Firefly Lane season 2, episode 4 recap – why does Kate kick Johnny out of the house?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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Episode 4 proves that this season is getting stronger, and it’s making me wonder why Netflix only wanted this to be a 2-season journey. There’s so much potential between these characters.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 2, episode 4, “Papa Don’t Preach,” which contains significant spoilers.

Johnny’s (Ben Lawson) PTSD continues to be a central theme in Firefly Lane season 2. Sure, the wonderful friendship and mystery between Tully (Katherine Heigland Kate (Sarah Chalkeis the cornerstone of why this series works, but it’s good that the story is focusing heavily on all the characters. Episode 4 also delves into Tully’s new career idea and Kate’s pain of dealing with her ex-husband.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 4 recap

Episode 4 opens with Johnny continuing to suffer from PTSD, with memories of the Iraq war filtering through. He wakes up from a bad dream, and Kate reminds him of attending the game for his daughter, Marah. Johnny is dismissive as usual.

In 1993, Kate is ready to start her career in New York. Meanwhile, Tully is an anchor for a breakfast show, and she meets Governor Benedict Binswanger. She asks if he remembers her – in episode 2, Tully tried asking him a difficult question as a reporter, and he dismissed her patronizingly. Later on, while having a meal with Kate, Tully sees Benedict again, so confronts him. She tells him he doesn’t need to be scared of her on-air and pretend not to know her. Benedict tells her that her reporting is sloppy and senses that she grew up poor. Benedict is unnecessarily venomous towards her.

In 2003, Tully continues to do her blog and asks Kate to do the recording for her. She feels doing the blog is “beneath her.” However, as they record, there’s a naked man named Dmitri in her kitchen with an apron on. Cloud reveals it is her new husband of two years (green card benefit arrangement). Tully has not got time to process what she has seen as she has a meeting with Wilson King.

And so Wilson King asks for Tully to return to the show and that she will have creative control. He will also drop the lawsuit. However, Tully surprisingly declines his offer and asks him to drop the lawsuit. She reveals she has testimonials from other women that she will publish if he does not drop them. Tully walks away from the meeting with renewed hope for a new career. She reveals to her agent Justine that she was bluffing about the testimonials.

After, Tully meets Kate, and Kate is worried that she cannot get pregnant again after her period arrives. Tully reassures her, stating that she’s envious of her because she’s lonely. She also hates how they are 3,000 miles away from each other.

At Marah’s hockey game, Johnny continues to suffer from PTSD, which has Kate worried. And then, Johnny gets unnecessarily angry at the referee. Kate tells him that he needs to see a therapist, but Johnny gets angry. Kate tells Johnny to get a new place. She clearly does not feel safe.

In a flashback, young Tully and Kate continue to replenish their friendship. In school, Kate has an intense crush on a student boy named Eugene. Later on, they have an event with other students from the AV Club, which involves alcohol. Eugene is there, and eventually, he’s alone with Kate.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 4 ending

In 2003, Johnny tells Marah that he’s going to move out. Marah is not interested in delving in deep about it. In the past and present, Johnny loses his daughter at the markets. Memories of the Iraq war resurface as he finds Marah.

In a flashback, a young Kate is berated by her father for hanging out with a boy, but she throws up on him after drinking too much alcohol. The next day, Kate’s father pretends he knows nothing of the alcohol in front of her mother. Meanwhile, young Tully is manhandled by Dennis, the religious man that Cloud has let in their house. Cloud kicks Dennis out, and she apologizes to her daughter.

In 2003, Johnny admits he has been a dick to Kate. Kate expresses that she’s worried. Johnny reveals that he thought he was dead in Iraq, and when he was bleeding, he kept hallucinating his daughter Marah in a red dress. He feels like he’s let the family down by being selfish. Kate reassures him that it’s not his fault. Johnny promises to make it up to both of them.

In 2003, Tully talks to Cloud. She admits she has a problem with men — she thinks she is afraid of them. She wonders if she’s partially to blame because she does not know who she truly is. And then she reveals she’s creating a documentary to find her father and wants her mother’s help. However, Cloud tells her that she cannot help her and decides to leave. Tully gets angry at her mother.

Episode 4 moves to three months later. We see the car accident again. Tully Hart is in the car unconscious as the firemen try to get her out.

Episode 4 proves that this season is getting stronger, and it’s making me wonder why Netflix only wanted this to be a 2-season journey. There’s so much potential between these characters.

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