Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 6 recap – “The Returned”

December 31, 2020
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Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 6 - Chapter Thirty-Four: The Returned


While “Chapter Thirty-Four: The Returned” is another Eldritch Terror, it’s also a chapter of some genuine fan service, allowing the characters to engage with their past, plus some music to go with it.

This recap of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 6, “Chapter Thirty-Four: The Returned” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Chapter Thirty-Four: The Returned” opens with Sabrina Spellman talking to the mirror that Sabrina Morningstar walked through and wonders if she is okay. Nick comforts Sabrina Spellman and tells her to trust that she’s okay. The next day, Ambrose states that the cosmos is still coming towards them but not to panic as it may take time to dissipate. His voice does not sound convincing.

The Returned

Hilda visits Lilith who is down in the dumps. She’s holding a fake baby, but Hilda does not realize. At the front door, Vinegar Tom the dog returns, and Zelda is happy. Marie is concerned — the fabric between life and death is upon them; it’s another Eldritch Terror, and the lèmò are coming — the resurrected dead, the Returned. Marie tells them that they must welcome the dead or bad things will happen. She then departs to face the dead’s avatar whom she must face alone. When Marie faces the avatar, it’s Lazarus. Marie starts her game with the avatar — if she loses, the Returned will not return to their graves, and the living and the dead will suffer endlessly.

Satanic Panic

At school, a band that is dead — Satanic Panic — returns to Baxter High. They approach another band and take their rehearsal area and kill them. Later on, Harvey comes across Satanic Panic and asks his father about it. Flashbacks show Lucifer managing the band and making them evil. Harvey’s father believes they were responsible for a student named Peggy’s death. Satanic Panic was supposedly burned to death by Peggy’s father. This is also an excuse for CAOS to bring in some band music!

Many return

Sabrina and Zelda are introduced to Edward, and they are both in shock and emotional. Zelda tells Sabrina to make sure that Edward is comfortable — she believes it is a second chance; the Spellmans back together again. Sabrina feels Edward was nothing like she imagined. Many more people return from the dead as the chapter progresses the first act. The characters adjust and are spooked by their experiences.

Sabrina tries to bond with Edward

Sabrina shows Edward a photo of him and his wife. She reveals herself to be his daughter and tells him that he’s been dead for 16 years old. Edward tells Sabrina that she is not his daughter and that she is birthed from a w***e copulated from the devil. He tries killing Sabrina, but Sabrina intervenes and tells her to leave. Sabrina is shaken by the events, and Zelda comforts her. This is a sad moment for Sabrina, who probably imagined an entirely different scenario.

Dorcas asks Agatha if she killed her

Dorcas, who has returned, asks Agatha if she stabbed her. She believes her sister killed her. Prudence enters the room as Dorcas is about to kill Agatha and stops her.


Hilda meets her husband’s mother. Later on, the mother tells Hilda that she isn’t worthy of her son and tries killing her. Dr. Cerberus has to intervene and lock his mother away. The characters are really struggling with the dead, which puts a lot of pressure on Marie’s shoulders.

Lilith asks for a favor from Caliban

Lilith summons Caliban to the Living Realm and asks about the baby cries that she can hear. She tells Caliban that she wishes Lucifer killed her and asks him to kill her. She wants him to use the Spear of Longinus to break Lucifer’s curse and allow her to die and end her misery. Lilith is tired of warring with Lucifer; she’s tired of living, but “Chapter Thirty-Four: The Returned” does give her another glimmer, another opportunity to provide her with a purpose.

The battle of the bands

Theo tells them that the battle of the bands is canceled. But then Satanic Panic appears and tells Fright Club that the battle of the bands will continue. They tell Harvey that they have his father and when they lose, his father will take their place in Hell. To compete, Theo believes they will need Robin to help and asks Sabrina to summon him.

