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December 30, 2020
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Quite frankly, episode 5 is boring — it fills time with scenes of nothingness between the main plot points and expects audiences to be interested.

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Quite frankly, episode 5 is boring — it fills time with scenes of nothingness between the main plot points and expects audiences to be interested.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping this series weekly — check out the archive.

The opening

At the start of Episode 5, Ki Seon-gyeom’s mother asks him if he will repent, and her advisor tells him to be careful on social media. Ki Seon-gyeom then asks about his translator, Oh Mi-joo. This is where he learns that Oh Mi-joo was paid to keep an eye on him. The scene then flits to Ki Seon-gyeom asking Oh Mi-joo if his father paid her. Oh Mi-joo admits she was paid and accepts he will be disappointed in her. But this conversation seems more complicated than morality, as the next scenes show.

Ki Seon-gyeom doesn’t seem to mind

Oh Mi-joo admits her weakness is money, and that people like him wouldn’t know because he’s always been rich. Regardless of the situation, Ki Seon-gyeom doesn’t want to forget her as he believes her actions and words with him were meaningful. Oh Mi-joo gets frustrated and tells Ki Seon-gyeom that he makes her feel worthless and hates feeling that way. She asks for her gun back. Ki Seon-gyeom says he will give it back as long as they can still see each other; an exhausted Oh Mi-joo agrees and walks off. She clearly has no intention of seeing him again; she is embarrassed — she wanted him to be disappointed and not accept that her financial woes have influenced her decision.

Reputation matters

The teacher of an educational establishment tells Ki Seon-gyeom that they can’t have him near the premises because of the articles in the press. The teacher is hesitant about delivering this news. He wants to sponsor the young athletes anyway but under a different name. But all in all, he seems to be taking it well.

A good excuse to see him

Oh Mi Joo tells May that she had a meeting with Hui-jin; there’s a rumour going around that she got the job because she dated Han Seok-won and apparently everyone on set gossiped about it. May already knew as she works in the industry. She didn’t want to tell Oh Mi-joo because she was going through a lot of stress. Oh Mi-joo then gets a message that her friend Yoon Gong-ju is getting married and handing out invitations. She doesn’t want to meet the brides in the same hotel as Ki Seon-gyeom is staying. May tells her that it’s a good excuse to see Ki Seon-gyeom. Episode 5 implies both lead characters are being stubborn.

Cigarettes and an invitation

Oh Mi-joo attends the maid’s dinner, and they bring up her parents which impacts her because her parents are gone. She’s clearly upset by this conversation. Ki Seon-gyeom was nearby during this conversation, and outside Oh Mi-joo asks if he heard it. Ki Seon-gyeom tells her that Woo-sik wants to treat them both to a meal. He wants her to accept his offer and states that he doesn’t need to be there. As she walks off, Ki Seon-gyeom asks about the movie she wanted to watch. The pair then talk about Oh Mi-joo’s temptations to smoke a cigarette. As Oh Mi-joo walks off, she thanks him for not asking what’s wrong and just talking to her. He seems to have a calming effect.

Trying to pay back for the broken bracelet

Lee Yeong-hwa and Dan-ah meet each other with his friend. Dan-ah takes a keen interest in Lee Jeong-hwan and walks up to him slowly. She smells him an asks if he’s being painting — she tells him that she didn’t think they’d see each other again. Lee Yeong-hwa gives her money for the broken bracelet. He calls it a hefty sum and she laughs and walks off. He’s clearly underestimated the value of the necklace.

Later in the evening, Lee Yeong-hwa sneakily draws Dan-ah as he looks at her through the window. His friend catches him drawing. Afterwards, Lee Yeong-hwa tries to get the bracelet fixed for Dan-ah. He gets an estimated quote of ten million won.


Ki Seon-gyeom heads to the restaurant where he was meant to meet Woo-sik, but it’s only Oh Mi-joo who is there. Ki Seon-gyeom then gets a text — Woo-sik did this intentionally, so the pair reconcile. The pair have no choice but to eat together and catch up. Ki Seon-gyeom talks about nurturing athletes from a young age and the pressure put on them. He wants to implement a different environment — a safer one. The conversation then turns to movies. It doesn’t take them long for both of them to enjoy each other’s company.

Defending Ki Seon-gyeom

On the way home, Oh Mi-joo gets a text and runs home with excitement. She sees an interview with Woo-sik. She starts typing about the bullying of Woo-sik and how it is common for athletes to get beaten up — she continues to write how Ki Seon-gyeom was the only athlete that told him it was wrong. She gets her gamer friends to share the article to make it a trend. The interview with Woo-sik is sensationalist, even tying in Choi Tae-ri and her boyfriend into it.

Ki Seon-gyeom reads the article and rushes to see Woo-sik. He heads to the rehabilitation centre and asks people if they have seen him. Oh Mi-joo keeps narrating the interview as Ki Seon-gyeom tries to find him. Flashbacks show Woo-sik declaring that he’s quitting the sport. This is the biggest blow for Ki Seon-gyeom, as he’ll feel responsible.

The ending

Ki Seon-gyeom ends up seeing Oh Mi-joo. He stands in the rain drenched — he asks her if she knew that Woo-sik was quitting. She confirms that she did as she interpreted for him. She didn’t tell Ki Seon-gyeom because she knew how he’d react and didn’t want to break his heart.

Oh Mi-joo explains that he’s too considerate and that he has a lot to learn. She asks Ki Seon-gyeom to come inside and hugs him.

Quite frankly, Run On episode 5 is boring — it fills scenes with nothingness between the main plot points and expects audiences to be interested.

Additional points
  • Assemblyman Ki and his wife Yoo Ji-woo attend church to keep their reputation intact. The aftermath of Ki Seon-gyeom’s actions still pesters them.
  • Yoo Ji-woo is concerned for her son Ki Seon-gyeom and wants everyone to keep an eye on her.
  • Ki Seon-gyeom visits the younger athletes and gives them food and drinks. One of them asks if the assault was the truth, and he admits it. They keep asking questions and pressing him as he tries coaching.
  • Dan-ah is told to fulfil her duties as a daughter and get married. Seo Myeong-min also thinks she lied about being a lesbian.

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