Firefly Lane season 2, episode 8 recap – why Tully needs to say sorry

By Daniel Hart
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: February 8, 2024)
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If episode 8 did not make you well up, then nothing in this series will.

We recap Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 2, episode 8, “All Apologies,” which contains significant spoilers.

We’ve always known Tully (Katherine Heigl) to be a complicated character. Some of you may have had that one friend who you love dearly, but you cannot embrace their actions. Some of you may keep this friend around, allowing yourself to be compromised over and over again. You have to feel for Kate (Sarah Chalke) in this episode. Loving a friend can just be as painful as loving someone romantically. You can certainly feel it in this chapter.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 8 recap

Episode 8 opens up in 2004 with a policeman escorting Tully out of the hospital. She tries to talk to Kate, who blanks her completely. The police must have told them that Tully was intoxicated with alcohol at the time of the car accident. Tully is all over the news after being at the police station. Her career is in jeopardy, but Tully is more concerned about talking to Kate, who is not returning her calls. Her agent tells her that the only way to save her new show is by talking about the accident.

Tully finally gets to speak to Johnny, but he’s angry and refuses to let her speak to Kate. He’s furious that Tully let Marah go to a frat party and then picked her up drunk.

In the 80s, Tully learns that ratings have dipped for the news channel since she has taken over as anchor. She needs to practice improving her performance, and she’s under immense pressure to get positive feedback from the focus groups. Meanwhile, Kate decides to hook up with Theo to try and get over Johnny.

But Tully accidentally sets the microwave on fire while practicing her lines in the office. She screams for Katie and Theo. The fire service deals with the fire, but Tully does not take it seriously. Johnny suggests she may get fired. Kate takes responsibility for the fire, and she is fired by the director. Tully is dismayed that Kate took the fall for the fire, but Kate has confidence in Tully’s career.

In the 70s, Eugene wants to talk to Kate privately. He wants to know why she’s not talking to him, and he’s confused. Kate makes out that she wants to keep things professional for the AV club. Later on, Tully and Kate are accused of littering the girl’s locker room after sneaking into the pool with other students — he has photo evidence of both of the girls with barely any clothes on. The Principal tells Tully and Kate to apologize at the school assembly. Tully refuses to take accountability as there were many other students, and they are both suspended.

Kate tells Tully that she should have apologized. Later on, Kate learns that Eugene shared the photo of her and Tully at the pool in their underwear with the Principal. They argue, but let’s be honest, this was always a short-lived relationship.

Firefly Lane season 2, episode 8 ending – why Tully needs to say sorry

In 2004, Tully keeps trying to contact Kate. She begs her to call her back, but there’s no response. Cloud comes over to support her. Eventually, Kate agrees to meet with her.

Tully heads over to Kate’s place, and she’s greeted by Marah.

However, Kate is shocked to see Tully. Marah texted Tully from Kate’s phone. Marah begs her mother to speak to Tully.

And so, the best friends from the last 3 decades talk. Tully tries to explain what happened and states that Marah is in love and wanted her to be happy. She then claims that she was not drunk. Tully feels she may lose her career and her best friend, and she’s desperately lonely. Kate tells Tully that she’s done with her and that she’s known she’s been selfish since the day she met her.

Kate does not care if it was an accident. Tully admits it was her fault and states she will do anything to make it right. She says sorry. Kate admits she misses Tully and that she wants to forgive her, but she cannot. Her daughter was the red line. If anything, this episode shows how Tully struggles with accountability. She may not always be at fault, but she needs to learn how to say sorry.

Thirty years of friendship, over.

If episode 8 did not make you well up, then nothing in this series will.

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