Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 6 recap – “Joie de Vivre”

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 14, 2020
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Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 6 - Joie de Vivre


“Joie de Vivre” is starting to sag a little with the whole “whodunnit” storyline, but the subplots remain strong, and June brings an important story about sexual harassment in the workplace.

This recap of Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 6, “Joie de Vivre” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Flashbacks show the students react when Cassie fell. They all agree to a cover story that they were all asleep. It then flits to Cruz, who took this case personally because of something that has happened in her life. The story is starting to entwine and reveal further truths. There’s a 13 Reasons Why aspect to the story structure. It’s not too strong, and it works.

Music video opportunity

Sienna Milken visits the school; she wants three dancers to perform in her latest music video. This will include a competition and an eliminatory dance-off. Neveah’s mother visits the school with Tyler; she thanks Monique for giving her daughter a chance. Sienna and Monique state that talent is only half of the equation. It’s nice for the story that Neveah’s mother is trying to make amends, but you can sense she’s trying too hard.

Sienna picks her dancers

The dancers work to impress Sienna. After motivation from Sienna, Nabil joins the session. Sienna invites Neveah and Bette for the ensemble. For the duet she invites Nabil, and she wants a private session with him.

An impromptu dinner

Bette visits Matteo again and tells him about a great opportunity. Suddenly, Matteo’s mother turns up and invites Bette inside for dinner. Bette needs more drugs; she’s afraid of screwing up for Sienna. The series continues to show Bette abusing herself, and manipulating others to get far. Bette joins the family, and she’s welcomed warmly; she loves the food and is slightly embarrassed.

Feel again

Sienna and Nabil practice together in a private session. She wants him to show love in his dance moves. Nabil claims love is in a hospital bed ten minutes away. Sienna claims she sees a boy who wants joy from dancing. Nabil puts more passion into the routine. Afterward, Nabil cries because he’s starting to feel things in dancing again. The character is showing suppressed emotions.

Sexual harassment

June is doing well in her job, making plenty of money as a hostess at a VIP lounge. Travis persuades June to get into the pool and then he touches her inappropriately. She’s flagrantly uncomfortable, and she gets out of the pool.

Later on in the episode, Monique tells June to write her own story with her body and push back; or someone else will. “Joie de Vivre” gives a story about female empowerment.

Bette still needs more pills

After a warm evening, Bette checks out Matteo’s guitars. He’s made them himself. Bette kisses Matteo and asks for some more pills. Matteo tells her that the pain she is feeling is her body telling her something is wrong. Bette walks out, upset. Her emotional manipulation did not work this time.

Afterward, Bette visits Cassie in the hospital. Cruz asks Bette about the leaked cast list and how she was second — Cruz is putting together a motive. Bette states that Cassie motivated her to do better and that she needed her. “Joie de Vivre” moves to a few suspects; it still feels like a scattershot approach.

How many suspects does Cruz have?

Cruz diverts her attention to Shane; she knows he was falling out with Cassie the night she fell. Shane says he has an alibi; he was with Oren when she fell. He agrees to take questioning. Afterward, Oren is angry at Shane that he has to tell a new story. You have to wonder, if this was a normal investigation, would Cruz be allowed to have this many suspects, or would the case be firmly shut by now?

Cruz investigates Oren and Shane separately. They both have their stories tied up, but Cruz doesn’t give up and begins to find holes.

Music video drama

At the music video shoot, Sienna is not impressed and asks Nabil to do it solo. Neveah argues with her mother after because she’s trying to rebuild her life; she’s moving too quickly. Tyler tells Neveah that she thrives while he doesn’t which has kept him living — he wants Neveah to let her mother love her.

Taking back the shoes

June confronts Travis and asks for her shoes back. Travis threatens to tell everyone about her drugging Cassie. June grabs her shoes back and walks away. Afterward, June is removed from the VIP lounge at her workplace. June returns to the school crying, and Nabil comforts her. The systems are failing the women in this story; despite June trying to take back control.

A break-up

Oren tells Bette that he was covering her back to officer Cruz. He wants them both to tell each other the truth. Bette believes they bring the worst out of each other and breaks up with him. Oren looks broken as she lives in his dorm. Bette heads to the bathroom, smashes painkillers with her shoes, and sniffs them. She then eats food that was leftovers from Matteo’s house.

The ending

Neveah and her mother visit a museum together. They look at a small statue of a ballet dancer. Neveah admits she does need her mother’s help, but she’s worried about how to accept it. Her mother believes she can stand on her own feet as she plans to move back to California. The pair embrace.

June tells Monique that the VIP Lounge is not safe and she’s worried about her friend Paige. Monique rings Mr. Talbot and tells him that they have a problem.

Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 6 is starting to sag a little with the whole “whodunnit” storyline, but the subplots remain strong, and June brings an important story about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Additional points
  • Shane meets a man named Jason, and they hook up. Later, Shane learns that Jason works for one of the school’s board members.

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