Run On episode 12 recap – Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom find themselves in rocky waters

January 21, 2021
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When we felt the series was lulling into repetitiveness, Run On episode 12 throws an almighty spanner in the works. Plus, Dan-ah and Lee Yeong-hwa’s chemistry increases ten-fold in the best episode of the series so far.

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When we felt the series was lulling into repetitiveness, Run On episode 12 throws an almighty spanner in the works. Plus, Dan-ah and Lee Yeong-hwa’s chemistry increases ten-fold in the best episode of the series so far.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 12 contains significant spoilers.

Following on from the previous episode, Dan-ah kisses Lee Yeong-hwa. He’s shocked, but Dan-ah is finally letting someone in. Lee Yeong-hwa begins to cry; he was told to stop thinking of her, and he is flabbergasted that she’s changed her mind. Lee Yeong-hwa leaves and tells Dan-ah to stop messing with his feelings; he admits he wants her again and sobs. Dan-ah offers to take him home. She takes him somewhere to eat for fried chicken and offers to buy it. What a turnaround in the space of a few episodes — this couple is equally as important to the story than the other two leads.

Dan-ah is desperate to mend her relationship with Lee Yeong-hwa

Dan-ah still wants an answer to the question — will he end it? She insists she wants an answer, but Lee Yeong-hwa keeps walking away as Dan-ah walks after him. She gives him terms, including Mr Jeong not getting in the way of their meetings. After a long day, Dan-ah insists she wants an answer because being clingy is new territory. Lee Yeong-hwa asks what if he refuses to move on, and asks her to call him when she is ready with an answer. As he walks off, he tells her can’t help like her, which he loathes.

Dan-ah accepts a deal with her brother

The series has hinted on grave problems between Dan-ah and her family, but Run On episode 12 sees her making some progress with her brother.

Ki Seon-gyeom sees Dan-ah outside and wonders what she’s doing here. He confirms he lives with Lee Yeong-hwa. Dan-ah sarcastically wishes them both a happy life. While having a drink, Seo Tae-woong asks his sister how she feels about the charity event being ripped away from her by her other brother Myeong-min. He offers to give her something with no strings attached. Dan-ah asks Tae-woong to take her side when the time comes. This is clearly preempting a scene in the last four chapters.

Flashbacks show Dan-ah visiting Tae-woong in hospital; it was the first time they met each other. She came to visit him not to see him, but to take his private tutor Jeong Ji-hyun off him after hearing he was dying. Tae-woong was just happy to see her. In the present, Dan-ah asks Tae-woong to be her brother at the right time and not to die on her.

Oh Mi-joo starts new hobby, and Ki Seon-gyeom trains Woo-sik.

Taking on a new hobby, Oh Mi-joo goes for a jog, but she gets tired very quickly. She wears the trainer’s Ki Seon-gyeom gave her. Meanwhile, Ki Seon-gyeom continues to coach Woo-sik, who is slowly coming back to his best self. Yeong-il joins the session, and Woo-sik is delighted to see him. After the day finishes, Ki Seon-gyeom meets Oh Mi-joo; they visit an optician to test Ki Seon-gyeom’s eyes.

His vision is bad, so they pick glasses for Ki Seon-gyeom to wear. Oh Mi-joo is being purposefully awkward because she isn’t sure about him wearing glasses. The optician offers contact lenses, and Oh Mi-joo lunges at the opportunity. It’s funny how she doesn’t want anything on his face.

Eun-bi warns Oh Mi-joo about Ki Seon-gyeom’s father

Eun-bi meets Oh Mi-joo and tells her she saw something strange; she believes someone close to Ki Seon-gyeom is spying on them for her father, including their relationship. This includes someone taking photos. Once again, the father problem remains, and it’s starting to seep into the story again, potentially ripping the lead couple apart. It’s frustrating, but there needed to be a new challenge as it was all starting to look way too easy.

Dan-ah has Lee Yeong-hwa on her mind

Dan-ah has her mind on Lee Yeong-hwa and asks for advice on where to meet him. She doesn’t feel she can control how she feels but wants to be able to. Dan-ah rings Lee Yeong-hwa, but he didn’t save her number so plays games with her. She wants to meet and talk, but Lee Yeong-hwa believes that will give her a big advantage, so he puts the phone down. Dan-ah is spying on him while he sits in a cafe and he’s all smiling which bugs her. She feels he is teaching her to be patient. He certainly is — he is playing a blinder on someone who ruthlessly enjoys power and control.

