Run On episode 15 recap – Dan-ah receives some devastating news

February 3, 2021
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Episode 15 is an example of good drama, pushing away the tiresome chapters and giving the viewers a reasonable penultimate chapter.

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Episode 15 is an example of good drama, pushing away the tiresome chapters and giving the viewers a reasonable penultimate chapter.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 15 contains significant spoilers.

The opening

The last episode saw Oh Mi-joo complete a marathon, and whether we feel it’s realistic for a newcomer in long-distance racing can do that, it was still a sweet moment. As we reach the embers of this series, there’s not a lot of plot points to conclude, but episode 15 does give us a cliffhanger.

Oh Mi-joo is proud that it’s her first time finishing a race. Ki Seon-gyeom talks about how they’ve always waited for each other from the beginning. There’s an understanding of patience between each other—the couple head for beers and a meal afterwards. Ki Seon-gyeom raises how his father has given him the freedom to date whoever he wants, as long as he marries Dan-ah. Oh Mi-joo believes they should apologise to his father, as he clearly feels wronged, but Ki Seon-gyeom disagrees. It’s strange how Oh Mi-joo accepts this strange proposition, but maybe she’s accepted that the situation with Ki Seon-gyeom’s family is strange. She’s learning to deal with the waves.

Ki Seon-gyeom raises how he has a job offer

Ki Seon-gyeom tells Oh Mi-joo that he’s worried and that Director Dong has offered him a role at the agency as an agent; he feels it would be safer for Woo-sik. He wonders if he will butt heads with Dan-ah. But the cute thing about this scene is Oh Mi-joo quoting Jerry Maguire — “Show me the money!”.

Dan-ah asks if Ki Seon-gyeom if they should get married as per his father’s request

Dan-ah calls Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo around to her place. She wonders if she and Ki Seon-gyeom should go ahead with the marriage as it would be easier. Ki Seon-gyeom wants to buy time and back out the last minute, as his father only needs to win Chairman Seo over. It’s amazing how non-emotional everyone is about this request, but if it means they can date whoever they want afterwards, then everyone is a winner? We can assume in this dynamic, achieving freedom via marriage is a win/win in some cases.

Oh Mi-joo confronts Dan-ah about her provocative nature

When Ki Seon-gyeom leaves, Oh Mi-joo confronts Dan-ah about how she keeps provoking her. She asks if Ki Seon-gyeom once had feelings for Dan-ah, but there’s a vague answer. Oh Mi-joo tells Dan-ah to stop calling Ki Seon-gyeom late at night and walks off. She’s stomping her ground, but what I liked about this scene is that Oh Mi-joo accepts she is being petty — she keeps providing the cute moments.

Ye-jun comes out of the closet

We barely know anything about this character, but Ye-jun reappears in Run On episode 15. This is definitely a plot point that’s just wedged in with zero effort to develop it.

While Ye-jun is walking home, he is bothered by a man he was once romantic with. His mother (Director Dong) catches them arguing, and asks Ye-jun to return to Church with her. As his mother drives off, Ye-jun shouts after her — he doesn’t want her to deny who he is anymore; he no longer wants to be in the closet. When he speaks to his sister about it, Ye-jun was hoping to come out of the closet in a way better way than what happened in reality.

Remember the cute scene of Oh Mi-joo asking for kisses and Ki Seon-gyeom asking for ramyeon?

BBQ time

Ki Seon-gyeom, Lee Yeong-hwa and Oh Mi-joo plan a barbeque; they buy loads of food. Yeong-hwa lies to Dan-ah about her painting been ready, so she comes to the BBQ, and she is not pleased. Dan-ah reluctantly joins in anyway. Ki Seon-gyeom tells Lee Yeong-hwa to make sure Dan-ah enjoys her time with them. After the BBQ, they find May with Mr Jeong Ji-hyun; Dan-ah’s assistant. They are dating. Mr Jeong recalls the first time he set his eyes on May, and he felt plenty of feelings. Everyone is dating each other at this point.

Lee Yeong-hwa admires Dan-ah

Later on in the evening, Lee Yeong-hwa gives Dan-ah some shoes to help her play football and states that he will give her another gift on her real birthday. He keeps admiring her — he’s so happy he can witness her beauty. It’s strange how they’ve managed to capture the chemistry more effectively with these two characters.

Oh Mi-joo meets Yook Ji-woo

Ki Seon-gyeom’s mother Yook Ji-woo meets Oh Mi-joo, who is understandably nervous, believing she will bring up Ki Seon-gyeom. The conversation finally turns to Ki Seon-gyeom, and Oh Mi-joo reveals that he has a job as an agent. She was so nervous because she admires the director as well. Later on, Oh Mi-joo is giddy and tells May about meeting the director.

Eun-bi is in the news

There is finally drama in Run On episode 15, but not with any of the main characters. In the news, Eun-bi is accused of having an affair. May is worried because it will seriously impact Mr Jeong’s work at the agency. At the agency, Dan-ah and Director Dong cannot locate Eun-bi. Yook Ji-woo asks Ki Seon-gyeom to comfort his sister, as she has work to do within her busy schedule.

Eun-bi is worried about her boyfriend

Ki Seon-gyeom learns that Eun-bi visited Oh Mi-joo and warned her that their father keeps an eye on family members. Eun-bi comes around to talk to them both privately. She’s worried that the love of her life will break up with her and that she only went for dinner with Assemblyman Mo because her father arranged the meal. She wonders if this will impact her father’s election chances. Ki Seon-gyeom tells her sister that she should only think of herself. These were wise words from Ki Seon-gyeom, who realised that happiness is the key to all this.

When Eun-bi meets her father, he believes in her and promises to sort it.

Lee Yeong-hwa’s painting

Lee Yeong-hwa tells Dan-ah that his painting for her is finally done, and this time he isn’t lying. The painting is of her, with an assortment of colours and greenery. She can feel his feelings vividly reflected in the painting — “It’s screaming I love you”. Lee Yeong-hwa looks at her and says “I love you, Ms Seo”. He felt this way when drawing this piece. Dan-ah absolutely loves it and wants to keep it for herself — she doesn’t want it to go into an art museum.

The ending

But amongst all the love in the air, as the episode ends, Dan-ah gets a call, and she is concerned — she phases out; looking upset, she tells Lee Yeong-hwa she has to go. But Lee Yeong-hwa grabs her and asks her to call him. He has a look on his face — it’s like he feels this is the end; there’s a strange tension between them.

Dan-ah turns to him and says “not all children mourn the death of their parents. And not all parents love their children unconditionally.” She then tells Lee Yeong-hwa to live a long life because all geniuses die early. She brushes off his hand and drives away. We can all jump to conclusions, but who died? Leave your theories in the comment section.

Run On episode 15 is an example of good drama, pushing away the tiresome chapters and giving the viewers a reasonable penultimate chapter.

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