Bridgerton season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Swish”?

December 25, 2020
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If you thought the drama had peaked, “Swish” swats that notion aside with more steaminess and twists to slap the audience into excitement.

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If you thought the drama had peaked, “Swish” swats that notion aside with more steaminess and twists to slap the audience into excitement.

This recap of Netflix’s Bridgerton season 1, episode 6, “Swish” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Swish” opens up with Duke and Duchess of Hastings beginning their new life and enjoying the honeymoon after their wedding. They arrive on their estate and are greeted by their team of servants. With an itinerary drawn up, Simon disregards it to take his new wife, Daphne, to the bedroom. There’s plenty of that in “Swish”.

Colin announces the engagement with Marina

During a garden party, Colin announces that he is engaged to be married to Marina Thompson. Penelope looks on, and she is distraught. Anthony and Lady Violet Bridgerton had no idea of the news but acted normal. Anthony privately discusses the issue with Colin, and he’s angry at the rushing. Colin accuses Anthony of not being able to form true attachments and that he does not need his brother’s permission to get married; he wants Anthony’s blessing, but it is not given. Anthony now has another sibling to focus on and exert his control over; he really does like to make it complicated for his family.

Round two is paused

At the Hastings Estate, Simon wants round two of sex, but Daphne wants to meet the head maid and enjoy the tour. Meanwhile, Simon has to go over his finances. As Daphne enjoys the tour, she sees the former Duchess (Simon’s mother) on the wall in a painting. The head maid then shows Daphne the nursery; this impacts her because they cannot have children, or so it seems…

Plenty of sex for the viewers

If you are attracted to either Simon or Daphne, then the next few scenes will not disappoint as it delves into 1800s sexual fantasies.

At dinner, Daphne explains to Simon how she’s impressed with the estate. They decide to move next to each other on the table; it was very formal before, and the servants are confused as to why they do not want to keep to the formalities. Daphne tells him that she wants to redecorate and asks Simon if he has any sentimental attachments. But Simon does not care, and he’s extremely horny; he takes her outside for sex in the rain. The second half of this series really enjoys its steamy sex scenes. The next five minutes see scene after scene of the characters having sex on every inch of the estate. But, if you do not realize it here, it’s evident that Simon is using the “pull out” game.

Now I’m not sure if humans were aware of this technique during the 1800s, but for the sake of the drama and well-written story, it’s worth suspending your disbelief.

Penelope is disappointed

Marina tells Penelope that she’s been a true friend since she arrived and doesn’t want her to judge her. Penelope does not condone her actions, and she is clearly disappointed. Marina asks her to be her friend.

Enjoying the local area

Simon and Daphne decide to visit the market and enjoy social events. One of the locals explains that farmer’s rent has tripled in the area; Daphne tells the local man that they will find a solution to the difficulties. At one point, Daphne holds a young girl, and you can tell she was broody. She asks Simon afterward if it pained him to see her with a child and that she does not feel like she wants children once in the presence of them. Simon is thrilled that she is satisfied with their married life. Oh, how this backfires.

Two families get together

The Bridgerton and Featherington family get together for dinner after the announcement of the Colin and Marina engagement. Anthony states he believes a lengthier engagement would be better for his brother as he is young. Penelope is getting angrier the longer this engagement is going on. Privately, Penelope tells Colin that Marina’s heart yearns for another person. Colin thanks her, but he does not seem to care that Marina has loved another man before him and asks her not to fret. Marina breaks up the conversation, and Colin tells Marina they can flee to Scotland and get married sooner — Marina loves the idea.

The village is mismanaged

Simon is stressed about the management of the estate and the local area. Daphne plans to visit some tenants and deliver gift baskets. Later on, Daphne picks flowers with a servant, and the head servant Mrs. Colson is confused that she is not asking her staff to do the tasks. Daphne believes that Mrs. Colson despises her.

The village is not happy with Daphne

Daphne tries giving out baskets to the tenants as gifts, but they are not accepting it. She finds a heavily pregnant mother and offers to carry the basket for her. The mother tells Daphne that she’s offended the village over the pig competition and not picking a winner, which means that a farmer did not win a contract. It serves comedic value how the Duchess does not understand the cogs of her new community, and it works within the confines of the episode.

Speaking with Mrs. Colson

Daphne has a private meeting with Mrs. Colson and admits she has made missteps. She tells her that the Duke is not at ease on the estate. Mrs. Colson explains how Simon’s childhood wasn’t the best upbringing; she talks about how the former Duchess died after birth after trying to have a baby for years. This is the start of Daphne figuring out what her husband is actually doing.

Forged letters

During the night, Penelope sees that Lady Featherington has forged the letters from Marina’s lover George. She tells Marina about it. Marina tells Penelope that the forged letters change nothing and she burns them with a candle. Penelope is also shocked that Marina is fleeing with Colin, and she fears how he will react when he finds out she is pregnant. Marina senses that Penelope loves Colin and tells her that Colin sees her as a wife. Marina gives her the full truth of the matter which breaks Penelope’s heart. While Bridgerton keeps on mulling over this story, because of the arc that involves Daphne and Simon, this subplot has not been served as well. It feels too much like a side story.

Duke loves to pull out

“Swish” couldn’t help itself, and it sneaks in another sex scene between Daphne and Simon, but this one has consequences. As we suspected earlier in the chapter, Simon is definitely using the “pull out game” when he ejaculates. Daphne speaks to servant Rose and asks how a woman gets pregnant. Rose explains to her how it happens. Daphne can have children with Simon, but it seems Simon doesn’t want them. After dinner, Simon tries initiating sex with Daphne, but she pretends to be asleep. This changes everything in the story, and it’s a pivotal twist that we saw coming, but it’s Daphne’s reaction that is important.

Daphne tries it on top

The next day, Daphne solves the pig issue for the farmers, but she’s still upset about Simon’s secret. Later in the evening, Simon invites Daphne to bed. Daphne imitates sex with Simon, but this time she uses her newfound sex skills to get on top to trap him into e*********g inside her. He gives in and doesn’t try and roll over to pull out as she’s clearly keeping the position firm. Daphne looks at him with a disappointed face and walks off. Simon has clearly taught her too much; he shouts after her, but she turns around and says, “I had hoped it was not true”.

Daphne believes their trust has been broken, and when Simon says he cannot give her children, Daphne marks the difference between “cannot” and “will not”. It explodes into an argument. Simon tells her he was prepared to die on the dueling field; Daphne raises how she felt pity for him, and she doesn’t believe he loves her. The one thing she wanted was family and children, and she believes Simon took advantage of her. At this stage, audiences will be asking what this means for the couple.

The ending

The next morning, Colin learns that Marina Thompson has a child. Their trip to Scotland has been stopped. Meanwhile, Daphne and Simon are now sleeping in separate bedrooms. Simon is in the bad books already. The one hope he has is that he has a devil d*ck.

If you thought the drama had peaked, then Bridgerton season 1, episode 6 swats that notion aside with more steaminess and twists to slap the audience into excitement.

Additional points
  • Penelope cries in Eloise’s arms after she feels heartbroken.

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