The Great North season 1, episode 2 recap – “Feast of Not People Adventure”

January 18, 2021
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“Feast of Not People Adventure” delves into the history of Lone Moose, as Ham and Judy develop a rift in their relationship on the even of a traditional festival.

This recap of The Great North season 1, episode 2, “Feast of Not People Adventure”, contains spoilers.

After a very funny opening episode, “Feast of Not People Adventure” doesn’t try and deviate from the formula that worked there. Instead, it delves a bit deeper into Lone Moose and its bizarre history of cannibalistic colonizers, with the titular Feast of Not People Festival being the catalyst for a few other personal though related subplots.

Chief among them is the sibling relationship between Judy and Ham. The two “Alaska twins” have their relationship tested in The Great North episode 2 when it becomes apparent that Ham is hiding something — he’s acting weird, refuses to have lunch with his sister at school for the first time ever, and generally acts manic every time the festival is brought up. It’s pretty easy to figure out why.

The festival, it’s explained to Honeybee, who continues to act as the audience’s surrogate, is to celebrate the fact that the residents of Lone Moose no longer eat people by defiantly eating cakes that are absolutely nothing to do with humans at all. These are supplied by an enigmatic local catering visionary simply dubbed “The Cake Lady”, who has recently been arrested for cooking the books as well as tasty foodstuffs and has been replaced by a thus-far anonymous baker whose job is to provide a giant cake for the festival that’ll feed the whole town. The new cake lady is, needless to say, Ham.

Wolf, meanwhile, uses the impending festivities as an excuse to get buff using a workout app called Abpp, which made me laugh every single time it was brought up. Really, though, he’s looking for manly approval from Beef, who ends up being proud of his efforts even if he’s not necessarily enamored by the results (Wolf almost cripples himself in the attempt.)

Naturally, The Great North season 1, episode 2 spends the bulk of its runtime focusing on the relationship between Ham and Judy, with occasional soul-searching breaks and chats with a returning, spectral Alanis Morissette. I’m not sure that “Feast of Not People Adventure” is strictly as laugh-out-loud funny as the premiere, but it delves into the Tobin family a little more as well as Lone Moose itself and builds to a sweet payoff. This is still the most interesting new network sitcom in quite a while.

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