Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 2 recap – Lee Si-eun concedes and accepts the divorce

January 24, 2021
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It may be early days, but this has everything to be a brilliant show; Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 2 encapsulates a whole range of emotions against each couple as more truths are revealed.

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It may be early days, but this has everything to be a brilliant show; Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 2 encapsulates a whole range of emotions against each couple as more truths are revealed.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 2 contains significant spoilers.

Continuing from the previous episode, Sa Pi-young continues to be angry at her mother Mo Seo-hyang for approaching her husband. They raise their voices at each other, and every point is a disagreement. Sa Pi-young feels her mother that she has ruined it with her husband because she told him everything. She understands her father cheating was unforgivable, but she felt like she missed out due to the divorce as her mother kept them apart. Sa Pi-young rips into her mother and says she looks down at people, even her father. This is an emotional, stressful conversation that lasts at least 10 minutes in running time; it exemplifies the strength of the drama and the willingness of the cast to hone it in. It also sounds like Sa Pi-young’s father died in an accidental car accident after his divorce with Mo Seo-hyang.

Yu-sin asks his wife to forgive her mother

When Sa Pi-young gets home, she brings up her mother to her husband Yu-sin. She raises the painful memories the return of her mother brings. Yu-sin advises that she forgives her mother even if it’s hard; Sa Pi-young agrees but asks for time. This conversation shows the strength of their marriage — there’s an abundance of love between them.

Boo Hye-rung is paranoid, but her suspicions are eased

Episode 1 pictured this perfect marriage between Boo Hye-rung and her husband, but episode 2 presents trust issues. Boo Hye-rung is suspicious that her husband Sa-hyeon is staying up late working at the office. She brings food to his office, and when she gets there, he is genuinely working. In her head, she imagined him with another woman. Boo Hye-rung tries to initiate sex, but her husband keeps telling her to go home.

“Do you want to tell the kids?” asks Park Hae-ryun

The true cruelness of divorce is put on a plate in Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 2 – requesting for a divorce is one thing; going through with is even harder. The next morning, Park Hae-ryun asks Lee Si-eun if she’d like to tell the children about their incoming divorce, and she’s frustrated; she cannot believe it’s real and still wants a genuine reason. Her husband reiterates that they’ve been married for too long — he offers to tell the children himself. Park Hae-ryun believes he’s been an incompetent husband as he hasn’t given her a stress-free life and wants to be free of the guilt. He feels it’s become a burden seeing her do all the housework and wear cheap clothes every day. Lee Si-eun listens to his reasons and finally understands — she asks him to draw up the divorce papers. But as the viewer, it’s hard not to see his reasons as excuses for something else — there must be another woman in his life.

Lee Si-eun tells her children about their father

But with a divorce comes the damage and emotional stress on the children…

Lee Si-eun arranges a restaurant meal with her children. You can feel the nervousness on her face as her kids eat. She tells them what’s happening between her and their father. There’s shock amongst her daughter and son. It’s a sad, tragic conversation, seeing the woman deliver the news and pick up the pieces of a broken family due to a dead marriage. When she reveals it’s a divorce, not a separation, the daughter is in disbelief. Lee Si-eun ends the conversation admitting she feels liberated. But is she? She doesn’t seem it.

Lee Si-eun goes to bed and tells Park Hae-ryun that their children know. Park Hae-ryun tells her he will move out by the weekend; he appears to be in a rush to move out, and Lee Si-eun’s heart continues to be broken repeatedly.

Friends are in shock and discuss the divorce

Lee Si-eun tells Boo Hye-rung and Sa Pi-young that her husband wants a divorce and agreed to it. Meanwhile, Lee Si-eun’s son is struggling at school as they talk about family in class. Boo Hye-rung speaks to Sa Pi-young about the divorce and wonder if Mr Park has found a young student’s attention. They recognise that Lee Si-eun has worked hard but never used the good money for herself.

Mo Seo-hyang keeps on trying

The episode started with a mother and daughter at each other’s throat, and the episode ends with round two of their conversation. Mo Seo-hyang heads to Sa Pi-young’s house, and even though there is coldness between them, she’s allowed in. Sa Pi-young doesn’t speak as her mother looks around. Mo Seo-hyang wants to see her granddaughter Ji-a, but she’s swimming with her father. Sa Pi-young brings up Lee Si-eun’s divorce and how she advised her not to take the children away from their father. The emotions are high again, as Sa Pi-young talks about babies missing love from their parents, and that’s how she felt about her father.

Mo Seo-hyang states to understand, you need to be cheated on, but Sa Pi-young refutes that idea. She wanted the opportunity to ask her father to be a better man, but that was taken away from her. Episode 2 demonstrates how forgiveness can be a long road.

Boo Hye-rung gives her husband the gossip

The marriage between Boo Hye-rung and Sa-hyeon continues to get stranger. Boo Hye-rung tells her husband that he should be worried as many men hit on her. Sa-hyeon doesn’t seem jealous and isn’t focusing on what she’s saying. Boo Hye-rung brings up Lee Si-eun’s divorce. She believes it’s down to her appearance and sex drive. Boo Hye-rung’s mother then rings her and Sa-hyeon walks away, looking irked by the conversation they’ve had about Lee Si-eun’s divorce.

The ending

The ending of the episode shows there are problems in the young marriage — there’s a new context. It’s a bombshell for the audience because Boo Hye-rung sells herself as this perfect example of a grand couple, but that does not seem to be the case.

While Sa-hyeon is in the kitchen, Boo Hye-rung checks out her husband’s phone. She looks at his call list and sees nothing of concern. As the chapter ends, Boo Hye-rung sees her husband parked in the car and on his phone. But it’s a different phone — she enters his car and grabs it. She asks him to explain, her voice sounding breathless from the shock. Why does he have two phones? Hmm…we wonder.

It may be early days, but this has everything to be a brilliant scene; Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 2 encapsulates a whole range of emotions against each couple as more truths are revealed.

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