Firefly Lane season 2, episode 3 recap – how does Sean “come out”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Strangely enough, episode 3 felt like the strongest of season 2 so far, as it was less focused on Kate and Tully.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 2, episode 3, “I’m Coming Out,” which contains significant spoilers.

Episode 3 notches up the story; Johnny’s (Ben Lawson) experience with PTSD comes to light while Marah (Yael Yurman) and Sean (Jason McKinnon) deal with “coming out.” There’s more focus on the present as Tully (Katherine Heigland Kate (Sarah Chalkecontinue to provide further exposition as to why “they fell out.”

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 3 recap – how does Sean “come out”?

Episode 3 opens up with a glimpse of the “car accident” that has not yet been explained, which is becoming frustrating at this point. In 2003, Kate is grabbing ice cream at 3 am, and Johnny catches her. Kate offers to rub his hip as part of his recovery, and surprisingly, he accepts her offer. They both tell each other that they are struggling to sleep and are lonely. The divorcees kiss, but then Kate wakes up – it was all a dream.

In 1985, Johnny wants to reveal to Kate’s parents that they are official. Kate tells Johnny that her mother does not like her as he broke Tully’s heart. Johnny insists that he will charm Kate’s parents, so Kate gives him advice.

However, as Kate and Johnny start to get kinky, Kate’s parents walk in. Awkward. Not a good start for Johnny. Kate tells her mother that she’s dating Johnny, but the mother is scared that he will use her.

In 1985, Tully meets a woman called Daisy from a care home to interview her about the Binswanger family; the woman tells Tully that she met her when she was a baby, and that she was treated terribly by Benedict. This woman knows Tully’s mother. However, Tully is convinced this woman is delirious after a nurse takes her away. She speaks to Danny about it. They end up joining Johnny and Kate for dinner, who are still enjoying the company of Kate’s parents.

Johnny continues to fail to impress Kate’s parents; he makes it worse and reveals he has never imagined being married. Kate confronts Johnny after dinner about marriage, and he confirms that he has never wanted it. His upbringing has caused him to be cynical about it.

In 2003, Johnny catches Kate reading her daughter’s notes on her computer – they learn that Marah is gay and in love with her friend, Ashley. Sean finds them reading her computer and tells Johnny and Kate to offer a “safe space,” so she comes out. And so Kate tries to talk to her daughter about “being gay” to try and get her to come out. Marah senses what her mother is doing and is irritated.

In 2003, Tully meets her new agent. A new website has been set up for her. Her agent wants her to blog. Surprisingly, her mother, Cloud, runs a blog too and shows her the astrology site she runs. Tully’s agent Justine tells her that the internet is the future. So Tully attempts her first video blog for her website. She tells the world that she’s “pissed off” after being sued by Wilson King — she vows to take her voice back.

In 2003, Kate’s parents believe Johnny and Kate are back together, but Johnny disputes that idea. The mother then states she wants Sean to have a family. Sean tells his mother that he’s gay. He reveals his first boyfriend died, and in fear, he got married to a woman. His mother calls it a midlife crisis, which upsets Sean even more.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 3 ending

In a flashback, young Tully visits young Kate after not seeing each other for a while. They’ve clearly missed each other. Tully explains that she did not want their friendship to be over. It explodes into an argument. Sean tells the pair to make friends and admit they have missed each other. The friends make up.

In 2003, Kate checks up on Johnny – he’s annoyed at Kate for forcing Marah to “come out” to them. Kate tells Johnny that he’s worried about him as he’s so angry. Johnny tells her to leave him alone and walks off. Meanwhile, Sean tells his mother that he believes that she knew he was gay but did not want to admit it. An upset Sean tells Kate that he was hoping for his parents to be proud of him. Kate tells Sean that she’s proud of him, and they head out to the gay bars with Tully.

Meanwhile, Johnny starts a fight at a bar. However, his PTSD is overbearing, and he gets beaten up badly.

Strangely enough, episode 3 felt like the strongest of season 2 so far, as it was less focused on Kate and Tully.

Additional plot points for season 2, episode 3

  • In 2003, Johnny continues to have traumatic memories from Iraq; he suffers from PTSD while in the shower. Kate helps him and gives him a towel.

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