The Uncanny Counter Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – uncovering an environmental cover-up

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 20, 2020 (Last updated: December 3, 2023)
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Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter episode 8


Episode 8 is a marked improved from the last chapter, injecting pace into the story and delving into the crux of the issue, peeling the layers for more clues to the conspiracies.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series The Uncanny Counter Season 1 Episode 8 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 8 begins with the scene that the last episode finished on; a truck driven by Noh Chang-yu hits the counters. He believes he has killed them, arrogantly leaving the vehicle, but then he is faced by them moments later. Ga Mo-tak looks at Noh Chang-yu with anger in eyes, so the henchman quickly drives off. Meanwhile, Wi-gen, Su-ho and others fell over in Yung due to the incident. This is already a better episode than the previous; you can sense the energy early on.

Dealing with the uncle

Meanwhile, Song Man-ho, who is hosting a level two spirit, is spending his time hurting a man and seemingly enjoying himself. Ha-na turns up and starts fighting him; the uncle is bemused to why she’s attacking.

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As the other Counters show up, Ha-na wants to handle the situation herself. Meanwhile, Ms Chu heals the man who has been hurt. Song Man-ho is apologetic, but Ha-na is not ready to play games. Flashbacks begin to upset her as she remembers her past with the uncle. One of the main strengths of this series is that all the characters have a past they try and bury. It’s impossible to bury a painful past, and each character deals with it in their own unique way.

Dealing with the afterlife

So Mun does the honours and removes the evil spirit from the man, and the usual process follows. Wi-gen and So Mun in Yung reassure a man named Mr Han that was wronged by the evil spirit. It’s an emotional and peaceful transition. This series really does enjoy the prospect of life after death. It’s one of its unique selling points.

Dealing with the police

Ha-na retrieves the employee badge of Mr Han and heads to the police stations at the station. She sees the girls (Dan-o and Dan-bi) she saved in a previous episode; they have found a new place via social services. Afterwards, Ha-na is slightly dismissive and she wants to eat. She appears emotionally exhausted by dealing with her uncle. While eating, she remembers her sister Ha-yeong and apologises to her — she sobs into her meal. The next day, Song Man-ho is arrested by the police.

Ga Mo-tak goes rogue

Now that is over, the Counters deal with the reservoir and Taesin Group. The question is, how can they prove the murder of So Mun’s parents? Ga Mo-tak heads to the Taesin Group offices and asks the security guard for the whereabouts of Noh Hang-gyu. He attacks the security guard and Gi-ran in Yung is wondering why he’s using his powers — he’s meddling in human affairs. He finally reaches Noh Hang-gyu’s office and casually sits in a chair. Noh Hang-gyu asks Ga Mo-tak to get straight to the point.

Ga Mo-tak raises how Noh Hang-gyu has hurt many lives and that he knows Kim Yeong-nim’s body is in the reservoir and that he vows to find it, even if that means draining it. When Ga Mo-tak leaves, Noh Hang-gyu tells Noh Chang-yu that Ga Mo-tak believes it’s an actual reservoir.

What if the reservoir dried up?

So Mun talks to Ung-min and Ju-yeon about his father and the investigation of the reservoir in the notebook he found. Ju-yeon looks into it for So Mun and believes that the reservoir may have existed, but then it dried up. This a classic 101 investigation in The Uncanny Counter episode 8.

Many moving parts

Episode 8 then injects pace as the Counters get closer to the truth to the “reservoir”. Meanwhile, Kim Jeong-yeong leads on the task force to find Cheong-sin. At the police station, Baek Hyang-hui, who is possessed by an evil spirit, goes crazy when she sees a wanted poster of Cheong-sin. She manages to free herself from the police using her super-strength, but she cannot evade the tasers.

Uncovering a scandal

The Counters reach their location and find the numbers So Mun’s father wrote in his notebook. They find the road from the video, and So Mun states his father was once here. They scour the location looking for clues to find Kim Yeong-nim’s body from 7 years ago. Ga Mo-tak notes that the groundwater is contaminated. They see that the garbage water is flowing into the city’s water supplier. This is a scandal of all scandals. They’ve found illegal dumping.

The ending

After the investigation, So Mun spends time with his grandparents. Ung-min and Ju-yeon join them for a meal. It’s the memorial ceremony for So Mun’s parents. The family and friends gather around the ceremony and perform a ritual.

Later in the night, Cheong-sin is spotted by the police, so Kim Jeong-yeong heads to their location. They drive by So Mun’s place. So Mun remembers his parents and promises to find the person responsible for their deaths. As he walks away from the flowers he laid down, he senses someone walking behind him, and he sees Cheong-sin. The evil spirit laughs in his face.

The Uncanny Counter episode 8 is a marked improved from the last chapter, injecting pace into the story and delving into crux of the issue, peeling the layers for more clues to the conspiracies. This k-drama series definitely serves better with pace, rather than toiling over the plot points.

Additional points
  • Gi-ran is frustrated in Yung — she wants to be reincarnated, but the Counters keep breaking the rules.
  • Mayor Shin Myeong-hwi announces a war against violent crimes in a press conference.

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