First-time contact lenses wearer

Lee Yeong-hwa teaches Ki Seon-gyeom how to put contact lenses in. It gets weird as Lee Yeong-hwa tells Ki Seon-gyeom that he can feel the love in his eyes. This is a comedic moment as Ki Seon-gyeom tells him to move away, but then Lee Yeong-hwa takes it seriously. Outside, Lee Yeong-hwa finds Oh Mi-joo outside his house. She asks him if he has seen anything suspicious.

The pair go for lunch. Lee Yeong-hwa asks Oh Mi-joo if she tutors as he lacks knowledge on other languages. Oh Mi-joo offers to text him some materials so he can improve in certain areas. Lee Yeong-hwa wants to do some volunteering work. Oh Mi-joo tells Lee Yeong-hwa to look for someone suspicious around Ki Seon-gyeom; she’s concerned. The danger surrounding Oh Mi-joo bubbles throughout Run On episode 12. It’s sad to see her personality be conflicted by Ki Seon-gyeom’s father.

Lee Yeong-hwa is smiling again, and for good reasons

Dan-ah finally meets Lee Yeong-hwa, who is smiling again. She’s made time for him. Dan calls him conceited and states she keeps making time for him when she’s busy. She calls him her comfort, but at times, also her despair. Lee Yeong-hwa walks up to her, grabs her by the hand, and hugs her. He thinks she should grab the opportunity. Dan-ah admits she likes Lee Yeong-hwa for who he is and not status. The pair are way more relaxed in this episode than the previous. Their chemistry is incredible. Dan-ah tells him his time is up and she returns to the office.

Eun-bi is being used by her father

Dan-ah rings Ki Seon-gyeom and tells him that his sister is wasting her time. She’s currently on the golf course with her father and clients. Ki Seon-gyeom arrives at the golf course and tries to grab her away, but it causes a commotion. He’s tired of his father using his family. His father claims he’s just with his friends, but Ki Seon-gyeom rubbishes that idea and takes his sister away with him. Ki Seon-gyeom tells her she has saved him countless of times. Her sister is proud of him and grateful for sticking up for her.

Oh Mi-joo is shaken by Ki Seon-gyeom’s father

But then episode 12 takes an ugly turn as Ki Seon-gyeom’s father takes it into his own hands, and shows he horrible side. Late in the night, Assemblyman Ki approaches Oh Mi-joo and asks if she’s dating his son. He believes she’s ruined him and that he used to be a good man. He blames her for his reputation being at risk. Oh Mi-joo tells him that his son is not an object. They keep arguing, and Oh Mi-joo tells him that she’ll call the police if he comes over again. Oh Mi-joo heads inside and sobs quietly to herself.

Ki Seon-gyeom confronts his father, who is expecting an apology. He threatens to go after Woo-sik or Oh Mi-joo. He then states he will make Oh Mi-joo’s life a living hell. Ki Seon-gyeom tells him that Oh Mi-joo is his strength, and his father is his weakness before walking out.

The ending

Run On episode 12 ends in shocking terms — in the last episode, we found ourselves growing tiresome of the easy relationship that Oh Mi-joo and Ki Seon-gyeom were having. Ki Seon-gyeom visits Oh Mi-joo’s house and shouts outside and asks her to come outside to talk. She isn’t answering her phone and isn’t coming out. Ki Seon-gyeom waits for hours patiently. Eventually, she comes outside and tells him to go because it’s cold.

Ki Seon-gyeom apologises for his father. Oh Mi-joo wants to talk another time because she doesn’t want to make a mistake. Ki Seon-gyeom wants to talk now so that they can hear each other out. Oh Mi-joo wants to live her life like everyone else, but she feels like she has to force herself to be someone else. Ki Seon-gyeom admits he’s humiliated and struggles to look her in the eye. Oh Mi-joo doesn’t to be disappointed and badmouth his family. Tears stream and she wonders what’s wrong with her as she’s lived well until now.

Oh Mi-joo states she values herself more than anyone, so she is choosing to give up. Ki Seon-gyeom looks heartbroken as there’s the implication that they are breaking up.

When we felt the series was lulling into repetitiveness, Run On episode 12 throws an almighty spanner in the works. Plus, Dan-ah and Lee Yeong-hwa’s chemistry increases ten-fold in the best episode of the series so far.

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