The Idhun Chronicles season 2 review – a stronger second instalment

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 8, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 2


With it being a stronger instalment, The Idhun Chronicles has given itself longevity.

This review of Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 2 contains no spoilers.

It was only back in September 2020 that we were treated to Season 1 of The Idhun Chronicles — so the turnaround time to bring Season 2 is surprising. One of my main criticisms of the first season is its weak finish, despite having a strong start. It was disappointing that the 5 episodes fell apart by the time it concluded.

But it did leave a story to be continued, and Season 2 gives an earnest effort to keep this universe alive. The Idhun Chronicles Season 2 is a complete installment, and stronger in many ways. Rather than rely on the mythology behind the story, it instead focuses on the relationships between the characters. The opening premise sees Aslan bringing back the Resistance, which means Jack and Victoria are reunited. Laced in the story is an unspoken romance, and the lingering Victoria finding herself in the arms of the enemy. The core story focusing on Victoria’s feelings gives an objective in many ways — how can the characters be unified? How can differences be healed? Victoria represents peace in Season 2. She’s the level-headed one but led by her feelings.

Of course, the overarching story is the fight against Ashran, who is nestled in his tower in Idhun. Lives are threatened, and the characters have to fight back with more strategic thought. Season 2 takes its time to introduce battles, and like above, it focuses on the dialogue and connection between the characters.

With it being a stronger installment, The Idhun Chronicles has given itself longevity — the Netflix anime series always had promise, and it just required a tweak in writing and approach to pull it off. I sincerely hope fans are pleased because there’s something here that can become truly special if they hit the right landing. Do not write this anime series off yet.

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