The band manager

Sabrina asks Lucifer about Satanic Panic. He explains how he was their manager until they all burned to death. Sabrina believes that Lucifer cannot bring Satanic Panic back to Hell, but she wants him to at least bring Harvey’s father back. Lucifer tells Sabrina that she isn’t his daughter and that if Satanic Panic wins, he will give the band a bonus. As usual, Lucifer is petty.

Lilith learns about Lazarus

Caliban returns from Hell with the Spear of Longinus. Her mind is being tormented with baby screams. Lilith worships Hecate, and as she’s about to stab herself, Zelda walks in and tells her about the Returned and how Marie is squaring off against the Terrors’ undead ally, Lazarus. This perks Lilith’s interest and wants to know where the resurrected man is.

Sabrina gets on the microphone

The battle of the bands begins. Meanwhile, Sabrina and the other witches are chanting as Satanic Panic perform. Harvey and the band then perform with Robin on vocals. They sing “Let’s Do the Time Warp Again”. As Lucifer is about to announce a winner, Sabrina comes on stage with her band consisting of Nick, Prudence, and Ambrose — they are named the Dark Mothers. They play “Sweet Child O’ Mine”. “Chapter Thirty-Four: The Returned” is a stocking filler; giving the opportunity to provide some musical numbers for the fans from their characters.

Lilith doesn’t want to play games

Lilith interrupts the game between Marie and Lazarus and explains she seeks a boon from him. She tells him that her baby died and she asks for her baby back. Lazarus tells Marie that if he rolls a 3 or higher, he wins the game, and the living and the dead will be entwined and suffer. He rolls a 3 and Marie is upset. But then Lilith stabs Lazarus in the back. Marie is shocked because Lazarus is immortal, but he still died. Lilith used the Spear of Longinus, the same spear that helped kill the Nazarene, who resurrected Lazarus, which means it could kill the remaining miracles. Lilith tells Marie she didn’t do it for her, but Marie points out that regardless, life and death will triumph over the Returned. Marie tells Lilith she will receive a boon.

This is a new turning point for Lilith, but it leaves the audience wondering what it will mean. What will she do with her boon is the main question.

Winning the Battle of the Bands

Back at the Battle of the Bands and Peggy turns up, coated in blood and dancing with the crowd. She approaches the Satanic Panic and burns them with fire before disappearing. Sabrina declares victory when Lucifer jumps on to the stage. Harvey’s father is freed from the cage. His father is proud of his performance.

The real Marie

Marie tells Zelda that she must stay with the dead when they return to the graves. She reveals her true name is not Mambo Michelle Marie Le Fleur. She is Baron Samedi, a powerful Haitian Ioa, the almighty father of the Gede Ioa, the spirits of death and rebirth. Now that life and death have been resolved, it’s time for Baron Samedi to return to the underworld. She tells Zelda when she leaves this life, and onto the next, she will be there. She gives her a box and tells Zelda if she needs her, shake it. Zelda is feeling betrayed and walks off. This is a devastating moment for the character who had found romance in her life, and now she will have to wait to reunite potentially after she dies.

Dorcas has to leave

Prudence introduces Dorcas to Marie and tells her that she will be going to a better place. Dorcas tells Prudence she doesn’t want to die, but Prudence promises that they will be reunited again soon. Before leaving, she whispers to Agatha and then kisses her. Prudence sobs in pain but then realizes that Agatha is sane again. Agatha explains how Dorcas forgives her, but she doesn’t understand what for. The sisters embrace.

The ending

Lilith hears a child that says “Mama”. She believes it is Adam. Meanwhile, Marie rejoices with the dead and asks them to rest. Vinegar Tom returns even though Marie has rested the dead. It was probably Marie’s parting gift.

While Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 6 is another Eldritch Terror, it’s also a chapter of some genuine fan service, allowing the characters to engage with their past, plus some music to go with it.

Additional points
  • Nick removes Harvey’s father’s memories.
  • Theo tells Robin that he got scared and sent him away. He wants him to stay. Robin agrees to stay.

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