The Idhun Chronicles season 2, episode 5 – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 8, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 2, episode 5 - Victoria's Light - the ending explained


“Victoria’s Light” brings the emotions full circle for the ending. Like the previous season, it leaves the war still open, which means a more exciting continuation is on its way.

This recap of Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 2, episode 5, “Victoria’s Light” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

The opening

Ashran is disappointed in Gerde for not killing Victoria. He wants to restore the magic in the tower and speaks to Kirtash about it. They also believe defeating Victoria will be difficult now as her powers have been unlocked. But Kirtash has a plan. Kirtash has been brainwashed to believe he cannot have feelings again and denies his new name, Christian, that Victoria gave him.

Kidnapping Victoria

Victoria meets Kirtash in the forest, and he’s not acting his usual self. She has to fight him off and run away. Kirtash puts her to sleep, but then Jack runs outside to help. Jack and Kirtash fight again. Aslan also joins in, but then Kirtash turns into the Shek. As the fight ends, Kirtash takes Victoria with him. She’s now kidnapped and tied down in Ashran’s tower. Ashran tortures her with powers to give more energy to the tower. The ending is really giving another dramatic finale that exceeds the first season. 

Victoria’s true identity

Ashran wants to prove how much power Victoria has and continues trying to activate her. Gerde and Kirtash watch on. Meanwhile, Victoria’s grandmother confirms to Aslan and Jack that Victoria is the Unicorn Lunnaris — a hybrid with a human. Like Kirtash is with Shek.

There’s still hope for Victoria

Kirtash tells Victoria that they are bringing more power to the tower. Victoria feels betrayed. Kirtash tells her he is a Shek and cannot have feelings for her. Victoria tells him she still loves him regardless. She knows deep down that Kirtash has powers, and she is using the last throw of the dice.


Ashran continues extracting energy from Victoria. However, Kirtash comes to her rescue — he couldn’t let her die. On the way out, he has to fight the guards while he saves Victoria. As he nearly gets out, he faces Ashran. Kirtash has to fight off his father while Victoria escapes.

Jack’s true identity

Victoria manages to make it through the portal with an unknown man back to Limbhad. When Jack greets her, the unknown man reveals himself to be Shail. And then there’s another twist — Shail tells Jack that he’s a dragon named Yandrak, which is why he couldn’t hide his true nature from Kirtash. Victoria points out that if he is Yandrak, and she is Lunnaris, then they were destined to meet. They already knew each other.

He’s one of them now

Kirtash makes it to Limbhad, and he’s injured. Jack checks on him. Kirtash is one of them now. Weeks later, Jack sees Victoria’s true form as a Unicorn. Jack tells her he hasn’t formed yet as Yandrak is dormant inside him. He tells her if Kirtash hurts her again, he’ll kill him. The strength in his voice means one thing — he means it.

The ending

Aslan and co want to open the portal to Idhun, but Kirtash doesn’t want to as he vows to protect Victoria from Ashran. Victoria tells Kirtash to open the portal as they need to fight. Kirtash agrees to open the portal, but he will not fight as he’s not part of the Resistance. Kirtash opens the portal, and the group walk through. Victoria asks Kirtash to join him. Kirtash, Victoria, and Jack hold hands and walk through together. Victoria has both people in her life who she loves, but it’s not over yet.

The Idhun Chronicles season 2, episode 5 brings the emotions full circle for the ending. Like the previous season, it leaves the war still open, which means a more exciting continuation is on its way.

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