Run On episode 11 recap – Dan-ah finally lets down her guard

January 20, 2021
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We think it’s time to admit; the Dan-ah/Lee Yeong-hwa storyline has been way more powerful and effective. Run On episode 11 proves that is so with powerful chemistry, game-playing and excruciating anticipation between both characters.

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We think it’s time to admit; the Dan-ah/Lee Yeong-hwa storyline has been way more powerful and effective. Run On episode 11 proves that is so with powerful chemistry, game-playing and excruciating anticipation between both characters.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

At the start of Run On episode 11, and like in the previous chapter, Ki Seon-gyeom offers to help Woo-sik get back to his athletic best. This is a great moment; a new chapter for both characters. Meanwhile, Oh Mi-joo takes a new venture — to be a private tutor for one of her friend’s child. Oh Mi-joo is always hustling.

Woo-sik and Ki Seon-gyeom head to a cafe to eat. Seon-gyeom recommends rehabilitation for muscle recovery and not to focus on competition. The former athlete wants to take it slow with his friend. He also wants Woo-sik to stop being formal with him as he’s no longer his superior. The controversy surrounding the scandal seems to have eased; there’s a new lease of life.

Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo enjoy a midnight walk

Oh Mi-joo apologises for maintaining a sarcastic approach and that she’s not proud of it. She wishes she was real from the start. Ki Seon-gyeom gives her his hand, and they walk together in the night light. Their relationship seems to be relaxing now; there’s fewer games between them and no challenges. At least for now. There’s still 5 episode to go, and k-drama tends to throw in last-minute spanners.

Ki Seon-gyeom Saves Seo Tae-woong

Seo Tae-woong stalks Ki Seon-gyeom and confronts him. He tells him he is Dan-ah’s brother and hates him. Ki Seon-gyeom wonders why he’s rude. Seo Tae-woong hates how he makes him feel because Ki Seon-gyeom is good at athletics. Suddenly, Tae-woong is approached by someone else in the street who has a problem with him, so Ki Seon-gyeom has to save him from trouble by running away with him. Lee Yeong-hwa ends up joining them. After all the running, Tae-woong collapses and ends up in the hospital. As a character, Dan-ah’s brother does not feel purposeful to the story at all. He pops up whenever he feels and then disappears for episodes. It’s a strange choice by the writers.

Oh Mi-joo and Lee Yeong-hwa chill

Oh Mi-joo hangs out with Lee Yeong-hwa and asks about his living arrangements with Ki Seon-gyeom. She asks where he sleeps and how they get along. Lee Yeong-hwa explains how he’s always painted, but he feels immature when it comes to Dan-ah and wonders if he should change tack. Oh Mi-joo advises that he should try a maturer approach because Dan-ah must have really liked his work. This is wise advice from Oh Mi-joo; she understands Dan-ah as much as anyone, mostly because they argue a lot.

May offers Oh Mi-joo an opportunity

May tells Oh Mi-joo good news; that she’s gotten publication rights on a film and asks Oh Mi-joo if she’d like to translate it. Oh Mi-joo is worried that they may fall out if they work together, but May is persuasive. More work for Oh Mi-joo!

Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom arrange runs together

Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom discuss races they can do. They look at different courses, and Oh Mi-joo wants to do the 10km. Ki Seon-gyeom looks forward to doing something together, and for Oh Mi-joo to try out the new shoes he got her. Oh Mi-joo gets him a book named “Practice Loving Myself” in return for the shoes. As we’ve established in previous chapters, Oh Mi-joo does not like being indebted to people.

Lee Yeong-hwa tries another approach with Dan-ah

Lee Yeong-hwa heads to Dan-ah’s offices and tries to meet her, but he hasn’t made an appointment. Meanwhile, Dan-ah asks her assistant to find another artist. But then she smiles when she sees Lee Yeong-hwa in reception; she feels he has yielded. Dan-ah wants to talk in her office. There’s still some game-playing between them, but Dan-ah gives him a work-delivery agreement, so he definitely delivers a painting this time.

