Firefly Lane season 2, episode 5 recap – who is Tully’s father?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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Episode 5 is a Tully-centric chapter, serving life ironies and an inevitable plot twist that brings the characters closer together. It’s a brilliant episode.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 2, episode 5, “A Simple Twist of Fate,” which contains significant spoilers.

Episode 5 finally sees Tully (Katherine Heiglget closer to the truth regarding her father. Who is Tully’s father? And why is it so important for Tully to find out who he is? Well, as we reach midway through season 2, part 1, those answers become clearer.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 5 recap – who is Tully’s father?

Episode 6 opens up with Tully starting her documentary in 2004. Kate is producing the documentary special. Tully’s mother, Cloud, shows up and is willing to be interviewed, which surprises Tully.

Kate believes it’s a bad idea to have their first conversation about Tully’s father on camera. But Tully proceeds with the interview anyway. Cloud tells Tully that she believed if she told her the truth about her father, she’d hate him. She admits she loved him and delves into how she met him; she describes him as a rich kid and discusses their blooming romance — she delves into how she got pregnant, but that his family was difficult. She reveals she went to the family house, but he was already gone before she had the baby. The brother of the man she loved kept paying her off. Cloud then drops that the family runs Binscorp.

It then dawns on Tully that her father was a Binswanger, and it was Benedict that kept paying Cloud off.  A major revelation. Kate tells Tully that they need to figure out who Binswanger’s brother is so they can finally find Tully’s father. They find out the brother of Benedict is Parker Binswager, now called Parker Baldwin — Parker is Tully’s father.

In the 80s, Kate and Johnny accidentally take ecstasy at work, and they struggle to handle their highs – they confess their love for each other; Kate admits they don’t need to get married — Johnny asks her to move in with him.

In 1975, Tully and Kate are planning a double date with Brad and Eugene. Tully is nervous about it, but she is willing to go anyway to help out her friend Eugene. Despite her nerves before the night started, Tully hooks up with Brad, but then she remembers when she was sexually assaulted and walks away.

And then Sean meets Tully; Sean tells Tully that he doesn’t feel like “other guys.” Tully feels safe around Sean and wonders if they can hook up with each other, so they kiss.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 5 ending

In the 80s, Tully and Danny have sex again after having to share a hotel room with each other.

In 2004, Tully catches up with her mother, Cloud. Her mother admits that she was a terrible mother and feels regretful. And then Kate asks Tully if she’s nervous about meeting her father. The next day, they head to the restaurant on the harbor that Parker Baldwin owned. However, it’s revealed that Parker, also named “PJ,” passed away six weeks ago. Tully is hysterical at the irony that her father has just passed away, but then she calms herself down and wants to speak to the new owner.

It turns out that the new owner is Parker’s wife of twenty years. Apparently, PJ cut himself off from his family and ran this restaurant. And then the widowed wife reveals PJ tried to find Cloud for many years. PJ learned later in life that he had a daughter. And then, Tully learns that her father once served her in the same restaurant.

Tully wants to speak to Benedict Binswanger and confront him for paying off Cloud and her family away from PJ. Tully slaps Benedict before recording; Benedict tries to deny any relation to Tully on camera but then claims he saved Cloud’s life and that she should thank him. Tully calls Benedict a pathetic, one-term governor before walking away.

In the 80s, Johnny tells Danny and Tully that they need a new anchor, and it will down to one of them.

Back in 2004, Cloud tells Tully that she has her father’s eyes. She wants to talk without the camera on. Meanwhile, Johnny and Charlie hang out. As Charlie is suggestive about being intimate, Johnny remembers his times with Kate, so he heads over to see her. However, when he goes to see Kate, he can see she’s on a date with one of her colleagues.

Episode 5 is a Tully-centric chapter, serving life ironies and an inevitable plot twist that brings the characters closer together. It’s a brilliant episode.

Additional plot points for season 2, episode 5

  • Kate still feels hung up over her ex-husband Johnny.

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