Bridgerton season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Oceans Apart”?

December 25, 2020
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“Oceans Apart” continues the momentum, securing a consistent run of dramatic chapters, ensuring that this story will become a staple and spoken about series on the streaming service. The penultimate chapter is not explosive, but it is decisive and leaves much to the imagination for the ending.

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“Oceans Apart” continues the momentum, securing a consistent run of dramatic chapters, ensuring that this story will become a staple and spoken about series on the streaming service. The penultimate chapter is not explosive, but it is decisive and leaves much to the imagination for the ending.

This recap of Netflix’s Bridgerton season 1, episode 7, “Oceans Apart” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Oceans Apart” opens with Daphne playing the piano, but then she hears Simon participating in pigeon shooting. She opens the doors so he can hear the piano; they are annoying each other on purpose — they are in love but doing anything to be at war with each other. At dinner, it’s incredibly tense, and Daphne tells Simon she doesn’t want to return to his bed. Daphne reminds him it is customary for the wife to have her own chambers once the honeymoon period is over. She then accuses Simon of lies and deception, but before they can continue the conversation, she receives a message that her brother has been embroiled in a scandal and she needs to return. This marriage turned sour really quick, but it’s more born out of frustration than hatred.

A scandal that festers through the town

With the scandal regarding Marina and Colin festering through the town, and Thompson feeling slightly ousted due to being dishonored, both families are in a precarious position.

Colin wants to visit Marina, but Lady Violet and Anthony advise against it. Daphne joins the family cause to help out. Daphne believes her return will give the town something to talk about with her and the Duke. Colin is frustrated, and Daphne calls Marina a stranger. Daphne offers to be a chaperone so Colin can visit Marina. “Oceans Apart” demonstrates how quickly Daphne has grown to be a useful member of the family now she’s a Duchess.

Simon and Daphne remain passionate for each other

As for Simon, he is busy boxing with Will (obviously); his friend can sense his frustrations over his marriage. Simon returns to the Hastings home and asks Daphne if she’s still awake. Daphne asks Simon to join the luncheon with her to support her brother. She then asks where he has been and implies that Simon has been disloyal with other women.

Simon approaches her and asks if she truly believes that their marriage is over, but he says it intensely, knowing full well it isn’t. The two end up kissing on the staircase, and Simon gives her oral; it’s obvious they have missed being apart. But when Daphne suggests continuing in the bedroom, Simon says, “If you are with child, then I shall stay and do my duty to support you both” — Daphne asks what if she isn’t, and Simon states, “Then we shall remain married in name only”. His words hurt Daphne, and she walks off. There may be passion between them, but the problems remain the same.


The next day, Daphne acts as a chaperone for Colin and Marina so they can talk to each other. Marina confirms she is pregnant and Colin feels betrayed; Marina does not want to be shamed and admits that she did not know better. She gets emotional and believed she had no choice. Colin believes he was tricked and tells her that if he knew about the secret before the deception, he’d have married her. He then leaves. Marina’s life is in a dangerous place in “Oceans Apart” — she’s steps away from being on the streets.

Queen’s luncheon

Simon and Daphne attend the Queen’s luncheon; the Queen asks Simon and Daphne if they are having children yet and tells them to update her as soon as possible. The tension between Daphne and Simon is evident. Afterward, the Queen asks Eloise who Lady Whistledown is. She wants her to hurry up and find out.


And then the Featherington family shows up, and conversations start to lower; their reputation appears to be ruined. Eloise tells Penelope that Lady Whistledown has taken it too far this time. Lady Featherington tries to speak to Lady Violet Bridgerton, but she walks off. The Featherington family is then asked to leave. Eloise and Daphne are dismayed by the treatment of the family by the community.

I wanted more advice

In a private area in the garden, Lady Violet Bridgerton can tell something is troubling Daphne. She wants to help, but Daphne asks her why she never prepared for married life. Daphne is anguished and in pain, but Lady Danbury enters the fray, and the conversation is quickly over.

Daphne’s offer

Daphne visits Marina and apologizes to her; she states she understands her. Marina talks about George and how he was perfect. Daphne wants to know what station George fights for so she can help him be found. She wants Marina to have a better life because she feels she deserves it. Daphne sees herself in Marina — it’s obvious; there are similarities, but Marina ended up with the short straw.

Ladies night

Daphne attends a ladies’ night organized by Lady Danbury; it involves gambling and drinking. At the table, Daphne speaks to a general’s wife and wonders if she can help find George.

Marina tells Daphne that the general will not entertain a letter from a Duchess and that it needed signing from a Duke. She thanks her for the efforts.

Arguing over households

While having a drink, Anthony talks to Simon about his sister. He tells him that he’s f*cking up the marriage already. Simon tells Anthony that he breaks all his promises. Anthony thinks it’s a shame that due to his father, Simon does not want to lead a household. Simon states that Anthony’s father would be ashamed. The men end up in a fight, but they are soon split up. Are these two even best friends? It’s almost like they hate each other at this point.

A vow

Daphne returns home drunk, and she sees Simon tending to wounds. He claims he has been training too tough with Will. Daphne offers to tend to his cuts which leads to intimacy between them, and despite all the arguing, they kiss. Daphne tells Simon that a child will be a blessing, so he pushes her off. Simon tells her he swore a long time ago that he would never have a child — he made a vow that he would never continue the Hastings line due to his father. Daphne reminds Simon that he made a vow to her and she is dismayed that this is a revenge plot. Simon does not believe his vow on his father’s deathbed can be undone. Daphne states they will be miserable for the rest of their lives, and apart.

She’s obviously feeling rejected and hurt that Simon’s revenge is more important than the love he has for her.

Queen’s concert

Before the Queen’s concert, Daphne looks at herself in the mirror, and she entertains herself that she might be pregnant. At the event, Benedict tries to speak to Sir Granville; Granville tells Benedict that he’s in love with Lord Wetherby and that he risks his life every day for “love” by masking it with a marriage. He explains how difficult it is in love outside the traditions of society. Sir Granville tells Benedict that he’s all talk. “Oceans Apart” gives a slight story about being gay in the 1800s; it’s only a subplot that is touched on lightly and would have benefitted from being expanded.

Eloise tells the Queen that Lady Whistledown is a tradesperson. The Queen tells Eloise that she is hiring someone else to find Lady Whistledown and silence her, which shocks her. When Eloise leaves the concert, she believes she has found the ultimate clue to Lady Whistledown.

The ending

Back at the concert, Anthony sees Siena, who appears to be with another man. During the performance, Simon holds Daphne’s hand. Suddenly, she becomes emotional and walks off. Meanwhile, Penelope checks up on Marina, and she is on the floor unconscious; she’s tried getting rid of her unborn baby.

Daphne checks on herself, and she is bleeding. She’s had a period. She cries in her mother’s arms. As she sobs, Simon’s eyes fill up as he watches the concert. It’s a gutting moment for Daphne, and it could potentially mean that her and Simon’s marriage will only be in the name.

Bridgerton season 1, episode 7 continues the momentum, securing a consistent run of dramatic chapters, ensuring that this story will become a staple and spoken about series on the streaming service. The penultimate chapter is not explosive, but it is decisive and leaves much to the imagination for the ending.

Additional points
  • Will is asked to throw his next fight as part of a scam, but he doesn’t want to throw his honor. The scam will sort Will and his family for life.

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