Run On episode 10 recap – the importance of listening to each other

January 14, 2021
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Episode 10 brings a whole wave of denial from one relationship, while the other prospective couple takes baby steps and shows the importance of communication.

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Episode 10 brings a whole wave of denial from one relationship, while the other prospective couple takes baby steps and shows the importance of communication.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

The opening

Run On episode 10 starts with Dan-ah and Lee Yeong-hwa arguing over the painting, continuing from the previous episode. Lee Yeong-hwa wants her to know that he’s a human being as well. The conversation turns sour, and Dan-ah calls him a “peasant” — she states she’d rather see him burn if he can’t help her but tells him not to be offended, and keep working hard. Lee Yeong-hwa is dismayed, believing she was different. After the argument, Dan-ah immediately rings around for another artist who doesn’t have a gallery. The story between these two characters is clearly not truly over — the story suggests that Dan-ah has never felt challenged in a romantic sense before.

The bromance between Lee Jeong-hwan and Ki Seon-gyeom continues

Lee Yeong-hwa and Ki Seon-gyeom meet up outside — Yeong-hwa is drinking, and he wants to chat; he explains that it might be his last month in the city as he has no rent money and doesn’t have a roommate. He wants Ki Seon-gyeom to help him with money, and the former athlete accepts. Lee Yeong-hwa then turns the conversation to Dan-ah and asks if she ever walked over him. Ki Seon-gyeom explains he never felt that Dan-ah abused her power. Of course, both men are talking about completely different situations. Dan-ah puts up many walls against Yeong-hwa, which is what is causing the problems.

Oh Mi-joo speaks to May about Ki Seon-gyeom

And there are more trivial romances happening in episode 10. Oh Mi-joo tells May that she believes that dating Ki Seon-gyeom would resolve all their issues. May tells her to stop confessing her issues to her and to speak to Ki Seon-gyeom. She believes it’s the only way to move forward. Oh Mi-joo is evidently scared of rejection — she dreams up many scenarios of what may happen if they date. Oh Mi-joo rings Ki Seon-gyeom and quickly offers to meet and then puts the phone down, but didn’t give a time or date. Eventually, Oh Mi-joo gives him a location and time by text. She’s a hopeless romantic.

Ki Seon-gyeom wants Woo-sik to transfer to another team

Ki Seon-gyeom meets Dan-ah and admits he has been a little frustrated and wants to talk about Woo-sik. He wonders if his friend can transfer to another athletics team. Dan-ah remarks that Woo-sik has little to offer and does not have the same reputation as him. The conversation demonstrates that Ki Seon-gyeom cares a lot about athletes; Dan-ah asks how they can transfer Woo-sik to another team. The pair muse over the idea.

Ki Seon-gyeom puts it all on the table for Oh Mi-joo

And so the scene arrives; Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo have their anticipated meet-up. Ki Seon-gyeom admits that the closer he gets with Oh Mi-joo, the closer he believes that he’s going to lose her — he appreciates her affection a lot. He admits he wasn’t sure she liked him back. He’s putting everything on the line. Oh Mi-joo kisses Ki Seon-gyeom as her answer — she tells him she doesn’t want to be his “one-month” girlfriend. There’s still nervousness to hold each other’s hands as they walk together. There’s plenty to unwrap in this scene; the way that Ki Seon-gyeom brings up his feelings despite it being unnatural for him was a lovely moment. But the nervousness between them has allowed their story to develop; they truly believe they have found something special, which is the cause of their hesitations.

An unexpected visit from Dan-ah

Since her argument with Lee Yeong-hwa, Dan-ah is frustrated and can’t sleep at night. She heads to Oh Mi-joo’s house. There’s bitterness still between them, but they still drink and eat together as if they were good friends. The pair chat and Oh Mi-joo tells Dan-ah that she could be a sociopath. She then wonders why Dan-ah has decided to hang with her. Dan-ah gets into her issues with Lee Yeong-hwa. While Oh Mi-joo texts Ki Seon-gyeom, Dan-ah talks to herself and admits she really liked Lee Yeong-hwa — she feels obsessed. Dan-ah ends up passing out and sleeping on the couch.

The ending

Woo-sik visits the coach of his current team about termination and transferring teams. The coach tells him he can train alone and raises doubts about moving teams; he tells him he is wasting his talent and that he should let the past go and start afresh. After he meets with the coach, Woo-sik meets Ki Seon-gyeom but then runs away. Ki Seon-gyeom chases after Woo-sik, who is having a slight panic attack. He tells Ki Seon-gyeom to stay away as he doesn’t want to be swayed. Woo-sik sits on the floor, and his leg hurts — he reiterates that he’s quit running.

Woo-sik explains how running hurts, and he doesn’t think he can do it and has many other issues apart from his injury that hurts him inside. Ki Seon-gyeom tells Woo-sik to try first, and then he can give up. He offers to help him and asks for his trust. Ki Seon-gyeom helps Woo-sik on his feet and offers a hand, bringing a sweet moment of friendship to end episode 10.

Run On episode 10 brings a whole wave of denial from one relationship, while the other prospective couple takes baby steps and shows the importance of communication. It’s evident that one of the main lessons in Run On is the ability to speak to each other — it’s a signal to this generation that often keep things to themselves rather than seeking clarity and support.

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