Run On episode 7 recap – Oh Mi-joo puts her foot down

January 6, 2021
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Episode 7 is a slight improvement from the dull previous chapter — it gives audiences the importance of caring for each other in relationships and friendships, demonstrating how powerful and resonating it can be.

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Episode 7 is a slight improvement from the dull previous chapter — it gives audiences the importance of caring for each other in relationships and friendships, demonstrating how powerful and resonating it can be.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 7 contains significant spoilers.

We will be recapping this series weekly — check out the archive.

The opening

Episode 7 begins with Ki Seon-gyeom helping Oh Mi-joo, who is very drunk. He tells her that he likes her, and the schmoozy music begins. The next day, Oh Mi-joo wakes up in the car, and Ki Seon-gyeom is asleep on the driver’s seat. He stayed with her all night. Ms Bang makes them breakfast. Flashbacks show Ms Bang helping out Ki Seon-gyeom as a young athlete. There was one time when she beat up another coach. In the present day, Ki Seon-gyeom suggests that the coach made an advance on her, so she assaulted him. Ms Bang hasn’t returned to coaching since. Oh Mi-joo thinks on her feet and asks Ms Bang to join her for a picnic while Ki Seon-gyeom coaches the kids.

On the way back to the city, Oh Mi-joo remembers asking Ki Seon-gyeom if he likes her and she looks panicked. Ki Seon-gyeom is grateful for her help with Ms Bang. Run On episode 7 is drawing up a relationship where both characters unequivocally support each other, and it’s nice to see that development.

A new project

Oh Mi-joo offers to help out on a film project for Hui-jin — she’s also invited to a premiere and is given two tickets. Oh Mi-joo asks May to go with her. May tells Oh Mi-joo to invite Ki Seon-gyeom to the premiere, but Oh Mi-joo raises how he doesn’t like movies.

Oh Mi-joo wants to learn more about Ki Seon-gyeom

While having a coffee with him, Oh Mi-joo learns that Woo-sik is preparing for the civil service test. He thanks her for the translations in his interview. Oh Mi-joo brushes off the compliment and states that Ki Seon-gyeom was a major factor. They both agree that he’s a great man. Oh Mi-joo admits she sometimes fails to understand Ki Seon-gyeom and wants to learn more about him. Oh Mi-joo still seems unsure at this stage of where she stands with Ki Seon-gyeom, and it shows in her facial expressions.

Another conflict with the father

While at home, Ki Seon-gyeom is told by his father to return to athletics in six months or marry Chairman Seo’s daughter. Ki Seon-gyeom predicted that this would happen — that he would be married off for political gain. The father blames his son for messing everything up. Ki Seon-gyeom is tired of his father using the family as a tool. Nothing has changed between the pair — there’s a lot of bitterness.

Create a better future advises Oh Mi-joo

While on a walk, Oh Mi-joo asks Ki Seon-gyeom what he wants to do in life and suggests that he turns the regrets in his past into something better. It’s wise, intimate advice from the character which Ki Seon-gyeom seems to appreciate. This slow-burning relationship does have its strong points.


Lee Yeong-hwa and Ki Seon-gyeom have a few drinks together. The pair get along and are forming a friendship quickly. Ki Seon-gyeom talks about his loneliness. Meanwhile, while the men are bonding, Oh Mi-joo is worried about where Ki Seon-gyeom is because he’s out. May tells her not to worry, but Oh Mi-joo becomes paranoid and wonders if he’s slept elsewhere for the night — her mind races.

Ki Seon-gyeom is upset

When Ki Seon-gyeom returns, Oh Mi-joo is upset and has made assumptions. When he explains that he fell asleep drunk, she doesn’t seem to take his excuse. Ki Seon-gyeom keeps on trying with her by cooking food and cleaning, but she keeps ignoring him. He’s safely in the bad books. We’ve all been there, folks.

Coaching session with the students

Ki Seon-gyeom runs a coaching session with the kids with Oh Mi-joo and Ms Bang watching (while drinking and eating). Oh Mi-joo is still angry. The women agree to be friends. Suddenly, Ms Bang helps out with the students in terms of injuries and shoe size. She criticizes Ki Seon-gyeom for not coaching them properly and thinking like an athlete. But more importantly, Oh Mi-joo’s plans work — she’s truly helping out Ki Seon-gyeom in Run On episode 7, who is having a young-life crisis.

Ki Seon-gyeom tries to reason with Oh Mi-joo

Ki Seon-gyeom tries to reason with Oh Mi-joo. She tells him she didn’t want to impede his private life, but he suggests she should have called while he was out. Ki Seon-gyeom tells Oh Mi-joo that the reason he didn’t consider texting her is that he’s never lived with someone else. Oh Mi-joo admits she was worried about him and that’s the reason she brought him in. She feels used and hurt.

Another meeting with plenty of unspoken moments

There’s another romance brewing in Run On that kind of skirts in the background.

Dan-ah and Lee Yeong-hwa meet again and then look at each other longingly for a while before talking. Lee Yeong-hwa asks about her man, and she tells him to stop crossing the line, but Lee Yeong-hwa keeps his cool. The pair end up watching football together. Dan-ah asks Lee Yeong-hwa what’s his connection with Haengun-dong. Lee Yeong-hwa tells her that’s where his parents are from — she’s obviously looked into him. Dan-ah reveals her dreams were to play football, but they were shattered — she takes every chance she has to kick a ball. Lee Yeong-hwa tells her his goal at the moment is to speak to her directly about painting.

Movie and drinks?

Despite Oh Mi-joo blowing up in his face, Ki Seon-gyeom keeps trying and asks if she’d like to watch a movie together. Oh Mi-joo is still being stubborn but states they can “figure it out” while attending the premiere. In her stubbornness, she hasn’t realized that Ki Seon-gyeom is willing to take an interest in one of her life passions, despite not liking it himself.

The ending

At the premiere, Ki Seon-gyeom ends up introducing Oh Mi-joo to his mother, Yoo Wi-joo. His father is displeased that Oh Mi-joo is still in the company of his son. Ki Seon-gyeom defends Oh Mi-joo, but the father tells her to “find her place”. She walks off and grabs Ki Seon-gyeom’s hands and tells him she’s good at finding places. Ki Seon-gyeom is impressed with the courage of Oh Mi-joo.

Run On episode 7 is a slight improvement from the dull previous chapter — it gives audiences the importance of caring for each other in relationships and friendships, demonstrating how powerful and resonating it can be.

Additional points
  • Seo Tae-woong is bothered about his sister’s interest in Lee Yeong-hwa and asks many questions about him. Dan-ah is deflated by his interrogation and tells him that he paints for her. Seo Tae-woong wants his sister to spend more time with him.
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