Run On episode 14 recap – Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom make peace

January 28, 2021
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This is a marked improvement as Run On episode 14 focuses mostly on the main characters. When this series does not resort to meaningless plot points, it serves itself well.

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This is a marked improvement as Run On episode 14 focuses mostly on the main characters. When this series does not resort to meaningless plot points, it serves itself well.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

The opening

What amazes me most about this k-drama series is how it manages to fill 70 minutes. There’s plenty of nothingness in the story. However, Run On episode 14 is a bit of an improvement from the previous chapter, which descended into outright dullness.

This episode starts with Ki Seon-gyeom asking Oh Mi-joo to teach him how to break up. It’s an emotional moment, with Ki Seon-gyeom hugging Oh Mi-joo from behind, and asking her to “like him”. Both characters find themselves at a crossroads; Oh Mi-joo finds herself comforting Ki Seon-gyeom and encouraging him to cry. Once Ki Seon-gyeom calms down, he tells Oh Mi-joo that he thought he would lose her forever. The couple is finding a way to make-up and be together again; Ki Seon-gyeom promises to work on the obstacles getting in their way. But it’s hardly Ki Seon-gyeom’s fault that his father is absurdly invasive in his personal life.

Time in bed for Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo

From breaking up to making up; the couple manages to make their realization that they need each other to look cute. Ki Seon-gyeom stays at Oh Mi-joo’s place because they will have the house to themselves. They get into bed together, and it’s slightly awkward at first, but they finally relax and talk. Oh Mi-joo admits she wants a long and healthy relationship but also to find a work/life balance. When they agree on their new terms, Oh Mi-joo cutely asks for a kiss to lighten the mood.

Dan-ah misses Lee Yeong-hwa

The next day, Dan-ah interrupts Oh Mi-joo while she’s trying to read a script; she can’t sleep so she’s frustrated. Oh Mi-joo reads the script with her. The story is about a couple of orphans getting work, and the characters of the series play the characters in the story. After script reading, Dan-ah gets drunk and says she wants to find Lee Yeong-hwa. She misses him. She brings Oh Mi-joo on her journey — she helped dress Oh Mi-joo and get her in the car while she was drunk and asleep.

Finding Lee Yeong-hwa

She finds Lee Yeong-hwa, who is helping his mother out with a beehive. Dan-ah is annoyed that he didn’t tell her where he was. Dan-ah doesn’t plan to leave as Lee Yeong-hwa heads to the bee farm, so both women head to a cafe. Dan-ah tells Oh Mi-joo that she brought her on this journey so that she wasn’t tailed; she doesn’t want to be undermined and heckled for dating a college student.

It’s amazing how much the power has balanced in Dan-ah and Lee Yeong-hwa’s relationship — they seem to both want to let their guard down now; there are fewer games.

Ki Seon-gyeom keeps trying hard as Woo-sik’s agent

Ki Seon-gyeom keeps trying to find a team for Woo-sik, and he nearly succeeds by telling the hiring team that Woo-sik will be remembered as a medalist, not a whistleblower. The hiring manager asks about his father, who is also setting up a team, but Ki Seon-gyeom brushes away the conversation.

One of Dan-ah’s colleagues asks Ki Seon-gyeom if he’d like to join the firm as an agent and take care of athletes. Ki Seon-gyeom decides to consider the offer.

Enjoying the seaside as a couple

Run On episode 14 sees how this couple function, and how they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Dan-ah and Lee Yeong-hwa walk down the seaside together; Lee Yeong-hwa gives her a tour of where he used to live. He then apologizes for the birthday plans he made for her, and that he didn’t realize that she and Tae-woong swapped birthdays. Dan-ah reveals her real birthday is a long way away. Dan-ah suddenly turns the conversation and asks if they should book a room together, making Lee Yeong-hwa a little nervous and excited. She wants to be alone with him. As Lee Yeong-hwa is in his mother’s town, he has to convince her that he can stay at a hotel instead. Mother’s-boy-syndrome.

Dan-ah asks Lee Yeong-hwa “what’s your dream?”

Dan-ah gets to work in the hotel room, and Lee Yeong-hwa keeps bugging her as he’s bored watching. He wants to go for a walk and manages to convince her to see the ocean. As they look out at the ocean, Dan-ah asks Lee Yeong-hwa what is his dream while longingly looking into his eyes. He tells her “to not break up with you // so help me out”.

When they get back, Dan-ah watches Lee Yeong-hwa sleep. She whispers in his ear, “I’ll pounce on you”, but he is genuinely passed out. He wakes up, and he asks Dan-ah why she isn’t sleeping. She tells him she doesn’t want to waste the time she has. He brings her closer and helps her fall asleep — this scene represents the peace Dan-ah has found in Lee Yeong-hwa; her life isn’t all about work now.

Rumours spread about Tae-woong

Tae-woong rings Dan-ah and says that a rumor is spreading around about him — “An idol group member is a b*stard son of a conglomerate”. He believes they are in the same boat. Mr. Jeong then tells her about the articles, and suddenly Dan-ah is anxious. She doesn’t want to take over the business one day and have to clean up the mess. This is such a complicated family!

Assemblyman has a proposition

Oh Mi-joo and Dan-ah partake in their very first marathon. Meanwhile, Ki Seon-gyeom finally meets his father. He offers to take Woo-sik in and keep his son as his agent. There’s one condition; Ki Seon-gyeom has to apologize to an agent. Chairman Seo and Assemblyman Ki have a meeting with Ki Seon-gyeom. He learns in the meeting that there are plans for him to marry Dan-ah. Ki Seon-gyeom is fuming; he’s been set up. His father tells him this must be fine. This entire scene proves that the father is not going to learn — his marriage is on tenterhooks, and now his relationship with his children is in tatters.

Lee Yeong-hwa comes to Dan-ah’s aid

During the marathon, Dan-ah collapses and Lee Yeong-hwa runs to her aid. She asks him to carry her off. She doesn’t want anyone to see her and she’s just worried about her phone. Dan-ah reveals she has tachycardia, and Lee Yeong-hwa remembers Tae-woong suddenly collapsing with the same condition.

The ending

While Oh Mi-joo struggles with the marathon, she remembers the advice given to her by Ki Seon-gyeom and all the hardships she’s gone through growing up and how she’s reached where she is today. From schoolgirl to pursuing her dreams. As she keeps running, she keeps hearing Ki Seon-gyeom’s voice. Oh Mi-joo finally reaches the finish line as organizers start bringing down the banners. Ki Seon-gyeom waits for her at the finish line. She’s so relieved and excited that she’s finished the race.

This is a marked improvement as Run On episode 14 focuses mostly on the main characters. When this series does not resort to meaningless plot points, it serves itself well.

Additional points
  • Assemblyman Ki is annoyed at his wife Ji-woo’s busy schedule, and they argue. The wife suggests a divorce, and he raises his hand at her and considers hitting her, but then he tells her to get her senses back.
  • Ki Seon-gyeom tries to see his father but one of his advisors says that he isn’t in. He then tells Ki Seon-gyeom to apologize to his father and that he brought all this on himself.
  • Myeong-nim investigates what Dan-ah is up to and asks her other brother Tae-woong who she is spending her time with. He keeps his cool and does not reveal anything despite Myeong-nim ripping into him.
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