But as we have established, something about Lee Yeong-hwa makes Dan-ah weaker; she revels in power, but she cannot maintain her poker face for too long with him. As Lee Yeong-hwa looks at the contract, Dan-ah looks at him tentatively and then asks “do you like me?”. They both stare in each other’s eyes. Lee Yeong-hwa admits that he did, but he thinks it’s over for him. She gives him a pen and tells him to finish it in three weeks and asks him to sign it. Lee Yeong-hwa signs it, tells her it’s her drawing and then walks out with the closing remarks “your ten minutes is up”. Dan-ah’s face says it all — she’s happy that he’s back in her life.

Back to the track for Woo-sik

Woo-sik, Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom oversee a training session with young athletics. Ki Seon-gyeom helps train. Woo-sik tells Oh Mi-joo that Ki Seon-gyeom will motivate him and Oh Mi-joo will keep him strong. Woo-sik then heads on to the track for a light jog. He’s finally got his confidence back.

Dan-ah and Oh Mi-joo have a brief chat

Dan-ah asks Oh Mi-joo if she’s dating Ki Seon-gyeom. The pair bicker for a while but then Dan-ah throws her a half compliment. Oh Mi-joo raises how she’s never been greedy and only got what she needed. Dan-ah mentions that she’s always had things taken away from her, which explains why she enjoys her power. Oh Mi-joo raises how she pities her as she doesn’t realise her actions and behaviours. Dan-ah is in deep thought after this conversation; she’s starting to understand who she is; there’s plenty of self-reflection in Run On episode 11.

A movie date

Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom enjoy a date night, watching a movie and eating fried chicken. Afterwards, Ki Seon-gyeom tells Oh Mi-joo that he found the film complex and wonders why the main character smiled afterwards. Oh Mi-joo tells him she’s been invited to work on the movie, which is why she watched it with him. Despite the film already having subtitles, words and meanings change over the years and need re-translating.

Oh Mi-joo asks Ki Seon-gyeom not to disappear and to be by her side forever. Ki Seon-gyeom promises. They both stare at each other and gaze while talking to each other. This was a sweet moment between them.

Assemblyman Ki’s offer

Late at night, Ki Seon-gyeom’s father rings his son and asks if he still visits those kids at the alternative school; he wants to make a local team and give them his support. Ki Seon-gyeom is confused by his kindness, but he doesn’t get time to question it as his father puts down the phone.

What is it about Lee Yeong-hwa’s paintings?

The last few scenes of Run On episode 11 are the strongest.

Dan-ah ponders over Lee Yeong-hwa’s paintings and starts to understand why she values them; it’s driving her crazy. Lee Yeong-hwa wants feedback on the painting he gave her. Dan-ah feels odd that he’s suddenly obedient and not a nuisance; she invites Lee Yeong-hwa over to the office.

She tells him to forget about the painting he gave her and shows him a blank canvass. Dan-ah wants Lee Yeong-hwa to paint again. She wants to watch him. As Lee Yeong-hwa draws, she watches him closely, consumed by the moment. Dan-ah then drops her pen and tells him to stop drawing and smile. Lee Yeong-hwa cannot smile on demand and asks Dan-ah to find a way to make him as he has no reason anymore.

The ending

Dan-ah scoffs and says his painting proved how rotten and impudent he was. She then calls him obnoxious; it’s almost like she wants a reaction. Dan-ah then makes a confession as Lee Yeong-hwa refuses to concede in the conversation — “Even if Monet and Picasso were alive, I still would’ve chosen you because I liked it. I liked your painting, not you”. Her words still do not work, so the then asks “Is it really over for you?”.

As Lee Yeong-hwa continues to resist, Dan-ah looks at him and tells him not to end it — she’s being the most vulnerable we’ve seen her so far, giving up her power for him. Lee Yeong-hwa asks why she’s childish, but Dan-ah doesn’t wait, grabs him and kisses him. She then says “I guess you were behind the painting after all”.

We think it’s time to admit; the Dan-ah/Lee Yeong-hwa storyline has been way more powerful and effective. Run On episode 11 proves that is so with powerful chemistry, game-playing and excruciating anticipation between both characters. While the main plot continues to be sweet and merry, we cannot help but feel the supposed subplot is way more exciting.

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