Story Recap – what happened in Bridgerton season 2?

March 25, 2022
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This is a story recap of Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Story Recap – what happened in Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2?

Episode 1-2

In the first episode of Bridgerton season 2, we see that Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest sibling and head of the Bridgerton household, grows intent on marrying as a way to fill his duties. Whilst he isn’t exactly looking for love, he expects perfection from his wife-to-be. In the meantime, the Sharma family, consisting of Lady Mary and her two daughters Kate and Edwina, arrive in London. The replacement of the head of the Featherington family, Lord Jack also arrives. And much like the Sharma family, he comes with secrets.

As Lady Whistledown continues to print letters, members of the high society speculate whether Lady Whistledown is actually one of them. With gossip from Lady Whistledown growing, Queen Charlotte is eager to learn who she is. Anthony and Kate soon come to odds. And when Edwina gets chosen as the diamond, Kate makes it vocal that she finds Anthony an unsuitable match for her younger sister. As for why Edwina is the diamond, it’s purely as a way for Queen Charlotte to use her in an attempt to learn the identity of Lady Whistledown. Speaking of, Eloise wonders whether she has found the print shop that Lady Whistledown uses.

Episode 3-4

Whilst courting Edwina, Anthony and Edwina continue to fight their feelings for each other. Anthony’s reasoning comes from his father’s death. Flashbacks detail Violet’s grief at Edmund’s death, which Anthony saw front and center, making him vow to never find true love in fear of the grief that it may cause. However, Kate reveals that once Edwina and Anthony marry, she will return to India. After Lord Jack makes himself comfortable in London, he comes clean to Portia that he is broke. And so, the pair decide to use fake rubies to rebuild their missing wealth.

Episode 5-6

Once news of Anthony and Edwina’s engagement spreads, Edwina’s grandparents, The Sheffields, arrive in London. With clear animosity, there’s an argument during dinner. In the aftermath, Edwina learns about the trust fund The Sheffields have set up for her, only for it to be removed when Anthony disinvites them from the wedding. Lord Jack and Portia sell ruby necklaces, although Portia makes it clear that she does not want the Bridgerton family to be victims of the crime. 

Queen Charlotte plants fake rumors in a bid to pick out Lady Whistledown. And as the wedding starts, Edwina realizes that Anthony and Kate have feelings for each other. Once Edwina storms out of the wedding, she refuses to marry Anthony. Whilst Queen Charlotte believes that she has finally located Lady Whistledown.

Episodes 7-8

Based on her findings, Queen Charlotte accuses Eloise of being Lady Whistledown. In the aftermath, Eloise fears for her future and for the safety of Theo. In a bid to save her friend, Penelope writes an “ugly” story about Eloise, a story that drastically upsets Eloise. Lord Jack’s scheme fails after Colin works out that he is a fraud. Once Colin privately tells Portia about his findings, Lord Jack suggests that he and Portia flee to America. 

Anthony and Kate continue to try and fight their desire for each other. However, in a moment of weakness, the pair have sex. The morning after, with Kate feeling enormous feelings of guilt, she goes horse riding. It nearly results in tragedy when Kate nearly suffers a life-threatening fall. In the time that follows, and fearful for Kate’s health, Edwina forgives her sister for what occurred between her and Anthony. Kate soon regains consciousness, and with a blessing from Edwina, Kate and Anthony dance together before engaging in a romantic relationship. As Portia is aware that Lord Jack doesn’t care about the future of her daughters, she turns on him, keeps the money from the scheme for herself, and sends Lord Jack to America. 

Finally, After Eloise truly “hears” Penelope gossiping for the first time, Eloise realizes that Penelope is Lady Whistledown. Naturally, an argument follows. Eloise tells Penelope that their friendship is over. After a six-month time jump, it gets shown that Anthony and Kate have got married! Ultimately, like he wished to be at the start of the season, Anthony is now married. Whilst Kate, who had originally expressed her wish to remain unmarried, married her true love whilst maintaining the sisterly bond that got threatened throughout Bridgerton season 2.

And that’s the recap of the story — that’s what happened in Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2. What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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