The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 5 recap – the ending explained

September 10, 2020
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The finale leaves it wide-open but it only just passes the acid test — things would have to deeply improve in the second season.

This recap of Netflix anime series The Idhun Chronicles season 1, episode 5, “Come with me” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Jack continues to fight with Kirtash and then runs off as he feels weaker. Meanwhile, Victoria and Shail are surrounded by serpents and they fight them off with their powers. The finale tries to keep it as action-led as possible.

Serpent magic

Still looking like a serpent, Jack finds Alsan and frees him but then Kirtash finds them and they run away. Meanwhile, Shail comes across a serpent magician and he’s surprised. The pair dual with their magic. The serpent overcomes Shail with magic. Victoria enters the fray.

I’m a monster

As for Jack and Alsan, they are still trying to escape. Alsan is ashamed at the monster that he’s becoming — Jack believes that Shail can reverse it but Alsan refuses to believe he can be helped now.

A proposition

Kirtash then approaches Victoria and he swipes the staff from hand. He looks at her deep in her eyes and tells Victoria that he has to kill her — but he’s hesitating. Kirtash tells Victoria that if she stays in the Resistance she will die and advises that she doesn’t cross his path again and takes the sword away from her face. He asks Victoria to join him by his side and rule Idhun with him as they are so similar — “I exist because you exist”. Elrion arrives on the scene and asks Kirtash if he can kill her. He uses his powers but Kirtash uses his powers to stop it and Shail gets in the way of the energy blast which kills him. Another episode, another tragedy.

The resistance is over

Kirtash then kills Elrion and leaves Victoria crying on the floor. Jack arrives and Victoria sobs, explaining that Shail died trying to save her. Jack and Victoria discuss what they are going to do about Alsan — Victoria feels that the Resistance is finished.

Let me free

Alsan is locked in a room and he asks Victoria to free him as he feels the beast in him will kill them both, sooner rather than later. She frees Alsan and uses the Soul and asks where he would like to go. Jack is disappointed in Victoria for letting him go.

Kirtash tells Ashran that Elrion was not up for the task which is why he killed him but that the Resistance is destroyed and they no longer have their magician. Ashran learns the other two fled but he wants Kirtash to focus on finding the unicorn and the dragon.

The ending

Victoria asks Jack where he’d like to go to find Alsan by using the Soul — she also makes a comment about how enemies mean more to him than his friends. Jack is frustrated at her words and Victoria asks him to leave and not come back. As Jack leaves using the Soul, Victoria collapses from crying. Victoria returns to school and she’s saddened by recent losses and events. When she wipes away the tears, she vows to get revenge on Kirtash herself and bring back the Resistance. The finale leaves it wide-open but it only just passes the acid test — things would have to deeply improve in the second season.

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