Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 5 recap – “Split Sole”

December 14, 2020
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“Split Sole” ups the intensity as another character is now the prime suspect. While the Cassie storyline refuses to budge, the other plot points begin to strengthen.

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“Split Sole” ups the intensity as another character is now the prime suspect. While the Cassie storyline refuses to budge, the other plot points begin to strengthen.

This recap of Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 5, “Split Sole” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Split Sole” opens up with Ramon not impressed with the choreography. Bette attempts to demonstrate, but Ramon isn’t engaging and keeps crushing her. Neveah is alerted as she has a phone call — it’s her mother from a correctional prison; this hits her hard. Tiny Pretty Things Episode 5 brings a different dimension to Neveah’s life that the story has kept hidden so far.

Bad feelings for mother

Shane speaks to Neveah about her mother. She asks not to be judged. Shane reveals he comes from a family of felons, so this is a relatable moment for the characters. Neveah reveals that her grandmother raised her and her brother Tyler, and as far as she’s concerned, her mother can rot in prison. This explains why Neveah is determined to prove herself to the top of the ballet game.

More abuse in the school

Drama comes quickly in “Split Sole”. After acting erratic, Caleb has a seizure. Apparently, he has the date rape drug in his system — it did the opposite; rather than putting him to sleep, it made him act out of control. This is not the first time the rape drug has been used; it was also used on Cassie. Tiny Pretty Things Episode 5 continues to show the strong abuse that is present in the school.

Confront your mother

A nightmare shows that Neveah’s mother was imprisoned because she was protecting her children from a man. She wakes up holding her ballerina figure. She decides to join Shane in bed, so she isn’t alone. Shane tells her to fix the problem and visit her mother; he organizes transport for her. The next day, Neveah meets her mother in prison in a strange but emotional reunion — you can tell she isn’t ready and it’s a theme throughout the chapter.

June’s stash

Caleb reveals he got the drugs from June. Bette raids June’s rooms and finds a stash; Bette accuses June of drugging Cassie to get her off her game — she points out date rape drugs in her stash. “Split Sole” brings in a new suspect. It’s almost like the series is rattling through each character as part of the “whodunnit” theme.

Bette and the faculty officer show Officer Cruz the drug stash that belongs to June.

The mother’s intention

Neveah has a conversation with her mother. She explains the only reason she came to prison is because of Shane. The mother has read the “Future of Ballet” article, and she is proud of Neveah. Her mother then raises how her parole hearing is coming up, and she’d like a statement. Neveah feels used. It’s evident that Neveah is not ready to bond with her mother. On the way home, Neveah explains to Shane about a man named Greg that beat up her brother. She’s angry that her mother brought that man into their home and it took everything from her.

At a party hosted by Ramon, Neveah talks to Tyler about their mother’s parole hearing. She expresses how she’s trying to start a new life. The siblings appear to disagree with each other on their mother.

Bette investigates

Continuing at the party, June admits to drugging Cassie before she fell off the roof. She believes it’s all her fault and that no-one can find out. Meanwhile, Bette is still investigating June and showing the evidence of the fatal night to her friends via social media videos. The whole world is slowly collapsing in on June in “Split Sole”. However, there’s no suggestion that June pushed Cassie. The others defend June and Bette gets irritated. The series continues to move the lead investigator from character to character.

Instilling a threesome

When the party is over, Bette kisses Ramon and Oren and then asks both men to kiss. She’s trying to surprise Ramon as he asked. Oren walks out as he’s feeling hurt, but Bette continues kissing Ramon. He rejects her and tells her to close the door on the way out. The next day, Bette confronts Oren about his secret relationship with Shane. Oren promises to fix it, but this leaves him emotionally damaged as he speaks to Shane about it. Tiny Pretty Things Episode 5 shows how far Bette is willing to go to confront her personal circumstances.

Nabil confronts June

When June returns to the dorms, Nabil confronts her about the date rape drug. He’s furious and tells her that her time will come when she’s at her most vulnerable and that he will let her fall. He leaves her crying against the wall. These are cruel, cold words. Imagine what Nabil will feel when he finds out who actually pushed Cassie?

The parole hearing

Neveah’s mother attends her parole hearing. Surprisingly, Neveah shows up with a cold face on her. The mother explains the situation with Greg and how she regrets killing him — she expresses how she wants a chance to do what’s right. “Split Sole” shows an impossible situation; a mother who protected her children which led to unforgivable situations and created more than one victim.

Save June

Caleb tells Nabil that the drugs hadn’t hit Cassie yet when she fell and that if they don’t do anything, June will be arrested. Nabil claims he doesn’t care. Caleb reminds him how Nabil was the prime suspect, so telling Cruz that it wasn’t June would be a powerful thing. “Split Sole” is showing how Caleb has quickly changed his friendship with Nabil; it’s no longer toxic, but now it is supportive.

An impactful statement

Neveah decides to give an impact statement in the parole hearing — she credits her mother for being a dancer. She gives an emotional statement to the judges and claims that they are punishing her mother and keeping her a victim — she asks for mercy. Neveah is showing strong character development here, which is a credit to the writers. This character has shown different sides to her personality since Episode 1.

The ending

Caleb and Nabil tell Cruz that June had nothing to do with Cassie’s fall. They tell her she cannot afford to make another mistake in the investigation, and they want to show her a timeline of what happened that night via social media.

As the episode nears the end, Ramon tells Bette to do solo in class. He tells her to explore and compliments her movements. She’s finally made a breakthrough with Ramon.

Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 5 ups the intensity as another character is now the prime suspect. While the Cassie storyline refuses to budge, the other plot points begin to strengthen.

Additional points
  • June is struggling with money, and she’s broke; she’s trying to sell things. Esmé finds June a job to help her out. She serves drinks at a party.

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