Firefly Lane season 2, episode 2 recap – Kate and Johnny reenact The Notebook scene

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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Episode 2 is heavily fractured between past and present, which convolutes the storyline. However, the plot stays firm as we continue to learn about our characters.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 2, episode 2, “On The Road,” which contains significant spoilers.

It’s clear that Firefly Lane season 2 is going to drip-feed answers. After all, it is split into two parts, so there is no rush. Episode 2 continues to see Tully (Katherine Heiglstruggle with life and career while Kate (Sarah Chalkeprocesses a difficult situation with her ex-husband.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 2 recap

Episode 2 opens up with a younger Cloud distressed; she’s holding baby Tully, slamming on a house door, and telling the occupants that “Tully exists.”

In 2003, Tully tells Kate that she and Max have had an annulment.

Johnny is now out of the hospital, and Kate has to deal with her new scenario; Johnny and Charlie are spending time together while she’s on the sidelines as the ex-wife. Privately, Charlie tells Kate that she thinks it’s nice that she’s provided a home while Johnny recuperates. There appears to be tension between both women. Later on, Johnny is having traumatic nightmares about his experiences in Iraq, but Kate tries to be there for him. Johnny brushes his trauma off as “just a bad dream.”

In the 80s, Kate is super excited to go on a spa retreat with Johnny. While on their trip, Johnny seems distracted, but Kate tries to give him a b*****b while he drives, but he rejects her. As they continue their trip, Johnny keeps on pushing away her sexual advances.

Kate eventually confronts Johnny about it. Johnny asks Kate why she didn’t tell him that she was a virgin when they got together; he wishes he never heard from Tully the truth regarding her sex life. Kate gets angry quickly, but Johnny tells her that he does not want to “f**k this up.” It rains heavily, and Johnny tells Kate that he’s scared because his love for her is “too much.” They kiss in the rain, reenacting the scene from The Notebook. 

And then, in another flashback, young Kate and Tully are preparing to go on a road trip together to find Tully’s father. They manage to hitch a lift with a group of hippies. However, after being with them for a while, Tully decides that they should leave them and hitch a ride with a group of dodgy nuns who smoke and have a pistol. And then, they hike with a man called Ross Lake.

Eventually, they find a tavern, and Tully believes she’s found her father.

In 2003, Tully meets her new agent Justine to plan their next steps after being sued by Wilson King. Tully needs to find a woman who was also sexually harassed by Wilson, but the agent wants to get her back to work.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 2 ending

In 2003, Kate takes Johnny to a retreat to help with his recovery. Johnny tells Kate he’s confused because she’s taking care of him, and he has feelings for her. He states that they cannot get back together as they are divorced. Johnny makes it clear that it is not about Charlie and that he needs to be on his own.

In a flashback, young Tully confronts the man she thinks is her father, but he tells her he isn’t. Young Kate calls it a setback and believes they will still find him. However, Tully is frustrated and asks Kate to keep running away with her. However, Kate is too worried about logistics and finances.

And then, Kate realizes they have fake money given to them by the nuns, leading her to argue with Tully. Tully tells Kate that their friendship is done. And then the waitress at the diner tells the girls that she doesn’t think they are “dining or dashing,” so she can either call the cops or their parents.

In 1985, Danny tells Tully that he’s crazy about her. The next scene sees them in bed naked together after amazing sex. But then, Danny tells Tully that he does not want a relationship, essentially confirming that he used her.

In 2003, Tully is asked for a photo by a fan, and they ask her to hold a baby. She then remembers her miscarriage, and she suddenly experiences traumatic memories. Meanwhile, episode 2 shows the past and present between Tully and Kate and Kate and Johnny. Close in one timeline and worlds apart in the other.

And then Tully meets her mother, Cloud — she tells her that it’s the due date for her baby she never had, and she may lose her career. She tells Cloud that she needs her and does not want to be alone.

We then return to the flashback from the start of the episode; young Cloud continues screaming at the house she has visited. A man lets her in.

Episode 2 is heavily fractured between past and present, which convolutes the storyline. However, the plot stays firm as we continue to learn about our characters.

Additional plot points for season 1, episode 2

  • In 1985, Tully fields a difficult question to a politician named Benedict Binswanger, but he is patronizing back, talking about her “nice smile.”

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