Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 3 recap – “The Weird”

December 31, 2020
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“Chapter Thirty-One: The Weird” continues the theme with the Eldritch Terrors, but other subplots are also merging into the story as it enters into the second half of the final season.

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“Chapter Thirty-One: The Weird” continues the theme with the Eldritch Terrors, but other subplots are also merging into the story as it enters into the second half of the final season.

This recap of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 3, “Chapter Thirty-One: The Weird” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Chapter Thirty-One: The Weird” begins with the text splashing on the screen: “Two Nights Ago”. Faustus and his team meet the Weird one. Faustus offers his powerful body, but the Weird one says he is too weak. The Weird one wants Sabrina Spellman’s body as she is strong so they can colonize the earth. Ms. Wardwell suggests a Trojan horse. As you can tell by now, the fourth and final season has a theme.

Creating a boyfriend

As for Sabrina Spellman, she’s concocting a potion to create a hybrid between Harvey and Nick. She’s molding a man perfect for her. She placed a red male figurine in a bath that is slowly growing. Sabrina Spellman believes she will have a boyfriend by the weekend. She really is desperate to solve her loneliness — she’s still a teenager. It’s sometimes easy to forget that.

The Eldritch Terrors update

Ambrose updates everyone regarding the Eldritch terrors. He reckons they can predict what’s to come because of Harvey and Roz’s drawings. Prudence tells everyone to kill Faustus immediately if they see him. She knows he’s behind it. Ambrose wants everyone to stay vigilant. But the witches do not appear to have solutions — they are exposed to this and vulnerable.

Date Lucas, Sabrina

A boy named Lucas joins the biology class and sits next to Sabrina. Sabrina is impressed by him and his demeanor. He asks for her number. Sabrina tells Roz she doesn’t want to keep dating around.

You’re a witch, Roz

Marie visits Roz and calls her a witch. Roz is flabbergasted and does not believe it is possible. Marie tells Roz that her guardian spirit should explain it to her. Suddenly, her Nana appears and confirms that it is true — “we Walker women were witches”. The reason they kept it a secret is that they were Christian women. Marie tells Roz that they are at war with the Eldritch Terrors and asks her to see her at the Academy. In the final season, Roz has her most important role.

A date with Lucas

Sabrina has dinner with Lucas. She tells him she doesn’t know who she is anymore. She believes she’s too young to have an existential crisis. After the date, Lucas asks if they can date again. Sabrina seems calmer after this date and goes to bed happier. When she falls asleep, she dreams about Lucas; he talks about how he is the Weird, and she is the “first”. He explains how together they can consume all life. The pair kiss and tentacles wrap around her body. Sabrina wakes up in the bath.

An unplanned birth

It only took three episodes, but Caliban is power-hungry again.

Caliban still has plans to be the King of Hell but feels Lilith is getting in the way. He performs a spell, and suddenly Lilith is heavily pregnant. Lilith asks a minion to help get a baby out. She goes to see Zelda and asks to be saved. A horrific birth ensues with plenty of screaming. The witches try and soothe her and ask her not to fight it. Lilith delivers the baby boy. Lilith calls the baby boy perfect. Zelda thanks the Dark Mother for blessing the birth.

Caliban was trying to explode Lilith’s innards, but he failed — he’s looking for war again.

A strange tongue

In class, Sabrina Spellman keeps on having spurts of pain in her stomach. Lucas offers to drive her home. When they return, Sabrina feels better, and they hook up. Lucas tells Sabrina that her tongue feels really weird — “hard and tough”. Lucas freaks out when he sees her tongue and runs out. Sabrina looks at her tongue in the mirror, and it’s long and pointy. She also has ink sacs in her palms. She’s transforming into a squid creature!

Squid hybrid

Ambrose tells her that like the miners’ dead bodies, she’s turning into a squid hybrid — he tells Sabrina that she may have fallen host to the next Eldritch Terror — Octopoda. Sabrina demands that Ambrose gets it out of her immediately. When he examines her, it is confirmed that the Weird is inside of her.

Drain the witch

Ambrose puts Sabrina under his knife to get it out, but he fails and wants to find another way to prevent killing her. He then comes up with another idea — make her a dehydrated host as the Weird needs water. Nick comes to help. They enlist Sycocrax’s help to drain Sabrina, but Nick is concerned. Sabrina starts retching, and the squid leaves her body, and her tongue is back to normal. Ambrose explains that they were lucky.

Asking for the baby

The Kings turn up at the living realm to get Lilith’s baby after an order from Caliban. Zelda tells them that they are no longer worshipping the Dark Lord. She threatens them with Dark Mother’s power, and then the witches chant and puts The Kings under immense pain — Asmodeus is dead. Lilith is protected, for now.

One of The Kings tells Caliban that the witches now worship Hecate — “They mean war”. With five final chapters left, the fourth season needs to deal with the Eldritch Terrors and a possible war with hell. Juicy stuff.

The weird fooled them

In biology class, the light dims, and Sabrina’s voice changes and everyone is in a trance apart from Lucas who is freaking out. She talks about the Weird and announces that everyone will become their slaves. Meanwhile, Ambrose finds out that the Weird fooled them. Sabrina continues to talk about creating a void and absorbing everyone. Ambrose enters the class and tells Sabrina to fight the Weird.

Rotting the mind

The Weird tells Sabrina that she was the strongest and the weakest. They call her an empty vessel ready to be filled. Sabrina wakes up, and Ambrose updates her — the Weird is now in her brain, connected to her consciousness. Ambrose tells her that the rot witch will give her every disease possible to get rid of it.

The ending

The rot witch gets to work as Sabrina nervously sings as she starts to rot her brain. Nick stays with her to keep her encouraged and focused. Suddenly, Sabrina’s neck snaps back, and the Weird leaves her and enters the squid in the tank. Ambrose asks her if she knows who she is — Sabrina jokingly continues to sing.

As “Chapter Thirty-One: The Weird” ends, Faustus tells Agatha that the next Eldritch Terror is the Perverse.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 3 continues the theme with the Eldritch Terrors, but other subplots are also merging into the story as it enters into the second half of the final season.

Additional points
  • Zelda is struggling without Hilda in the house now that her sister is married.
  • Roz joins Marie and Prudence at the Academy. They call themselves The New Weird Sisters.
  • Roz tells Harvey that she’s a witch.

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