dance

June talks to Neveah about her emancipation hearing and how badly it went. She sobs, believing this will be the last time she will get to dance at this school. She continues to dance as Neveah walks off to leave her in peace. This is a scene that represents how much dancing means to these women. It’s not a hobbyist project. It’s life.

Bette joins Neveah for her cause

During practice, Ramon is angry at Bette’s choreography. She feels she is impersonating the choreographer. Afterward, Bette decides to join Neveah to bring Ramon down. Bette shows a half torn photo of Ramon in Paris. The other half of the photo is Cassie. Bette and Neveah show Delia evidence that Ramon was cheating with Cassie, but Delia brushes it off. The Netflix series demonstrates how these women feel replaceable; while there’s growing evidence that Ramon sleeps with his students, Delia is worried about her place in the world.

Strong words from June

At the emancipation hearing, June continues to fight her case. She argues that she can live on her own — “I will die if I don’t dance”. Her case for emancipation is strong, and the mediator seems influenced by her words.

June has dinner with her mother; she offers June a deal and keeps the door open for her daughter. June cries and tells her mother that she’ll see her in two years. Of course, this means she will not be financially supported.

Brainstorming and protesting

The girls have a meeting about Ramon. They all fear that they will be replaced if they protest against the abuse. The women brainstorm ideas on how to confront Ramon. “Dance Dance Revolution” is about togetherness and fighting as a strong unit of women.

In rehearsals the next day, the women refuse to dance to the count in Ramon’s class. It’s a coup. Eventually, Ramon gets frustrated and storms out; he tells Monique that she needs to put the dancers in line. Topher argues that Ramon’s approach is killing the dancers’ well-being. Monique asks Ramon to make it work. It’s strange how the conversation was not about solving the wellbeing issue but finding a way to keep the girls dancing.

The ending

Ramon threatens to ruin Neveah’s future, but she shows him the photo of him and Cassie and walks off. Neveah gets angry and rips paintings down. The next day, Ramon tells the students that he will be forming a new Ripper that will inspire all of them — “You are all Jack”. He wants them all to act out their darkest capacities. He then shows them all the grey and red hoodie that shocks the room. Ramon is battling back head-on — he must know about the rumors.

Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 4 deals with systematic abuse that is present in the school and brings a thematic plot where the women stand together against a powerful choreographer. The mysteries still remain, but it’s clear that this is a series about each character’s darkness rather than the downfall of Cassie.

Additional points
  • To cheer Ramon up, Delia performs a sexy dance for him before it leads to sex. During sex, he tells her she smells like her sister.
  • Bette talks to Shane about Oren; she seems to know about their secret relationship.
  • Matteo gives Bette some Vicodin for her pain.

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