Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 3 recap – more ego, more revelations

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 19, 2021
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This episode is all about ego. The more you give, the more they will try and take. Who will be the first to confront?

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 3 contains significant spoilers.

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Before we dive deep into this episode, I must say that I love and hate this series. I appreciate how the writer tries to bring a variety of characters, exploring the real-life issues on relationships and underlining several prejudices on marriage, especially towards women. But gosh… I just can’t stand all the cheating that leads us nowhere but more cheating and the slow, recycled, chaotic jumble plot. I wish they’d give us more drama and stories about the wives other than the relationship between the husband and their mistresses to give it more equitability of both sides.

This episode starts with Song Won promising Sa-Hyeon’s mother to end things with his son with the intention of keeping the baby. Her motherly instinct begins to sympathize with Song Won. She offers to take care of her and the unborn baby if she keeps to her words. After the meeting, Sa-hyeon’s father accidentally heard Sa-hyeon and his mother’s conversation about Song Won’s real status and age. He later got triggered and started blurting out prejudice about divorcees and older women’s pregnancy.

“You can deceive your wife, but not God. God knows everything.”

After receiving enlightenment from a priest at Church, Song Won braces herself to end everything with Sa-hyeon, who is anxiously waiting for her at her apartment. Song Won gently reassures him that his mother will take care of her. In exchanges, she insists they stop meeting each other. Sa-hyeon, as hard as a rock, tries to keep the relationship despite his promise to Hae-ryeong, not knowing that his stubbornness is putting everyone in a tight position. After an arousing conversation, they decided to end things later in a proper way, just like their first meeting.

Meanwhile, Yu-shin is having the time of his life, receiving and offering love here and there. From his devoted wife to his stepmother complex and his demanding sugar baby. Things get pretty exciting because Dong-mi steps up her game by successfully moving into Pi-young’s family house after using her late husband’s ghost apparition as an excuse. Pi-young carefully put her guard up. On the other hand, Yu-shin visits Ami at her house and prepares a simple yet romantic camp night with a bottle of wine to pamper her. Later he promises her to go for a picnic in spring.

Moving on to the couple who frustrate me the most. Hae-ryeon and Ga-bin are enjoying their pre-marital life like there’s no tomorrow. Tempted by her colleagues who had just got pregnant, Ga-bin tells Hae-ryeong her intention on giving it a try before it’s too late. Later, Hae-ryeon plans on seeing a fertility doctor and shares his perspective with a friend about how there should be a law that separates people after 20 or 25 years of marriage and how children are bound to move out from you anyway. Ugh.

Hye-ryeong and bottle of wine

We finally get to see the witty side of Hye-ryeong, who is now walking firmly with “all men are the same” proverbs. After successfully convincing the good wife Si-eun for a spontaneous act, both of them grab a fancy dinner, where later they encounter Dong-ma. As they begin to acknowledge each other’s presence, attraction strikes between them. Pulling the gentleman’s card, Dong-ma shows his interest in buying her a bottle of wine which she refuses. Talking about persistency, he pays for their meal without their consent instead, which successfully leaves her intrigued.

Will this striking attraction lead somewhere, or is it just intended to add fuel? We’ll see.

“If you want to be treated like a King, you should have treated me like a Queen.”

Sa-hyeon’s mother, or should I say Ye-Jung’s point of view, is what I emphasize the most throughout this episode. I always get suspicious whenever her husband, Moon-ho, excitedly plays with their dog, which he calls Dong-mi. My suspicion has finally met its closure — like father, like son. It is revealed how Moon-ho secretly still sends his fling, Kim Dong-Mi, medicine, and gifts. This provokes Ye-jung, who is always patient and tolerating all the mistreatment, to finally speak out for herself.

We have seen in the previous episodes how patriarchy is the ecosystem that runs within Sa-hyeon’s parent house. She cooks him a warm meal every day, takes care of his clothes, does everything he asks, yet he never once gives her medicine or treats his wife nicely. After all the confrontation, Moon-ho defends himself by blurting out how he makes money while she does nothing. Feeling fed up, Ye-Jung decides to no longer respect him as a husband but as less than human. Cutting off all the mistreatment. Way to go, eomma!

Honestly, Ye-Jung’s patriarchy issues need to be addressed more within marriage communities, especially if you’re from a conservative country. Your partner is not your maid. Whether husband nor wife, house’s duty, values, and responsibility should not be determined by gender. There should be a clear, balanced, and collaborative approach to marriage. I’m glad Ye-Jung finally stood up for herself… but I wonder if Moon-ho’s fling will lead to something or just a side story to spice things up?

The ending Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) season 2, episode 3

Mornings never felt so good when you are Shin Yu-Shin. Waking up giggling and teasing his lovable wife followed by having your beloved stepmother cook for you while going down memory lane about the warm childhood memories. If this weren’t about affairs, I would have been at ease watching it.

But do you know what another exciting thing to start your day other than a yummy breakfast is? A good morning call.

There are two types of a good morning call. The one that sweeps you off from your bed or the one that pulls you back into the nightmare. Sa-hyeon wakes up without Hye-ryeong on his side, which leaves him confused. Meanwhile, Moon-ho, who awkwardly faces breakfast with Ye-Jung’s changed behavior, receives a text from Hye-ryeong, informing them that she’s on her way to their house. On the other hand, Hae-ryeon receives a good morning call from his beloved musical mistress before working. Ga-bin asks him to listen to her broadcast later because she’ll be guesting as a radio host. Feeling uneasy, Hae-ryeon asks the radio show’s name, and she answers… “Boo Hye-Ryeong Love, Memories, and Music,” closing today’s episode with a pretty good cliffhanger.

Will the next episode finally be the rise of the real drama? We’ll find out soon!

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