Who is Christina Catechis? Actress Explained

September 11, 2023 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Who is Christina Catechis - Actress Explained

Who is Christina Catechis? We discuss the actress after her recent performances in film and TV. 

It can be a hard job getting a break in the Hollywood film machine. History is littered with stories, many true and many not, about the rise of performers who dream of fame and fortune on the silver screen.

One of the elements that does seem to feature in a lot of these tales is luck. Being in the right place at the right time and finding a role that gives your profile the boost it needs to kick-start a career.

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For every rising star that makes it, there are a thousand that never will. The best you can do is to keep on fighting, in the hope that one day an opportunity will arise that sends you stratospheric.

Christina Catechis has a few roles under her belt, and although talented and hard-working, it does feel as if she is still waiting for a big break.

Most recently, you will have noticed her in the theatrically released No Hard Feelings with Jennifer Lawrence, but eagle-eyed fans may recognize her from some other productions.

So, if you are a fan, then we invite you to relax with this quick article as we answer the question: Who is Christina Catechis?

Who is Christina Catechis, and where is she from?

Christina is an actress who has appeared in film and television productions. Although hard to verify, we assume Christina is from New York.

Oddly, there is not an awful lot of information available on the actress online, but we tried our best.

How old is Christina Catechis, and where was she born?

Christina was born in New York City on May 27th, 1991, making her 32 at the time of writing.

What movies and TV Shows is Christina Catechis known for?

Back in 2014, Christina appeared in an episode of the oddly named Momsters: When Moms Go Bad. A couple of short films appear next on her resume, including basketball drama High Hoops in 2015 and Silenced in 2016.

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In 2017, a role in the TV series Street Justice: The Bronx would find her playing Lucy before securing a role in the 2018 production The Martyr Maker starring Tom Sizemore.

In 2019, Christina appeared as Bambi in two episodes of the TV series The Deuce.

2020 would bring some more work with a role in the series Little America. In 2022, you could catch her briefly in Somewhere in Queens, and that would lead to an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, playing Linda in a single episode.

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The theatrically released rude comedy No Hard Feelings featured her as the waitress, and the 2023 fantasy-based TV series, set in an alternate New York City, The Changeling, brings you up to speed with Christina’s roles.

Can you find Christina Catechis on socials?

You can follow Christina on Instagram @christinacatechis.

There also seems to be a Facebook page and, of course, a small entry on IMDb.

If you look quickly at YouTube, you should be able to find her acting reel on the platform.

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