Run On episode 3 recap – Ki Seon-gyeom stands up to the establishment

December 23, 2020
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Episode 3 lacks a spark, and while the story of oppressive policies in an athletics team is interesting, the chemistry between the leading characters is lacking.

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Episode 3 lacks a spark, and while the story of oppressive policies in an athletics team is interesting, the chemistry between the leading characters is lacking.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Episode 3 begins with Ki Seon-gyeom kissing Oh Mi-joo and announcing her as his girlfriend while in the presence of Choi Tae-ri and her agent. But then he collapses from being too drunk. That removes the rumours that Ki Seon-gyeom and Choi Tae-ri are in a relationship. The next day, Ki Seon-gyeom wakes up in Oh Mi-joo and May’s home. Oh Mi-joo gives him something for his hangover and fresh clothes for the day. What’s incredible is how he easily recovers from being paraletic — surely his head is sore as hell.

Faded memories

Ki Seon-gyeom asks Oh Mi-joo what happened the night before. Flashbacks show Oh Mi-joo having to get a taxi and bring the athlete back to her home. She struggled with his weight as she carried him. She then asks what he remembers, but Ki Seon-gyeom doesn’t remember anything, though he apologises for kissing her. Afterwards, Oh Mi-joo asks for a ride in Ki Seon-gyeom’s car as that is what couples do. Of course, they are not an established couple at this stage — she’s jesting.

Let’s talk about that kiss

Ki Seon-gyeom tells Oh Mi-joo that she’s a terrible driver but thanks her for the stuffed doll he needs to take to the hospital. They then bring up the kiss and Ki Seon-gyeom claims he did it just to get out of the situation with Choi Tae-ri. She’s offended and walks off angrily. This athlete obviously has no game.

Visiting Kim Woo-sik

Ki Seon-gyeom visits Kim Woo-sik in hospital. The athlete if recovering well, but he has braces on his legs. Kim Seon-gyeom raises how he wanted to defend him as he’s retiring soon. Kim Woo-sik thanks his friend for helping him. As he drives home, Ki Seon-gyeom misses having Oh Mi-joo in the car with him. Their romance is blossoming quickly, but we are not feeling the chemistry yet.

Family events and research

Ki Seon-gyeom attends a family photoshoot for his parents’ wedding anniversary; he seems to have a trend of never looking fully comfortable around his parents. Meanwhile, May gives Oh Mi-joo a transcript for a musical. She researches La La Land but ends up researching Ki Seon-gyeom and sees the family photo in the news. She’s trying to figure him out.

Father versus son

At a family dinner, Ki Seon-gyeom and his father argue over dinner about the track and field team incident. His father gets angry and smashes a glass which causes a cut on Ki Seon-gyeom’s face. When he walks off, the father asks the mother if she could have done a better job raising him. His sister Eun-bi chases after him, and Ki Seon-gyeom apologises. Like we sensed in the first episode, Ki Seon-gyeom has some serious family issues that he has never explored to solve.

A quick evening conversation

Later in the evening, Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom meet up. Oh Mi-joo gives her friend ointment for his cut on his face. She brings up the photo he saw on the internet, but Ki Seon-gyeom quickly changes the conversation.

Disciplinary panel

Ki Seon-gyeom attends the disciplinary meeting, and he tries telling the panel that he assaulted Gyu-deok and Gi-beom, but with no victims, they don’t wish to proceed. Ki Seon-gyeom questions how there aren’t any punishments or investigation when an athlete falls out of line in the team. He’s frustrated that he’s speaking out and no-one wants to talk about the real issue. The coach calls Ki Seon-gyeom entitled because of his father. Ki Seon-gyeom is trying to prove a point by facing the establishment that keeps incidents on a hush.

Reporting to the father

Oh Mi-joo is put in an uncomfortable position. Ki Seon-gyeom’s father asks her to be his interpreter and report to him in everything he does, starting on Jeju Island. He gives her a packet of money, and you can tell she isn’t happy about this position. She has a choice to make with the lucrative financial incentive.

The interview

Oh Mi-joo joins Ki Seon-gyeom and his sister for an interview. She’s the translator for the exchanges. Oh Mi-joo asks the interviewer to have more questions for Ki Seon-gyeom. When the interview is over, a journalist asks about the assault in the track and field team, but Ki Seon-gyeom brushes it off.

An impromptu walk

While on a walk at night, Ki Seon-gyeom frightens Oh Mi-joo by walking up behind her. He apologises to her as she seems very upset. She’s really upset about Ki Seon-gyeom’s father’s request to spy on his son. Ki Seon-gyeom tells her that he always does stuff he doesn’t want to do. Oh Mi-joo tells him to rest and not feel like he has to do everything. Ki Seon-gyeom tells her he is glad she came with him.

Shall I forgive my bullies?

Kim Woo-sik says he doesn’t regret anything, but he’s happy to be at Jeju Island again. He’s a little down that no-one was punished, so that means they were innocent; he wonders if he should forgive his bullies.

Dan-ah asks Ki Seon-gyeom if he’s still upset. Ki Seon-gyeom tells her he is still mad at the bullies but not at her. At the track and field, Ki Seon-gyeom asks his father if he bribed the disciplinary process. His father tells him to behave as there are many people at the track and field watching. Meanwhile, Oh Mi-joo wonders what Ki Seon-gyeom is thinking as she admires him on the track.

The ending

The athletes prepare to run, and Ki Seon-gyeom decides to protest and not run at all. He just stays in position, and everyone is shocked. The journalists ask why he didn’t run — Ki Seon-gyeom tells them that he assaulted athletes. Oh Mi-joo watches from above. The cat is out of the bag now; there’s no choice for the athlete team to deal with what happened.

Run On episode 3 lacks a spark, and while the story of oppressive policies in an athletics team is interesting, the chemistry between the leading characters is lacking.

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