Who is Morgana Van Peebles? Actress Explained

September 15, 2023
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Who is Morgana Van Peebles - Actress Explained

Who is Morgana Van Peebles? We discuss the actress after her recent performances in Film and TV Shows.

Every now and then, a talented actor will find their way into the trend spotlight, and film fans will start to seek out their work. Morgana Van Peebles is one such actor, an American born into a family heavily involved in the film industry and appearing in the high-profile series Wilderness from Prime Video.

The show, which also stars unkillable Doctor Who companion Jenna Coleman and haunted house expert Oliver Jackson-Cohen, will no doubt help boost Morgana’s profile, and we thought we would also give her a boost with a short article.

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So, if you are a fan, then relax for two minutes as we bring you up to speed with who is Morgana Van Peebles.

Who is Morgana Van Peebles?

Morgana Van Peebles was born in Los Angeles on December the 6th, 1997. If the name sounds familiar, you might be thinking of her father, who is the actor and director Mario Van Peebles.

The Mexican-born director was born in 1957, and you might remember him from films such as Heartbreak Ridge and New Jack City, which he also directed.

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Morgana looks set to follow in her father’s footsteps, already finding her way in the entertainment industry. Morgana speaks fluent French, dabbles in Spanish, and made her first appearance on the silver screen at the tender age of four.

Since then, she has found work in TV and film and has worked extensively with her father.

Where is Morgana Van Peebles from?

Morgana was born in Los Angeles in the US.

Who are Morgana Van Peebles’ parents?

Morgana’s dad, Mario Van Peebles, we have already discussed, as he is a well-known and respected actor and director. Mario has been married twice; his first wife was Lisa Vitello, and the union would bring forth two children.

He would eventually divorce, then remarry, his second wife being Chitra Sukhu Van Peebles, and have three children together.

Chitra is also affiliated with the media, being an actress and model and teaching Yoga on the side.

Chitra is the mother of Morgana, and all five of Mario’s kids are in the entertainment industry.

What Movies and TV Shows is Morgana Van Peebles known for?

In 2001, Morgana, at a very young age, would play the daughter of Malcolm X in the movie Ali. In 2009, she appeared in a short called Bring Your A Game, and then in 2012, would find a role in the R-rated We The Party.

In 2016, TV work would come calling, and Morgana would appear in three episodes of Chasing Shadows. This would lead to her role as Garvey in the TV show Superstition in 2017.

In 2018, she would find herself being directed by her father in the movie Armed, and in 2020, she would have a guest part in the TV series Power. In 2022, there would be another short, The Lifted, and in 2023, she would play Kendra in the odd thriller You’re Killing Me.

The Wilderness, also in 2023, brings you right up to date.

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