10 TV Shows like Doctor Who you must watch

By Kieran Burt
Published: July 17, 2023 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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10 TV Shows like Doctor Who you must watch

We discuss 10 TV shows like Doctor Who you must watch. Add these well-recommended and thrilling series to your watch list.

Doctor Who follows the titular Doctor as he protects the Earth from all kinds of different threats, like the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and much much more. The franchise has established a tradition of recasting the Doctor every so often, called regeneration in-universe, which has helped to keep the franchise alive since it first started in 1963.

It blends sci-fi, horror, and humor together in a brilliant fashion, telling several profound stories during multiple seasons.

If you’re looking for other programs with similar sci-fi, horror, and comedy, here are ten shows like Doctor Who you must watch.

10 TV Shows like Doctor Who

Loki (2021)

The Marvel Studios show Loki, in some ways, is like Doctor Who but with a grander budget and stars many people’s dream Doctor, Tom Hiddleston.

Here he plays the titular trickster Loki as he encounters the Time Variance Authority, responsible for maintaining the proper flow of time. They task him with finding Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), a female Loki variant who’s trying to bring the organization down.

Star Wars franchise (1977)

The Star Wars franchise is an integral part of pop culture, with its space travel, grand politics, and aliens all forming a huge and expansive universe that any fan of sci-fi should check out.

Stranger Things (2016)

Set in the alternative 1980s, the series follows the inhabitants of the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Because the Hawkins National Laboratory decided that it would conduct illegal experiments with the supernatural instead of following U.S Department of Energy guidelines, they accidentally open an alternate dimension called Upside Down, which is full of hostile beings that attack the town.

The Expanse (2015)

A sci-fi thriller based on the book of the same name, The Expanse is set 200 years into the future, where humanity has conquered the Solar System. It follows a young woman, a hardened detective, and a rogue captain as they try to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.

The show has a mature tone, featuring war crimes, child experimentation, and also attempted genocide, but that shouldn’t discourage anyone from giving it a watch.

The X-Files (1993)

Following two FBI special agents, Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), they investigate unsolved and unusual cases, usually involving the supernatural or paranormal.

Star Trek franchise (1966)

Another hugely popular franchise, Star Trek, shows many different alien species in the galaxy as they attempt to coexist peacefully. Audiences primarily follow a group of human and alien protagonists from the United Federation of Planets as they serve aboard their ship, the most famous being the U.S.S Enterprise.

A couple of notable figures are Captain Kirk (originally played by William Shatner) and Captain Jean Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart).

Battlestar Galactica (2004)

A reboot of the 1978 original TV show Battlestar Galactica shows audiences a future where humans are at war with the Cylons, a race of robot humans created in a distant star system. A sneak attack by the Cylons forces what’s left of humanity to flee on a makeshift fleet, with the Battlestar Galactica at its core. Now, they must search for a new home.

Westworld (2016)

Westworld is set in a dystopic future, where there are several “theme parks” populated with humans. One such park, Westworld, has the theme of the Old American West, which is where the show takes place.

These parks are run by robots called hosts and are indistinguishable from humans. In the first season, Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) implements a new update that causes some hosts to become sentient.

Legion (2017)

David Haller (Dan Stevens), the son of Professor X, has suffered from schizophrenia since a young age and has been moved to various different psychiatric hospitals.

His adoptive sister, Amy Haller (Katie Aselton), moves him to another one, where Haller has a bad encounter with a patient and is forced to consider that there may be more to him than just mental illness.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016)

Set in the same universe as The CW’s Arrow and The Flash shows, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow follows a time-traveling Time Master called Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) as he assembles a team of superheroes and villains to save his wife and son after they were killed by the immortal tyrant Vandal Savage (Casper Frederik Crump).

Do you have any other recommendations for TV Shows like Doctor Who? Let us know in the comments.

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