Firefly Lane season 2, episode 1 recap – is Johnny alive?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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The premiere for season 2 is a good opener, with the characters continuing to show the wonder of true friendship.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 2, episode 1, “Wish You Were Here,” which contains significant spoilers.

Firefly returns, and there are so many questions to explore with the premiere of season 2. Why has Tully (Katherine Heigl) fallen out with Kate (Sarah Chalke)? Is Johnny alive? Let’s dive into season 2, episode 1.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 1 recap – is Johnny alive?

Episode 1 opens in 1975, with Tully and Kate sending each other letters. Essentially pen pals. They are excited to share each other’s lives. In the present day, 2004, Kate is at her father’s Wake after fighting with Tully outside the church. Kate does not want to talk about Tully, referring to an “accident.”

Episode 1 moves 1 year earlier. Tully is getting ice cream for Kate to comfort her after learning that her husband was hit by an explosion in Iraq. However, while she is in the supermarket, she is “served” by a lawyer. She is being sued for breaking her contract by Wilson King.

In 1985, Tully, Kate, and Johnny rush to a protest to do some media coverage on it. Kate and Johnny are enjoying their romance, but she tells Tully that they are not in a “confirmed relationship” yet. Tully seems irritated that she cannot spend time with Kate, as she’s spending too much time with Johnny. Afterward, Danny wants to try his chances with Tully – he wants drinks with her.

Tully bails her mother, Cloud, out of a prison cell after covering the protests. She offers her a place to stay. Tully tries to ring Kate about her mother, but Kate is far too distracted by Johnny, which irks her.

Back in 2003, Kate and Tully visit a military hospital to see Johnny, confirming that he is alive. However, the soldier guarding the ward states, “immediate family only.” Kate is starting to regret her divorce from Johnny, but Tully reassures her that everything will be okay. Tully tries to cause a distraction so Kate can see Johnny, but it does not work. Fortunately, a nurse recognizes Tully Hart and allows them both through.

Kate finally sees Johnny; she’s shaken to see him in such a bad state. She calls herself an idiot and confesses that she still loves him while he’s unconscious. She wants to start over.

In 1985, Tully continues to look after her mother. After going out to get some things, she returns to the hotel to see her mother has rinsed the mini bar and left the note saying, “you can afford it.” In a flashback, young Tully is at a party. She gets drunk and emotional and returns home. Her grandma is dismayed at how drunk she is and slaps her for being rude. She tells Tully that “she’s exactly like her mother.”

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 1 ending

In 2003, Tully gets a call from Justine Jordan, claiming she’s her new agent and explaining that she’s “f****d” due to the lawsuit from Wilson King. She’s told to “control the narrative” and to take on a new reality show. However, Tully rejects her.

In 1985, Kate asks Johnny if he’s with her because it did not work out with Tully. Johnny denies that idea, stating that he always thought he’d be with her because it’s “real.” Later on, Tully confronts Kate about her being unavailable and her issues with her mother, Cloud. Tully feels like Kate does not have time for her. Kate cancels all her plans with Johnny to take care of Tully.

In 2003, Kate stays by Johnny’s side in the hospital. Johnny wakes up. Tully reveals to Kate that she’s been sued for 10 million dollars. Both friends express that they will be there for each other. In a flashback, young Tully asks young Kate to run away with her.

Back to Johnny in the hospital, and he tells his story of what happened in Iraq before he was hurt. And then, a woman called Charlie arrives – she was with him in Iraq. Kate recognizes her as Lottie — she’s a war journalist too, and she has been traveling with Johnny. You can see the heartbreak on Kate’s face as she assumes the worst.

The episode then moves to six months later; there’s a car accident. This will be related to what Kate is mad at Tully for, though at this point, it’s unclear.

The premiere for season 2 is a good opener, with the characters continuing to show the wonder of true friendship.

Additional plot points for season 1, episode 1

  • In a flashback, Tully visits her mother, Cloud, in prison. Tully wants to know more about her biological father, but her mother refuses to answer.

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