Firefly Lane season 1, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

February 3, 2021
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“Hello Yellow Brick Road” teases the audience with flashbacks and hints regarding Tully and Kate’s friendship and leaves enough for the audience’s imagination to keep watching.

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“Hello Yellow Brick Road” teases the audience with flashbacks and hints regarding Tully and Kate’s friendship and leaves enough for the audience’s imagination to keep watching.

This recap of Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 1, episode 1, “Hello Yellow Brick Road” contains significant spoilers.

Welcome to the Firefly Lane recaps — we should expect many twists and turns in a story that delves into decades worth of friendship, and “Hello Yellow Brick Road” gets off to a twisting start.

The opening chapter begins with Tully walking on to the stage — she’s a TV host for The Girlfriend Hour. Noticeably, before she walks on stage, she appears to be experiencing traumatic memories of her past. The series then flashes back to June 29th, 1970. Tully’s mother Dorothy visits her at the grandmother’s house — she asks young Tully if she wants to live with her again. The grandmother is anxious and worried that she’s leaving with her. Firefly Lane season 1, episode 1 hints at a dreadful mother/daughter relationship.

Tully’s mother showed up again in her teens

And the terrible parenting comes to light very quickly. Young Tully and her mother visit a protest, but Tully quickly loses her in the crowd, so she sobs and lays on a bench. She ends up back at her grandmother’s house. The same thing happened when Tully turns into a teenager — her mother turns up and tells her she’s living with her again. The opening chapter then moves to teen Kate, who notices someone moving in across the road — teen Tully and her mother. The series quickly connects these two characters and their opposing worlds.

To the present day — Tully and Kate are friends

Back to the present day, Tully is back on her show. Afterward, she rings Kate; she’s worried about ratings and demographics; she wants to go for drinks, but Kate is readying for a job interview at a paper. Afterward, Kate gets called into the school due to her daughter’s (Marah) behavior. Marah tells the principal that her mother is going through a divorce. The series is honing in very quickly that there are plenty of stories to fill from the 70s until the present day.

Kate’s job interview where she met Johnny

Kate rushes to her job interview, while her daughter waits in a car. A flashback shows Tully arranging an interview for Kate at her workplace in the 80s. This is where she was introduced to the boss Johnny, and Kate was instantly attracted to the man. He was unaware that Tully was arranging an interview with him, and he’s fuming. But he gives in and gives Kate a job anyway.

The awkward, present-day interview

Kate attends the interview in the present day, and the difference in confidence and attitude is evident — the present-day Katie lacks confidence; she seems beaten before she even walks into the room. The interviewer, Kimber, is worried she hasn’t worked since the 80s; the editor doesn’t feel it’s the right fit. Kate offers to get the editor an interview with Tully as a bargaining chip. Later in the evening, Tully and Kate catch up with drinks and discuss the new job. Kate gets emotional about Marah and believes it’s her fault for it as she split the family apart. Tully assures Kate that she’s the best mother and that she can “meet many new penises” after being with the same one for 15 years.

Marah has lunch with her godmother

With no surprises whatsoever, Tully is the godmother of Marah, so she takes her out for lunch. She acts as a role model. They end up talking about sex, and Marah says she hasn’t done it yet. Fans break up their discussion. Marah notes that Tully is famous, and calls her mother a b*tch. Tully gets emotional, stating that Kate is not a b*tch and that she’s been her best friend for years. We get a sense of how much Tully loves Kate here; this isn’t some friend — it’s a sisterhood.

The first time Kate and Tully left, and it wasn’t all that great

A flashback shows teen Kate getting bullied on the school bus, while teen Tully is at the back of the bus — she’s super popular. Later on, Kate delivers casserole to Tully’s house. Tully brings her in, and Kate is surprised she can smoke. This is clearly not when they started to become friends as Kate ends up heading home very quickly, but Tully was curious about her.

Tully doesn’t do second dates

In the present day, Tully goes to a bar and pulls a man named Max. They immediately go to her place and have sex. Afterwards, he tells her he used to watch her on the news as a kid. Max then tells her he got divorced last year and he doesn’t do one night stands a lot — he tells her she’s the fourth person he’s slept with, and Tully is surprised. Max is trying to get a second date, but she tells him she doesn’t do that but does like Krispy Kremes after a long night. So we’ve established so far that Tully is still the wild one, and there’s a hint she doesn’t like commitment, while Kate longs for security, yet her life has fallen apart recently. Firefly Lane season 1, episode 1 provides a match made in heaven.

Covering for Tully

In another flashback, teen Kate covers for teen Tully who steals cigarettes in a shop. On the way walking back home, Tully ends up speaking to a boy named Pat. He invites her to a party. But this is where Kate and Tully start becoming friends. The sensible one befriending the naughty one — a recipe for disaster, or a recipe for years of friendship.

Friends over premiere

In the present day, Tully decides to hang with Kate rather than attend a premiere that George Clooney was going to be at. Kate tells Tully that she’s a failure. Tully tells her she’s braver than her and that she will get through this divorce. You can tell Tully means what she says; despite her success, it’s like she admires her friend who has a completely different, non-famous life.

Tully and Kate go out for work drinks in a flashback, and they end up talking about Johnny. Tully teases Kate about him. Kate says she admires him as a mentor, but she doesn’t have a crush. Tully keeps encouraging her to act on her crush, reiterating that Kate likes him. In the present day, Kate and Tully attend a fundraiser at a highschool. Travis introduces himself to both women — Kate has an interest in this man. Both present and past merge; Tully appears to be enticing the man Kate is interested in, and she watches on in both timelines. In both timelines, Kate heads home and leaves Tully at the party. Their friendship is not as perfect as it originally seemed.

The ending

In the present day, Kate returns home and watches her daughter sleep, while Tully heads back to her swanky apartment — she smiles as she sees the Krispy Kreme doughnuts; Max has delivered her some and left a note. As for Kate, she’s shocked to see paperwork in her house that says “consent for treatment of a minor receiving family planning services”. It’s signed by Tully.

Johnny heads over to Tully’s apartment, but she tells him to see his daughter and his wife, Kate. Johnny says he made a mistake over everything — he wants to stay with her for the night. And that ends “Hello Yellow Brick Road”; there’s plenty to assume and chew on here, but it provides a heavy basis for the rest of the series.

Firefly Lane season 1, episode 1 teases the audience with flashbacks and hints regarding Tully and Kate’s friendship and leaves enough for the audience’s imagination to keep watching.

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  • Marah gets emotional about the divorce and consoles her mother about it. Kate reassures her that she will always have a family.
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