Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 7 recap – “The Endless”

December 31, 2020
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Fans will have expected a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic filled chapter, however, episode 7is courageous and does the opposite, bringing a sinister and imaginative chapter while bringing in the original aunties.

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Fans will have expected a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic filled chapter, however, episode 7is courageous and does the opposite, bringing a sinister and imaginative chapter while bringing in the original aunties.

This recap of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 7, “Chapter Thirty-Five: The Endless” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

“Chapter Thirty-Five: The Endless” opens with Sabrina Morningstar entering the other universe. After, she’s greeted by the cast of Zelda and Hilda from Sabrina The Teenage Witch (STTW). They seem fully aware of the TV audience, and it’s set out like a production set. Faustus is part of the production crew as the director. It isn’t very clear for the character.

Live and work in television

Hilda and Zelda explain to her how they live and work in the hit TV show. The crew is punished for mistakes — three strikes and crew members are sent to a green room and never return. Sabrina Morningstar wonders if this is an Eldritch Terror — she’s extremely confused by the setup. Hilda and Zelda have no idea what she is talking about. Sabrina tries witchcraft, but it doesn’t work. Hilda and Zelda tell her the only witchcraft is the scripts. There’s a sinister approach to this nostalgic trip.

Taking a walk

Sabrina goes for a walk around the sets and learns there is no way out. She’s essentially stuck in a TV production. Sabrina sees if Ambrose’s research is in the books, but when she checks them out, all the pages are blank — they are props. When she goes to bed, she notices an “X” on the floor for production purposes. Her mirror was there that she came through — it is now gone. “Chapter Thirty-Five: The Endless” is going to be more of a memory lane for fans.


The next day, crew member Melvin wakes Sabrina up and tells her she needs to be on set, and gives her a script. Director Faustus is frustrated that she’s late. She notices on the side of the set that the CAOS Hilda and Zelda are there — Ms. Wardwell explains that they are stand-ins. Sabrina gets a strike for getting a line wrong because she got confused that the cat Salem talked. Eventually, Sabrina gets into her lines.

The helpful cat

Afterward, Sabrina Morningstar tries to remember all the Eldritch Terrors but then Salem the cat talks to her on the bed. Sabrina asks for her mirror back and then asks if he knows about the Eldritch Terrors. Salem offers to get her the mirror back. In the next scene on the production set, Sabrina has to kiss Harvey, so she stops looking like a cockroach. He slips a tongue, and she’s confused because in the other universe she isn’t with Harvey — Roz is. Faustus gives her strike two for stopping the scene. Afterward, STTW Hilda tells Sabrina to go with the flow and embrace the show. It’s delightful watching Sabrina Morningstar having to comply with a production set — it feels uncanny but imaginative at the same time.

The same scenes from real life

When the day ends, Sabrina has dinner with Harvey. On the wall, she sees drawings of the Eldritch Terrors. Harvey tells her he got them from the art department. He then suggests that they rehearse together. Sabrina finds the script familiar and senses a memory with Harvey — she knows she’s had this conversation with Harvey before. Sabrina asks Harvey to play previous episodes of the show — the scenes are ‘play by play’ from what happened in her real universe. The sinister approach of “Chapter Thirty-Five: The Endless” is slowly coming to fruition.

Making cat food

Sabrina takes a leap of faith and heads to the Green Room. Ambrose is there, and he tells her that he’s finding a way to fight the Endless, an Eldritch Terror. He’s making cat food. Salem is the Terror — the cat banished Ambrose to the Green Room. Apparently, Salem is bored, and he plays with them — the TV show is under his control. Ambrose does not believe there is anything they can do — he tells her to avoid being Salem’s cat food.

Avoiding the Green Room

The next day, Roz tells Sabrina that the writers have decided that she’s going blind — she’s actually going blind. She’s happy it keeps her with a story arc and beats her going to the Green Room. Sabrina asks CAOS Hilda and Zelda how long they have been stand-ins. They explain that they used to be fan favorites but that they were replaced. Sabrina tries telling them that they are trapped in an Eldritch Terror, but they do not have an idea what she’s talking about. The aunties tell Sabrina that they sleep under the beds of Hilda and Zelda from STTW. Salem has created a hierarchy, and it’s dark.

The void

At night, Sabrina checks under her bed to see Elspeth looking at her. The next day, she sees Caliban and is excited. But Caliban is a crew member and has no idea who she is. He’s head of construction. Caliban tells Sabrina that actors and crew cannot mix. Sabrina then learns that Caliban is building a void for the next episode and tells him to slow down the set’s construction. Caliban is scared about the Green Room.

Warning the others

And then it becomes clear what is happening — it’s confirmed that Sabrina is heading to another Eldritch Terror.

Sabrina asks Harvey for the script pages for the next episode. He takes her to a sleeping Ms. Wardwell, and she has to take the script out of her hands. Meanwhile, Nick is spying on them. Sabrina gathers the cast and crew and tells them that they need to escape before the Void is activated; the Void ends the Endless. The aunties from both shows argue about Sabrina’s claim. STTW aunties explain that this happens every season.

Sabrina asks STTW aunties how they know this if they were replacements. They explain that every other show they have been on this happens. CAOS Zelda asks what shows they are referencing, but STTW Zelda cannot name one. There’s something fishy afoot at this stage of the chapter. It doesn’t feel like our STTW aunties.

The head writer

The next day, Nick has replaced Harvey as… Harvey. The original Harvey has been sent to the Green Room. Sabrina is frustrated and asks Ms. Wardwell and Faustus about the Void. Faustus asks Sabrina to speak to the head writer — CAOS Hilda tells Sabrina that the head writer is in the high school.

Sabrina finds out that Salem is the head writer. She explains to Salem that the Void will devour everything, including the Endless. Salem brushes it off and believes she is talking nonsense. Sabrina shows him the script — the Void arrives on page 29, but there’s nothing on page 30. Salem is going to lose his show. “Chapter Thirty-Five: The Endless” gives Sabrina the opportunity to team up with Salem.


Sabrina is asked to return to the stage and kicks into acting. She reads lines purposefully wrong, and the cast and crew are confused. Salem works with Sabrina and diverts the story. STTW Hilda and Zelda get frustrated. Hilda tells everyone that no-one is leaving until the Void arrives. They are servants of the Void — the entire production team is. Salem gives Sabrina advice on how to escape; STTW Zelda and Hilda chase after them and Salem reads out new lines from the script — “Hilda breaks her ankle/ Zelda suddenly has a sneezing fit”. Salem is controlling the entire universe to help Sabrina.

The ending

When they reach the library, Prudence and Agatha approach Sabrina with knives, but Salem gets them to turn on each other. When they get to the Green Room, Caliban and Ambrose are dead. It’s revealed that Nick is also a servant for the Void — he reminds her that he’s Harvey, her only boyfriend which is creepy. Salem gets Nick to slip on a banana peel.

Sabrina and Salem run through the prop room and smash through the glass mirror where Sabrina came from — the episode ends with “To Be Continued”.

Fans will have expected a trip down memory lane with a nostalgic filled chapter, however, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 4, episode 7 is courageous and does the opposite, bringing a sinister and imaginative chapter while bringing in the original aunties.

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