Firefly Lane season 2, episode 7 recap – how did the car accident with Tully and Marah happen?

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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Episode 7 is the chapter we have all been waiting for as shocking answers are revealed.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 2, episode 7, “Good Riddance/Time Of Your Life,” which contains significant spoilers.

Episode 6 revealed the real reason Kate was mad at Tully, and episode 7 delves into it more. We learn what truly happened that night with Tully (Katherine Heigl) and Marah (Yael Yurman) while Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Johnny (Ben Lawson) rekindle their relationship. Let’s dive into a dramatic episode.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 7 recap

Episode 7 opens in the 80s, with Kate doing a video reel for “computer dating.” She’s helping Tully out with a story, but it’s clear she is skeptical; she feels people will always want to meet in real life. Tully tells her that once she starts, she will have more fun. But Kate is too focused on Johnny still.

Kate and Tully head out for drinks; Tully tries to show her the ropes of being single. But then, Johnny turns up, and Tully tells him to leave; she doesn’t want Kate to be impacted. Tully learns from another colleague that Johnny is spending most nights depressed at his apartment due to his break-up with Kate. As the night wears on, Tully admits that she cares about Danny and that she can’t stop thinking about him. She hates that she misses him. Kate listens to her friend as Tully opens up.

Tully ponders if Danny is “the one.” 

Kate bumps into Theo in one of the videos from “computer dating.” She’s impressed by how authentic he is, and they swap numbers.

In 2004, Kate is excited by her renewed romance with Johnny, and Tully keeps teasing her about the “wild sex” she is going to have. Meanwhile, Tully looks after Marah,  and they hang out to watch movies and eat pizza.

Marah is hung up on the girl (Ashley) she likes and wishes she wasn’t ordinary. Tully tries to reassure Marah that she is not ordinary. But then, Marah asks Tully if she can go to the cinema to meet Ashley. Tully is hesitant, but Marah is convincing. Tully tells her to be back by 10 pm.

Tully collects her pizza from downstairs, and she is caught off-guard; she bumps into Danny; they are, somehow, neighbors. Danny decides to join her for pizza.

As for Kate and Johnny, well, Johnny can’t help himself, and he wants to hook up right away. It’s clumsy at first, and they decide to try to hook up later. Johnny gets stuck about the new mattress; Kate changed it because the old mattress was too hard. Johnny wants a new era in their relationship that is full of honesty. So Kate tells Johnny that she doesn’t like it when he kisses her neck. Johnny wants to know everything that she hasn’t told him.

And so, Kate and Johnny spend the night trading “brutally hard truths” with each other so they can have a clean slate. Kate admits she is scared Johnny is going to lose himself in a job again, but she still wants him to care about his career. Johnny gets irritated and tells Kate that he loves her abundantly. The renewed couple argue about their past again and make it a competition of “who failed more.” This conversation appears to work as the pair calm down and connect even more.

In the 70s, Tully and Kate work at a burger restaurant, and one of their colleagues trains them. Lisa-Karen, their ex-friend, is the store manager. The manager is annoyed that they never kept in touch with her, but she gets into work mode immediately. Lisa-Karen makes their life hell. But Tully faces a traumatized moment as her rapist, Pat, comes to the restaurant. Tully tells Kate that she’s mad she didn’t do anything — she wonders if her rapist will hurt the girl he’s with.

And so Tully meets the girl in the bathroom; she tells her that Pat a creep. But the girl does not believe her. Tully tells her about the night Pat raped her. The girl accuses Tully of being obsessed with Pat.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 7 ending – how did the car accident with Tully and Marah happen?

In 2004, Tully and Kate enjoy pizza and wine, enjoying each other’s company. It’s like a day has never passed. Danny admits he longed to hear from her, but then Danny drops the bombshell — he’s moved to Seattle so his girlfriend can be closer to her family. He should have really told her before they ate pizza and wine, let’s be honest.

As for Johnny and Kate — they ponder if they can make it work, but Johnny tells her he wants to be on this journey with her regardless.

Tully continues drinking late into the night. And then Marah rings her, she’s stuck at a u-dub frat party after Ashley left her there after the movies. She describes how a man would not stop making moves on her, and now she’s locked in a room — Tully remembers her experiences when she was younger, and she is scared for Marah.

In a flashback in the 70s, Tully sees Pat getting dumped by the girl she warned. After work, Pat confronts Tully and calls her a psycho. Tully tells Pat that he raped her. Pat calls her a “crazy bitch” and walks off.

But how did the car accident with Tully and Marah happen? Back in 2004, Tully finds Marah at the u-dub frat party. Marah insists that the guy at the party did not hurt her. At this point, Tully is driving fast as they head home. She’s annoyed that Marah put herself in that position. And then they are hit by a car.

Tully wakes up in the hospital. She calls for Kate outside her hospital room, but she ignores her.

Episode 7 is the chapter we have all been waiting for as shocking answers are revealed.

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