Bridgerton season 2 – who is Theo Sharpe?

March 25, 2022
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This article, ”who is Theo Sharpe,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2. 

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Who is Theo Sharpe in Bridgerton season 2?

Theo Sharpe is a hardworking and morally strong individual who works as an apprentice as a printer’s assistant. He fights for the rights of all people. And he behaves in a way similar to that of a revolutionary. A justice fighter, he forms a bond with Eloise when she embarks on an obsessive mission to uncover the identity of Lady Whistledown. As he works in the print shop that publishes Lady Whistledown’s scandalous articles, Eloise believes that he could shed light on the matter. However, as Theo is more interested in life as a working man, he could not care less about the gossip that the high end of society has grown to torment themselves over.

What does Theo Sharpe do? (spoilers)

Even though Theo Sharpe is not a major character in the second season of Bridgerton, he plays a part in the story of Lady Whistledown. Theo first enters the world of Bridgerton in the second episode of the second season. Eloise, searching for answers regarding Lady Whistledown, enters the print shop, and stumbles across Theo. It, however, isn’t an ideal first meeting. This is because it doesn’t take long before Theo and Eloise are soon bickering with each other. Despite their failure to hit it off on fight meet, the two soon begin to respect the other a little bit more. 

They are soon spending more time together. A fact that causes alarm for Penelope, who fears that Eloise is edging closer to uncovering the truth. Despite the time that Eloise spends with Theo, she feels that she doesn’t fully know him. And so, she attempts to solve the mystery of Theo. But their interactions land Eloise in danger, as when she gets spotted with him, it leads Queen Charlotte to suspect that Eloise is Lady Whistledown. 

The scandal lands both Eloise and Theo in danger, with Eloise blaming herself for the danger that Theo could be in. And then towards the end of the second season, Theo and Eloise almost share a kiss. By the end of Bridgerton season 2, Eloise appears to be no longer in the frame for Lady Whistledown, so could this mean that Eloise could move forward with Theo in the upcoming seasons? Only time will tell. 

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