Losing Alice season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “The Visit”?

January 22, 2021
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“The Visit” solidifies the basis of the story; Sophie slowly embeds into the story and lingers in Alice’s mind more and more as it progresses.

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“The Visit” solidifies the basis of the story; Sophie slowly embeds into the story and lingers in Alice’s mind more and more as it progresses.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Losing Alice season 1, episode 2, “The Visit” contains spoilers.

“The Visit” opens with the following quote:

“Would you like an adventure now, or would you like to have your tea first?” – J.M. Barrie – Peter Pan.

And then we see Alice running outside, ambulance sirens are blaring in the distance, and she looks to be in shock and disorientated — this becomes clearer at the end of the episode. The scene then flits to David, who is waking up, preparing breakfast, and doing his usual morning routine. Meanwhile, Sophie is lurking outside, looking through the windows. Her character is hella creepy, but she’s compelling at the same time — a deadly combo.

David reads reviews, but Alice is distracted

Normal life resumes, but something lingers in Alice’s mind that is a regular theme so far in this series. David reads reviews of his latest film to Alice, who appears to be distracted by a noise in the roof. She thinks it’s a rat. David is frustrated at some comments in the article, but then their children are causing a commotion which breaks the conversation. Alice then notices Sophie is outside and asks why she is here. According to Sophie, she’s missed a train and David invited her for a meeting. There’s something about Sophie that impacts Alice, but at this stage, it’s unclear what.

Alice tells David that Sophie is here, but with birthday celebrations, she doesn’t think it’s ideal. David is confused as to why, as he hinted at arranging a meeting but nothing concrete. David and Sophie talk in the kitchen and Alice prepares herself in the bathroom and joins them. Alice offers Sophie a ride to the train station. But the fact that Sophie appears unannounced would be an instant red flag if there wasn’t any already.

Sophie and Alice have a relaxed ride to the station

On the way to the train station, Alice and Sophie talk about settling down and listen to music. Alice asks Sophie if the story she wrote is real, as it feels authentic; the story’s realness is a sticking point for the character. Both women seem relaxed with each other but then, Sophie’s mood suddenly changes, and she turns off the music and tells Alice it’s a real shame she can’t direct her film as her name didn’t come up when speaking to David. She tells Alice she wanted her more than anyone to direct it.

Alice hints at directing the film, and Sophie gets incredibly animated and excited before leaving the car. Alice starts smiling and pondering; she wanted the film as well. But then she watches Sophie get on a bike with another man; she checks out her Instagram to see who the man is. Alice is in deep already; her curiosity is taking over, but the series keeps mysteries away from the audience.

Alice confronts David about taking the script

But Alice directing the film has a major obstacle — her husband, who is meant to be acting in it. Later in the night, Alice and David have to pull over on the road because the tire needs replacing. Alice uses this as an opportunity to bring up directing Sophie’s script. David is not sure if it’s the ideal film to work together on. Alice wonders if his hesitations are to do with the sex scenes, but David denies that is the case. David gets frustrated that out of all films, Alice wants this one. The conversation turns into a heated argument as they talk about supporting each other. Suddenly, a wild boar appears, so both characters get in the car. This scene encapsulates where their marriage is at, and how professional and personal issues have seemingly merged. With Alice taking on the script, lines have been blurred.

The script consumes Alice

Alice continues scouring Sophie’s Instagram and sees that Sophie has worked with director Hilik before. But, Alice continues working on the script late into the night and imagines the female character. Presumably, as part of her imagination (we cannot be too sure of anything at this stage), David is in the scene, and he’s having steamy sex with the lead female character. Alice then stands up and starts checking herself out; she seems aroused by the script. This is likely to be another indictment of her marriage with David; how maybe their sex life is not as satisfactory as it used to be, and the script is an outlet for her sexual desires.

Sophie eyes up Alice and Tamir

The next day, Alice speaks to Tamir, and she talks to him about David not being supportive of the film; she seems to think because it’s erotic that David doesn’t like the idea of working together. Sophie shows up and watches Alice and Tamir talk from a distance. Tamir brings up seeing Alice in the window again — there’s evidently sexual tension between both characters that seems to look innocent on the surface. Sophie then enters the conversation as she’s there for Alice’s daughter’s birthday.

The ending

The ending of “The Visit” brings more questions than answers, especially regarding Sophie. In private, as the birthday celebrations murmur in the background, Alice tells David she isn’t directing the film to spite him, and the script gave her a vision. She wants to create and direct again. Later on, David catches a rat outside. Rats are a reoccurring theme; it could represent that as the environment becomes more toxic between the characters, more rats appear — it has similarities with Servantthere’s a clear escalation. The birthday celebrations continue, and eery music takes over, bringing an atmosphere to what is meant to be an innocent child’s party; it’s interesting how far removed the parents are from their children; there’s no feeling of love. As “The Visit” nears a close, David shares news with Alice; director Hilik has been found dead, which is abundantly suspicious to the story, especially as Sophie quickly wanted Alice to be the director.

Alice watches Sophie, and then it reverts to the first scene of the episode with Alice looking shocked, and sirens in the distance; she approaches an ambulance and Sophie is inside, with an oxygen mask on, looking at her.

Losing Alice season 1, episode 2 solidifies the basis of the story; Sophie slowly embeds into the story and lingers in Alice’s mind more and more as it progresses.

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