Firefly Lane season 2, episode 6 recap – the real reason Kate was mad at Tully

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Episode 6 looks to be another average episode until that bombshell at the end.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 2, episode 6, “Reborn On The Fourth Of July,” which contains significant spoilers. 

A question we were left with at the end of season 1 was, why was Kate (Sarah Chalkemad at Tully (Katherine Heigl)? After everything they have been through, what could possibly tip Kate over the edge to end their friendship for good? Well, season 2, episode 6, provides the real reason Kate was mad at Tully. Let’s recap.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 6 recap

Episode 6 opens up with a young Tully enjoying her early days of journalism before moving to the 80s, where she is way more experienced. She was made for television. In 2004, Tully continues rounding off her special documentary about finding her father. In the media, they declare that “Tully Hart is back on top,” with her blog getting praised too.

Afterward, Kate tells Tully that she is moving on from Johnny; she invites Charlie, Marah, and Johnny to a Fourth of July event, which will involve fireworks (sounds like a bad idea to invite Johnny to a place with fireworks, considering he suffers from war PTSD).

In the 80s, Johnny learns that Kate has not told Tully that they are moving in together, but she doesn’t want to distract Tully from going for the anchor position. Unfortunately, Tully is up against a highly-skilled Danny, so it’s close competition for the job.

In 2004, Charlie tells Johnny that she has a good job offer, but she has “half turned it down” because she wants to develop a relationship with Johnny. She admits she has feelings for him. Johnny is not looking sure, but Charlie asks him to think about it.

At the party, Kate gets insecure when she sees how Charlie is dressed, so she goes for a makeover. Johnny is enthralled by her beauty but is then suddenly feeling awkward when she sees she’s invited a man over for a date. Johnny tells Kate that she was a good mother and wife, and he should have told her that when they were married. The pair toast to being healthy now.

In the 70s, on the 4th of July, Eugene kisses Kate. But then he reveals that he’s glad that “Tully turned him down,” which upsets Kate — she was not his first choice. Kate confronts Tully about it, but then their friend reveals that she saw Tully and Kate’s brother, Sean, having sex which makes things worse. Kate tells Tully that they are no longer friends (we’ve been here before multiple times).

Meanwhile, in the 80s, Tully continues having sex with Danny, finding time for a quickie in a facility room while at an office party for July 4th. Kate brings up wanting to start a family with Johnny at the party. She wants four children, and Johnny seems scared — he does not want children. Kate is upset, stating that she is supposed to be a mother. Johnny raises how he had a terrible childhood.

And then, at the party, Tully learns that Danny pulled himself out of the running for the anchor position. Tully is the new anchor.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 6 ending – the real reason Kate was mad at Tully

In 2004, Cloud confronts Tully at the party and tells her that she’s numbing herself due to recent events that occurred with her documentary. But Tully is not interested in the mother-daughter talk and pushes Cloud away. The party is now full throttle, with alcohol in their system. Kate and Charlie end up in the pool together. It looks like Kate pushed her in on purpose.

In the 70s, Tully’s mother, Cloud, gets drunk and ends up stripping off. Tully pulls her away. Kate helps out Tully, and they make friends (again) as they watch the fireworks together on the roof.

In the 80s, Tully asks Danny why he pulled himself out of the anchor position. Danny tells her he got a job offer in New York for a sports channel. He’s leaving. Danny tells Tully that she will be “always the one that got away.” Meanwhile, Johnny and Kate talk about kids again, and they keep bumping heads. Johnny makes it clear that he wants her. Kate suggests breaking up so it will be easier. Tully and Kate watch the fireworks again, embracing that they are both single.

In 2004, Kate and Tully dance under the fireworks to their favorite “Freedom” song. Johnny interrupts and speaks to Kate privately. Kate admits that she still really loves him. Johnny asks her about Calvin, but Kate states nothing is going on between them. Johnny kisses Kate, rekindling their love for each other. Kate tells Tully that she and Johnny are getting back together, and Tully is pleased.

Kate tells Tully she is free to keep growing and making progress. They promise that they will always be there for each other.

Episode 6 moves to 1 week later; Marah was also in the car accident with Tulah. That’s the reason Kate was mad at Tully. She blames Tully for hurting her daughter. 

Episode 6 looks to be another average episode until that bombshell at the end.

Additional plot points for season 2, episode 6

  • Marah learns that the girl she fancies, Ashley, is not coming to the party, and she is upset.

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